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Making the Work Programme Work In London Bob Leach, Managing Director MAXIMUS UK.

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1 Making the Work Programme Work In London Bob Leach, Managing Director MAXIMUS UK

2 MAXIMUS provide critical health and social services on behalf of governments since 1975. Our mission: Helping Government Serve the Public. The alliance will manage the WP in London & South East England Innovation: International presence and experience allows us to develop and implement best practices where ever we are. Financial stability: £850m annual revenues, £100m cash on balance sheet available for investment allow us to act strategically Resources: 7,000 employees world wide ensure sufficient capacity to consistently deliver results Experience: 40 years of experience in providing Social and Health services on behalf of governments to diverse customer base Focus: Pure play public social services provider. That’s all we do so we do it well. 2

3 Work Programme in London breakout session FND results in London10m Discussion - reasons for the outcomes10m Sharing international experience10m Thinking of ways to make it work10m Concluding thoughts 5m 3

4 With only 5% of cases placed in jobs, London CPA performed worse of all FND contract areas. Why? 4

5 Comparing performance of the same provider in and out of London rules out the provider as the sole cause 5

6 Discussion – What makes big cities different? Participation and Engagement Retention & Incentives Barriers to employment Finding Jobs Movement of participants Homelessness Dynamic environment Low attachment to location Fragmented communities Ethnic Minorities Mental Health Lone parents Cost of transport and living Housing Drug/criminality Competition between businesses Competition on jobs Travellers Students Immigrants The economic cycles Higher cost of living Housing benefits “worth more” Less flexibility at work Tough neighbourhoods and gang mentality 6

7 We talked with directors of mandatory, large scale, performance based, programmes targeting long term unemployed on working age benefits in big cities DetailsProjectLocationPopulation Colleen Moskal - Vice President, Orange County and LA Gain Project, California Los Angeles GAIN 2 Contracts Areas in LA 3.8 m Chevera Trillo - Vice President, Arizona, Alaska and Tennessee Arizona WorksPhoenix4.1m Kristy Lazur - Project Director, Arizona and Los Angeles County, California Arizon Work CalWorks Los Angeles & Phoenix Gabriela Borda-Rossel - Project Director, Wisconsin Wisconsin Works (W2) Madison, Milwaukee 2.8m Kelly Blaschke Treharne Senior VP Human Services North America 7

8 The directors raised similar issues of complex and multiple barriers, refugee and migrant population, intense competition in the job market Participation, Compliance and Engagement : Homelessness prevents individuals from getting a job Tracking participants in large cities and getting them to participate in the programme Job readiness activity Solving a wide range of complex barriers through connecting to wide array of agencies and community organisations Job location is far from participant’s location Placement and Retention Finding employers who wish to hire participants and developing relationships with employers Competing with refugee population on jobs Identifying sectors that are growing and are attractive for participants and developing the training and certification paths in-house Working with employers to solve issues once on the job 8

9 Successfully working together with community organisations, pooling resources to deal with complex barriers, and identifying employers that wish to hire participants and developing targeted career paths are key to the WP success in London Alliance with CDG 11 Delivery partners majority are 3 rd sector and community organisations Labour market analysis Identifying target sectors and employers Development of training, apprenticeships and relationships Partnerships with Councils, PCTs, Social Housing providers, and other community Expert volunteer initiative People Value Benefits Career PathwaysSupporting Engagement Wide array of menu partners Delivery partners expertise Transitional Employment Partnerships Breaking Barriers 9

10 Thank you

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