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1 Volume 1, Issue 9 April 30, 2007 NEWSLETTER: May 2007 Graymont Grade School Newsletter As the end of the year quickly approaches there are many activities.

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1 1 Volume 1, Issue 9 April 30, 2007 NEWSLETTER: May 2007 Graymont Grade School Newsletter As the end of the year quickly approaches there are many activities scheduled. Our annual Awards Night program will be held on Thursday, May 17, at 6:00 p.m. at Graymont Grade School. We will enjoy a delicious catered banquet followed by the presentation of various awards for achievement and recognition for our students. Letters have been sent home with the details. Please send in the RSVP along with payment by May 11th. Eighth grade promotion will be held Wednesday evening, May 23rd, at 7:00 p.m. This year’s graduates are Courtney Bier, Stephanie Bray, Seth Brown, Megan Frizzell, Joshua Harner, Hattie Rich and Nicolea Swallow. Mr. Butch Cotter, Superintendent of Pontiac High School will be our featured speaker. A reception for the graduates will be held after the ceremony. Those students who have met their reading goals for the year will be enjoying a bowling party on Thursday, May 24 in Pontiac. Congratulations to all the students on reaching their lofty goals. Keep on reading! Report Card Day will be Thursday, May 31st, from 8:15 to 10:30 a.m. There will be NO BUS SERVICE. Report cards will be with the students’ teachers until 10:30. After that they may be picked up in the office any time during regular business hours. If you can’t get to school, you may have your child’s report card mailed. Contact the office to make arrangements for mailing. This has been a fantastic year so far. The teachers have covered a tremendous amount of curriculum, and we will still have a lot of learning yet to do. We are looking forward to finishing the year strong and maintaining the excitement through the end of the year. We appreciate your assistance in keeping the students focused and on track.

2 2 Scholastic Bowl Cornerstone Academy hosted the regional scholastic bowl tournament on Wednesday, April 25, 2007. The 7th/8th grade team participated in that evening’s event. Team members included: Stephanie B., Nick E., Megan F., Kalyn Y., and Tim Y. Graymont played in the pool with the host, Cornerstone and Saunemin. Our first meet was against Cornerstone, with a final score of 309 (C) - 66 (G). Stephanie led the team with two toss-up questions for that round. The next meet was against Saunemin, with a final score of 163 (S) – 172 (G). The two teams played a close and exciting match. Megan led the team to victory with four toss-up questions correct. At the end of the night, Cornerstone Academy and Ridgeview Jr. High played for the regional title. All the students did a great job and their hard work throughout this season shined through. Pontiac Junior High hosted the Band/Chorus Organizational on Saturday, April 28 th. students at Graymont did an excellent job and received 1 st place in band and choral performance. Well done!!! Band/Chorus Organizational Math Team We had a short but successful season – There were 17 students who participated this year - an excellent showing for only having 26 students. While not everyone received an award, I’m sure that all benefited from the experience and hopefully had fun while participating. The results were as follows: Cornell Invitational, Thursday, April 12th: 8th Grade Team – 1st place 7th Grade Team – 1st place 8th Grade Individual – tie for 1st – Seth Brown and Megan Frizzell 7th Grade Individual – tie for 2nd – Nick Elliott and Kalyn Young tie for 3rd – Caleb Leach (tied with other schools) County Meet at Cornell, Friday, April 27: (highly dominated by Prairie Central): 8th Grade Team – 2nd place 8th Grade Individual – Megan Frizzell 5th place A special thanks to Kim Leach for helping out at the county meet.

3 3 The Way to Spend a Rainy Day By 5 th & 6 th Grade Math Team Pictures

4 4 Teacher News Mrs. Erickson Ms. Myers Kindergarten has finally asked THE QUESTION - how many days are left 'til first grade???? The question kind of caught me by surprise because there are so many "things" left that I want to teach them. Our main focus will be on reviewing all of our reading readiness skills and continuing to improve on our tricky words. We are taking home leveled books to read at home to our parents. Math finds us working on addition, subtraction, and telling time. We will work on telling time to the hour and half-hour. Insects and spiders will be our science topics for the month of May. Our room may be going a little bit buggy by the time we are done!! We also have some outside experiments that we have been waiting for nice weather to do. We are very excited about our field trip to Wild Life Prairie. Hopefully the weather cooperates and we have an awesome day learning about animals and nature. Thanks again to PTO for making this trip possible. Our class has a wonderful year and it's hard to believe that it's almost over. The kids are very excited about first grade and staying all day, buying lunch, and having P.E. It's difficult to let them go, but I know they are ready to fly. I hope that everyone has a safe, wonderful summer. See you at summer library or back at school in August. 1st Grade Reading: We are now into our 6th and final unit. Throughout the month of May we will be working on r-controlled vowels and the (ow) (ou) dipthong. Furthermore, we will be working on reading concepts such as: theme, plot, and drawing conclusions. Fifteen new word wall words will also be added to our full wall. 2nd Grade Reading: The second graders are working to finish up their last few weeks in their final unit. They will actually finish up a week early. Throughout this time, we will focus on reading concepts such as: theme, making judgments, and character. We will also take time to review and discuss different tricky concepts that were covered throughout the year. 1st Language Arts: As they year comes to an end, we are also coming to an end of our book. The main focus for the rest of the year is pronouns and correctly using them. We will also learn when to use I and me correctly, were to place certain commas, and continue with our basic grammar review. 2nd Language Arts: There is a range of things that the second graders are going to work on covering before the end of the year. We will be working on using some troublesome words, such as: to, two, too correctly. Moreover, we will continue to work with verbs with spelling changes, contractions, and recognizing grammatical errors in sentences. 1st/2nd Grade Math: For the rest of the year, both grades are going to be working on the same concept together. We are hitting a lot of concepts in the final weeks of school. We will be finishing up a chapter on telling time and understanding how much time has elapsed. Furthermore, we will be studying probability using many hands on materials. Math will come to an end studying measurement. We will work on measuring length, weight, capacity, and temperature. 1st/2nd Grade Science: Together our class will be studying life cycles. Our main discussion will be focused on the butterfly, frog, and bean life cycles. The students will be observing the transformation of each first hand in our science center. They will be journaling all changes daily. We will learn the correct terms for the different stages and what life is like at that time.

