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1 Business Ethics and Technology Business and Society: Ethics and Stakeholder Management, 7e Carroll & Buchholtz Copyright ©2009 by South-Western, a division.

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1 1 Business Ethics and Technology Business and Society: Ethics and Stakeholder Management, 7e Carroll & Buchholtz Copyright ©2009 by South-Western, a division of Cengage Learning. All rights reserved Prepared by Deborah Baker Texas Christian University Chapter 9

2 2 Quote of the Day  It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity. ~Albert Einstein

3 3 Technology and the Technological Environment Technology The totality of the means employedto provide objects necessary forhuman sustenance and comfort

4 4 Characteristics of Technology Benefits of Technology  Increased production of goods and services  Reduced amount of labor needed to produce goods and services  Made labor easier and safer  Increased productivity  Increased standard of living  Increased life expectancy

5 5 Side Effects of Technology Side Effects and Challenges of Technology  Environmental pollution  Depletion of natural resources  Technological unemployment  Creation of unsatisfying jobs @

6 6 Ethics and Technology Key Issues Technological Determinism Ethical Lag

7 7 Symptoms of Society’s Intoxication with Technology 1. We favor the quick fix 2. We fear and worship technology 3. We blur the distinction between what is real and fake 4. We accept violence as normal 5. We love technology as a toy 6. We live our lives distanced and distracted Find the Right Balance!

8 8 Information Technology Biotechnology Electronic Commerce Computer technology in the workplace Information Technology

9 9 Electronic Commerce Key Issues in e-Commerce Ethics  Access  Intellectual property  Privacy and informed consent  Protection of children  Security of information  Trust

10 10 Potential Threats to Privacy Posed by the Internet  Identity theft  Unintentionally revealing information  Lost / stolen personal information  Fake Web sites  Government distribution of information  Broadcasting information over the Internet  Victim of spying  Cyberstalker Figure 9-1

11 11  Creating a national Do-Not-Call List  Beefing up enforcement against spam  Helping victims of identity theft  Stopping pretexting  Encouraging accuracy in credit reporting and compliance with Fair Credit Reporting Act  Enforcing privacy promises  Increasing enforcement and outreach on children’s online privacy  Encouraging consumers’ privacy complaints  Enforcing the telemarketing sales rules  Restricting use of pre-acquired account information  Enforcing Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act  Holding workshops Privacy Agenda of the FTC Figure 9-2

12 12 Business Initiatives to Protect Privacy Ethical leadership Privacy policies Chief privacy officers Data security

13 13  Pornography  Gambling  Web-based music services  Intellectual property  Monitoring technology  “Phishing” Questionable Businesses and Practices

14 14 Phishing “trip”  May 19th 2008 International 'Phishing' Scam Busted A Romanian-based organized crime ring aimed at defrauding Internet users of Social Security and credit card data has been busted, resulting in charges against 38 people, officials said Monday. The so-called phishing scams sought to rip off thousands of consumers and hundreds of financial institutions, according to indictments unsealed in Los Angeles and New Haven, Conn. The two related cases marked the latest example of what the Justice Department describes as a growing worldwide threat posed by organized crime. The practice known as phishing typically involves sending fraudulent e-mails that include links directing recipients to fake Web sites where they are asked to input sensitive data. Phishers may also include attachments that, when clicked, secretly install "spyware" that can capture personal information and send it to third parties over the Internet.

15 15 Employee Impression of Technology The Workplace and Computer Technology  Expands job-related knowledge  Increases productivity during work and commuting times  Improves communication with clients and customers  Relieves job stress  Improved time management  Expanded professional networks  Development of a competitive edge  Balance of work and family needs

16 16 Surveillance Computers  Monitoring website employee computer files  Blocking access to inappropriate websites  Storing and reviewing e-mail Telephone  Monitoring time spent, numbers called  Taping phone conversations Video  Video surveillance against theft  Video surveillance to monitor employee performance

17 17 Unethical Employee Activities  Created a dangerous situation by using new technology while driving  Blamed error on technological glitch  Copied company software for home use  Used office equipment to shop on the Internet  Used office equipment to search for job  Accessed private files without permission  Intruded on co-workers’ privacy  Visited porn Web sites

18 18 Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics Figure 9-3

19 19 Biotechnology Bioethics A field that has emerged to dealwith ethical issues embedded inthe use of biotechnology Proceduralism The use of elaborate protocols toensure that classical safeguards,such as informed consent, are notviolated

20 20 Examples: Genetic Engineering Human Ear

21 21 Cloned Kitty $50K kitten

22 22 Cost to USA  (map of stem cell centers and policies)  Leading centers: South Korea (Dog), China…. Jerusalem…

23 23 Realms of Biotechnology Genetically Modified Foods Genetic Engineering

24 24 Biotechnology: Genetically Modified Foods

25 25 Genetic Engineering Stem cell research Cloning Genetic testing and profiling

26 26 Genetically Modified Foods Safety issues Labeling issues

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