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IPJ and ILR Update New Developments Tim Bell Gekko Systems May 2010 ALTA10.

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1 IPJ and ILR Update New Developments Tim Bell Gekko Systems May 2010 ALTA10

2 Outline Brief introduction to Gekko Systems The InLine Pressure Jig (IPJ) and recent developments The InLine Leach Reactor (ILR) and recent developments Case Studies

3 The Company Offices: Ballarat, Perth, Johannesburg, Vancouver, Santiago Agents: Russia, Peru, Argentina, Brazil 400 units installed in over 40 countries worldwide ALTA10

4 IPJ Technology Targets >100 µm free gold and > 200 µm sulphides Continuous mass pull 5 – 30% Best in circulating loads of crushing and grinding mills Pre-concentration IPJ Development. Why?

5 ALTA10 IPJ Developments – Liberation Recovery Recover the mineral as soon as it is liberated – lower energy cost Coarse Gravity-Flotation (Python Circuit)

6 IPJ Developments – Python ALTA10 Fully assembled plant Fast Installations and commissioning

7 ALTA10 IPJ Developments – Multiple IPJs Single jig limited to 100 tph solids Modular pre-assembled systems

8 Pirquitas Pre-Concentration Module ALTA10

9 IPJ - Automation Automatic start and stop sequence operation Provides monitoring of streams and reaction to process problems Enables automatic mass balancing

10 ALTA10 IPJ – Integration into circuits Through bed jigging Ceramet ragging SG 2 to 5.0 Gravity feed or pump feed Direct coupled pumps Pressure monitoring and dump valves Polyurethane piping spools

11 ALTA10 ILR - Technology Slow rolling drum 1-2 rpm Standard reagents only High dO levels Up to 10 ppm using H 2 O 2 as the oxidant and up to 25ppm when using O 2 Batch Leach reactors. Models to treat batches of 900 - 24,000 kg Continuous leach reactors. Models up to 2.1 t/hr installed and Super ILR available up to 9 t/hr

12 ALTA10 Batch ILR – Improvements  Single solution cone, single pump  Automation provides largely hands free operation  PLC program optimisation ILR rolling drum technology – The most efficient chemistry!

13 Batch ILR – Sizing Tool  GRG Testwork and/or Plant Survey Data  AMIRA P420 Gravity Model – Estimates the size of a gravity circuit required  The model provides a clear picture of the recovery gain by increased % of product feed.  In a typical grinding circuit application the tool will direct you as to which is the more appropriate stream to feed the BCC.  ILR can then be selected to match the BCC yield ALTA10

14 Continuous ILR – Improvements ALTA10

15 Continuous ILR – High Tonnage Treatment Option ALTA10

16 Continuous ILR – Improvements

17 ALTA10 Gravity Box

18  Fully engineered package of screen, concentrator, ILR, frames, piping, electrical, automation, installation and commissioning.  Pre-assembled during fabrication to ensure rapid installation.  Suitable for new plant or existing upgrade.  Standard designs at various tonnages completed and repeatable (drawing packages and or complete assembly options available)  Specifically designed to assist engineers and operators in meeting tight deadlines in a climate that is seeing more gold projects fast tracked, juniors starting operations on strict capex budgets and engineers pushed on lead times.

19 Batch ILR Case Study – St Ives ALTA10 ILR3000BA in operation since 2003 >98% ILR Leach recovery Overall gravity recovery 20- 30% ILR produces >100k oz’s per annum ILR Impacts overall recovery by approximately 2.5% High Availability – running daily since 2003 High Recovery (Increased gravity recovery by 8%) Integral part of the overall plant ILR3000BA replaced shaking table

20 Batch ILR Case Study – Target ALTA10 ILR100BA in operation since 2002 >98% ILR Leach recovery Overall gravity recovery ~50% ILR Impacts overall recovery positively High Availability High Recovery Integral part of the overall plant Has eliminated historical security concerns St Ives, Agnew, Kelian & Target ILR Batch units formed the foundation of batch IC technology to grow to more than 150 installations of the unit process globally in <10 years!

21 IPJ Case Study

22 ALTA10 Gravity circuit consists of IPJ’s in HPGR and ball mill combination grinding circuit, IPJ concentrate to Gekko ISPs, flotation scavenging. 86-92% Au gravity recovery 97-99% Au overall recovery Mill Feed ISP Concentrat e Float Feed Flotation Concentrate Flotation Tails Solids flowrate, t/hr700.1369.95.4** – 1.2***64.4** – 68.7*** Au Passing, g/hr88580976.260.610.1 S Passing, t/hr0.420.030.390.350.01 Grade, g/t Au12.6*6,321*1.0929.80.16 Grade, % S0.621.7*0.568.00.02

23 End ALTA10

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