5 5 Ms. RientsMrs. Hott It’s hard to believe it’s May already; the year sure went fast! It’s great to have the nice weather back, but we’re still working hard in the classroom. 3rd Grade Math: The 3rd graders are working hard to understand fractions. After learning the basics we will be adding and subtracting fractions, putting them in simplest form, and then relate them to decimals. 4th Grade Math: 4th grade is finishing up studying fractions. Then we will revisit division to learn how to divide with 2-digit divisors. Finally we are going to study decimals. Science: This month we are continuing our study of sound and light energy. We’ve been testing our hearing by doing experiments to see how and why we can change the pitch of sounds. We are also looking at the different ways sound is made and how it travels through different matter. As we study light energy, we will explore how light and matter interact, as well as, investigate how to reflect and refract light. Social Studies: We are studying our final regions of the U.S., the Southwest and West. The students are busy creating a state book for one of the states from these regions. They are researching their states landforms, natural resources, major industries, places of interest, and important people. They will also make a time line of the some of the state’s history and research a Native American tribe from their state. Language Arts- As we finish the year we are going to work on comma placement, using quotation marks correctly, and learn about prepositions. Reading: Both grades are finishing Unit 5. We will read a few stories from Unit 6, which is about using our imaginations and expressing ourselves. 3rd grade will review steps in a process and identify details of the setting. 4th grade will review visualizing, along with steps in a process. Also, it’s important the students continue to read at least 15 minutes a night, as well as, keep this routine up during the summer. 5-8 Math/Science/Social Studies Both 7/8 and 5/6 Social Studies got to vote for their last section to cover this year. 5/6 will be studying the Middle Ages and 7/8 are studying East Asia, Australia and Antarctica 5/6 Science - We are continuing our study of Energy and are now discussing Thermal and Light Energy 7/8 Science - Pull out those periodic tables! 7/8 are studying matter – atoms, elements, etc. We’ve talked about all the different scientists who were involved in the development of the atomic theory as well as what makes up an atom, isotopes, atomic number, etc. Math – 5th grade – We are finishing up fractions and moving on to some geometry. 6th graders are continuing their work on addition/subtraction of fractions and mixed numbers as well as moving on to multiplying and dividing them 7th grade is moving right along and are now into Geometry and Measurement 8th grade is working on Ratios, Proportions and Percents “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.” ~Gandhi

6 6 Ms. Wilson 5-6 – In Reading we only have two stories left before we finish our reading books!!! During the last few weeks of school we will be focusing on making judgments while reading, visualizing, paraphrasing, and fact and opinion. Remember that your child should be reading at least 20 minutes every evening. Summer is also approaching and reading a little bit each day will be essential for your students continued reading success. 7-8 – In Reading we are continuing to work hard reading/studying our novels. We have just finished our first science fiction book which I feel the students really enjoyed. They are doing a good job of pinpointing a novels, theme, motifs, and symbols and how they all work together in the story. We have also touched a bit on cause and effect, fact and opinion and making inferences. 5-8 – In Language Arts we are continuing to work on our writing skills: persuasive, narrative, and expository. I am really impressed with the students ability to increase their writing vocabulary and their use of sensory and factual details. If time allows we might even dabble a little in creative writing before the end of the school year. Special Dates to Remember May 4 – 11:15 dismissal May 9 – 1:00 5/6 Streator Bank field trip May 15 – 2:00 dismissal May 17 – 6:00 Awards Banquet May 22 – End of 4 th quarter May 23 – 8:15 Awards Assembly, 7:00 pm Graduation May 24 – 12:45 Reading Counts Party May 25 – 5-8 grade CSI Field Trip May 28 – NO SCHOOL May 29 – Fun Day!!! May 30 – NO SCHOOL May 31 – 8:00am Report Card pick-up- No Bus Service “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” ~Henry David Thoreau

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