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Privacy A Corporate Responsibility Ronald Ross, CEO.

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1 Privacy A Corporate Responsibility Ronald Ross, CEO

2 Privacy A Corporate Responsibility –How bad it gets? –Social and economic implications –Legislations –Challenges –MSS and privacy –Conclusion

3 Refreshing Statistics The U.S. Federal Trade Commision’s Hotline received 445 phone calls per week in November of 1999 By June 2001 the number rose to 1800 calls per week

4 Categories of Identity Theft Credit Card fraud Unauthorized Phone or Utility Services Bank Fraud Fraudulent Loans Government Documents or Benefits Other Identity Theft Multiple Types

5 More Statistics Source: U.S. Office of the Inspector General, August 1999

6 Canadians Accessing the Internet Source: Industry Canada

7 Use of the Internet by Sectors Source: Industry Canada

8 Barriers to E-Commerce Development Source: Deloitte and ToucheSource: Ekos Research Associates

9 Privacy Legislations  CANADA:  Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act, April 13, 2000  U.S. :  Health Insurance Portability and Accountability, 1996  Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, 1998  Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act for the banking industry, 1999  Europe:  Data Protection Directive, 1995  Telecommunications Directive, 1997  Australia:  The Privacy Amendment Act, 2000  Japan:  Guidelines Concerning the Protection of Personal Information Associated with Electronic Computer Data Processing in the Private Sector, 1989

10 Most Recent Developments  U.S.:  Federal Trade Commission will hold a workshop in December 2001 to assist companies with writing privacy policies that comply with Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act  October, 2001 - California Creates Identity Theft Law, Senate Bill 168  Europe:  Anti Spam legislation  Echelon report accepted

11  IT Security and Privacy are closely related  Without proper security and security policies, the privacy cannot be enforced  Technology is just an enabler to protect the private information  People are managing the technologies and risks Security and Privacy

12  Complexity of the systems, including the OS. Microsoft Windows 2000 estimated to have 35-40 million lines of codes  Network configuration errors  Shortage of qualified IT security personnel and turnover  Costly to maintain in-house  Lack of funding  Human factor Challenges

13 Compliancy with the Privacy Act: Basic Questions  Do you have a Security policy in place?  Do you enforce your Security policy?  Do you encrypt all private and sensitive data?  Do you monitor any unauthorized access to private information?  How the cookies are handled in your organization? Who can access the cookies?

14 How JETNET Can Help You

15 A Brief Introduction to JETNET Founded in 1998 in Ottawa as a “JetForm Affiliate” –Design of International Deployment of VPN/FW First mover in “Managed Security Services” Recognized as a “Pioneer” by TeleManagement Ottawa, Toronto Locations 7/24 Internetworking Operations Centre (IOC) JETNET is Canada’s leading Managed Security Services Provider –Impressive Customer List –Patent pending technology and service delivery

16 JETNET Technology Partnerships Partnerships with the leaders in the security market Best of breed technology offering

17 We Offer to You... Focus –Our only offering is MSS (Has been for the last 3 years) Track Record –“Blue Chip” Customers, Systems, People –Trust factor/Relationship has been established and maintained Mature Offering –3 Year design and development –Process Driven and extensive expertise –Investment in Infrastructure has been made Annuity, High Leverage Model in a High Growth Market –Ability to compensate your team and deliver Continued Support –Employees, Customers and Investors

18 JETNET Services  Managed Firewall  Managed VPN Branch  Managed VPN – Remote Access  Managed Radius Authentication Service  Managed Authentication – VPN  Managed Authentication – Web  Bundled Security Service – FW, VPN, FW/VPN  Professional Services  Vulnerability assessment services

19 MMRH Service Offering

20 - Coverage by countries JETNET Global Coverage

21 JETNET’s Technology Can Help To Safeguard Your Network  Security Activity Manager Collection Agent or SCA is an agent on a dedicated HW  SCA can securely track different events and log files within the LAN’s DMZ area  Top 10 Web sites reports  Top 25 Users  In-house developed or third party applications for monitoring privacy compliance can be deployed and alerts can be generated in a real-time

22 JETNETIn-house JETNETIn-house Business Models Comparison

23 JETNET – Customer Data Flow VPN Device VPN GW JETNET MonitoringCustomer Deployment JETNET SCA JETNET Intelligence JETNET IOC SAM E-mail Phone, pager Customer Feedback FW IDS

24 SCA Deployment

25 Monitoring The Privacy Act Compliance  Privacy compliance audits  Recommendations/implementation for improvement, based on the results of audits  Proactive Managed Security Services – protect the networks  Managed applications inside the customer network (SCA) to monitor any unauthorized behavior and notify the customer

26 “Technological advances have also facilitated ’identity theft,’ the availability and misuse of electronic account and personal information. Identity theft poses significant risks to financial institutions and individuals alike. The Internet is also engendering other bank-related frauds.” Conclusion Statement of Charles L. Owens; Chief, Financial Crimes Section, FBI; in a hearing on Financial Instrument Fraud held by the Subcommittee on Financial Services and Technology; Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs; U.S. Senate; Sept. 16, 1997.

27 Thank You

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