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LESSONS LEARNT Presented to ACSDA Conference, April 2013.

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1 LESSONS LEARNT Presented to ACSDA Conference, April 2013

2 THE CALM… JCSD/JSE well documented and tested BCP – Robust infrastructure – Remote-operation capabilities – Inland real-time hot-site – Collaborative agreements Experienced several hurricanes before Pre-hurricane season drills/fail-overs Risk checklist implemented at storm warning – Generator fuel/emergency notice system – Key contacts and stakeholders notified

3 THE STORM Oct 22, 2013 – Tropical depression formed – Just south of Jamaica, heading NNE – Upgraded to tropical storm later that day Oct 24 – Slowed and strengthened, headed N – Upgraded to hurricane – Moves slowly across – 80mph winds/Cat. 1 Oct 25 – Hits Cuba Goes on to become “Super-storm Sandy” Jamaica Haiti


5 Crops and livestock lost Widespread power disruption 1 person killed Many roads closed Minor infrastructure

6 THE IMPACT Schools, businesses, market closed Oct 24 - 25 Central Bank closed, no settlement possible JCSD functional (remotely) Banking resumed Oct 26 JCSD operates from on-site – Skeleton crew, generator power – Calendar reset due to intervening inactive days – Clean-up over weekend Brokers, participants knew of BOJ notices before we did

7 LESSONS LEARNT Preparedness of other stakeholders is critical – Attempt co-ordination of alerts/notices – Agree timing and scale of responses Further improve remote access capabilities – Allow remote reset of calendar, etc. Again consider negatives of physical location Widen emergency communication measures – Include “non-critical” staff, other stakeholders – Include key media outlets

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