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Real-Time Big Data Use Cases John Leach CTO, Splice Machine.

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1 Real-Time Big Data Use Cases John Leach CTO, Splice Machine

2 2 disruptive Befo re After PhDsJava Programmers Data Expensive to Store Distributed Computing Across Commodity Servers Data Cheap to Store

3 3 obstacles MapReduce Java programmers are scarce and costly Limited use cases because of batch nature of Hadoop

4 4 Moving Hadoop Beyond Batch Analytics to Power Real-Time Apps Hadoop – not just for data scientists anymore Distributed File System Java MapReduce Programs Read-Only Batch Analytics Real-Time Datastores Distributed RDBMS SQL-99 Queries Real-Time Updates with ACID Transactions Real-Time Apps and Analytics

5 5 real-time Big Data use cases Ad Technology Digital Marketing Fraud Detection Internet of Things Cyberthreat Security Network Monitoring Personalized Medicine

6 6 case study: Rocket Fuel

7 7 case study: digital marketing Powers Unica app and Cognos Scale-out with commodity servers Made queries 3x-7x faster Achieved over 10x price/perf improvement Replaced Oracle RAC DB Initial Results Clien ts Consumers Unica Real-Time Personalization Real-Time Actions Cross-Channel Campaigns Oracle

8 8 fraud detection Correlate spending patterns based on real-time movements or trips Move beyond simple rules Prevent false positives Catch fraud faster Increase customer satisfaction Intelligent Fraud Detection Roadtrip to Nevada 1.Start in San Francisco Use credit card for gas in Sacramento Use credit card in Tahoe for lunch Credit card denied for gas because you left CA Spend 15 minutes on phone to get credit card reinstated Benefits 2 1 3 4

9 9 IOT: network monitoring Detect and isolate faults based by trending real-time events Perform remote resets Increase customer satisfaction Reduce costly calls and “truck rolls” Proactive Fault Response Cable Set-Top Boxes Remote Resets Scale- out RDBMS Telemetry Data Network Monitoring App Benefits

10 10 IOT: cyberthreat security Correlate millions of events/sec against 3-5 years of firewall history to identify “sleepers” waking up Prevents loss of sensitive data such as credit cards Reduce embarrassing public exposure Real-Time Threat Response Real-Time Responses Scale- out RDBMS Network Events Security Monitoring App Network Firewalls Benefits

11 11 IOT: personalized medicine Genomic Data Doctors Personalized Treatment App Coordinate care with EMRs Identify complications w/ genetic data Drive real-time response w/ device data Reduce hospital readmissions Eliminate lost revenue under ObamaCare Personalized Treatment Plans Scale- out RDBMS Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) Medical Monitoring Devices Personalized Treatment Plans Alerts Benefits

12 12 scale up vs. scale-out Scale Up  e.g., Exadata  Very expensive  Poor price/performance Scale Out NoSQL NewSQL Proprietary SQL-on- Hadoop Hadoop RDBMS Analytic Engines How do I scale?  e.g., MongoDB  Limited SQL  No transactions  May have weak consistency or no joins  e.g., NuoDB  Unproven scalability  No Hadoop  e.g., Impala  No transactions  No real-time updates  Can’t power a real- time app  e.g., Splice Machine  Proven scale-out architecture  Transactional RDBMS  Power real-time apps

13 13 The only Hadoop RDBMS Standard ANSI SQL Horizontal Scale-Out Real-Time Updates ACID Transactions Powers OLAP and OLTP Seamless BI Integration Splice Machine

14 14 ≈ proven building blocks SQL Scale ≈ Apache Derby

15 15 how we do it

16 16 distributed query processing Parallelized computation across cluster Moves computation to the data Utilizes HBase co-processors No MapReduce

17 17 summary Distributed Computing Disruptive technology Data now cheap to store Real-Time Use Case Types Port existing operational applications experiencing cost or scaling issues Develop new applications that can leverage historical data in real-time Examples Digital marketing Ad Tech Fraud Detection Internet of Things

18 18 Questions?

19 Real-Time Big Data Use Cases John Leach CTO, Splice Machine

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