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IT Application In Agriculture. Topics To Be Covered Introduction Need Of IT In Agriculture Hardwares/Tools require for application in agriculture TASKS.

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1 IT Application In Agriculture


3 INTRODUCTION I.T is being regarded as the fifth factor of production along with land, labour, capital,& management. Agriculture produce marketing requires connectivity between the markets, the growers /exporters/tradors, industry & consumers through a wide netwok of national & international linkage.

4 I.T applications in agril. mktg These connectivity helps to provide day to day information with regards to the commodity arrivals & prices To provide export related documentation. To inform about latest research in agril. Marketing. Packaging & storage. To provide connectivity with,

5 Need Of IT In Agriculture Production in agriculture as well as consumption of agri-produce involves huge numbers. Even the trade channel players also add up to very-very large numbers. It has almost been impossible to manage the data without the use of Information Technology.

6 Need Of IT In Agriculture For bulk of the food products, for very long, production and consumption remained local affairs. Only few products, either mass produced or specialty products were only distributed and consumed across long distances. But today with the opening of global economy, the distance between production and consumption areas is shrinking. This requires very-very efficient management of Agri-business Value Chain that can happen only by utilizing Information Technology

7 Need Of IT In Agriculture Most of the development in agriculture has always been in government domain, the private sector has not been allowed to play a major role, with the result, the IT development for agriculture has not been as fast as it has been for many other sectors of economy.

8 Need Of IT In Agriculture Trade channel players dealing with any one or few components of value chain have neither been able to develop backward nor forward integration to convert them into large integrated operations. Lack of confidence and trust between the stakeholders has always come in the way of meaningful agri-business development initiatives. With the use of IT tools, transparent arrangements can be established.

9 Need Of IT In Agriculture Information for long being recognized as an input to knowledge has acquired a new status of being a “RESOURCE” like land, capital, technology, etc. In a sunrise industry like organic food production, the availability of information and its access to stakeholders through IT tools will enhance the viability, success and growth of this new sector of agriculture

10 I.T IN AGRIL. MARKETING COMPRISES OF FOLLOWING TASKS 1)Linking & networking of agril. Markets. 2)Computer aided auction displays. 3)Marketing information system. 4)Commodity information system. 5)Highway automation system.

11 Hardwares/Tools require for application in aggriculture. 1) INPUT DEVICES. 1)Graphic tablet. 2)PDAs 3)Light pen 4)Pockete PC/Pam top. 5)Simputer 6)RFID 7)Interactive board 8)Smart card

12 Hardwares/Tools require for application in aggriculture 2) DATA PROCESSING 1)PDAs 2)Sub note book 3)Pocket PC 4)Simputer

13 Hardwares/Tools require for application in aggriculture 3) DATA STORAGE DEVICE 1)PDAs 2)Smart phone 3)Sub note book 4) Pocket PC 5)Simputer 6)RFID

14 Hardwares/Tools require for application in aggriculture 4)NETWORKING & DATA TRANSMISSION TOOL 1)Smart phone 2)PDAs 3)Sub note book 4)Simputer 5)RFID 6)Smart card

15 Hardwares/Tools require for application in aggriculture 5)DISPLAY DEVICE 1)Sub note book 2)Pocket PC 3)LCD 4)Touch screen 5)Interactive board 6)simputer

16 Hardwares/Tools require for application in aggriculture 5) OTHER TOOLS 1)Solar battery charger

17 WAYS IN MAKING USE OF I.T IN IMPROVING AGRIL. MARKETING. There are 4 ways for making use of IT in improving agril. Mktg. 1)Agril. Mktg information service system. 2)Elecronic auctioning system. 3)E- catalogue for commodity profiles. 4)National atlas of markets.

18 1 )AGRIL. MKTG INFORMATION SERVICE SYSTEM(AMISS). With a view to fully utilizing the information technology AMISS needs to be set up at national level. This service will be an integrated service incorporating the farmers advisory service with decission support system (DSS This service will be an integrated service incorporating the farmers advisory service with decission support system (DSS). Such a system will help the farmer in taking intelligent decissions related to storage, pricing & marketing.

19 1 )AGRIL. MKTG INFORMATION SERVICE SYSTEM(AMISS) One of the major problems in designing of agril. Mktg. information service is that the information need of individual target groups are diversified. For evolving information system assesment of information needs of divesified target groups is very important, so that the information mgt is holistic & integrated.

20 1 )AGRIL. MKTG INFORMATION SERVICE SYSTEM(AMISS The information system should be broad based to cover information rslated to aspects such as storage, transport, weather forecast & export potential. At the state level mktg boards should provide consolidated information to all the market users. He co.ordinating agency should take the stock of information available & its generation process& finally distribute it to the need based target groups.

21 ELECRONIC AUCTIONING SYSTEM. The electronic auctioning system (EAS) is the system to perform the bidding process electronically. The EAS can help in larger markets where no. of lots for auction is large & the time alloted for bidding is limited to 3-4 hrs. During the peak season the bidding work is so hectic that the bidding for 3-4 lots to be completed each minute.Hence introduction of EAS is necessary.

22 ELECRONIC AUCTIONING SYSTEM ADVANTAGES 1)Minimizes the paper work. 2)Automates the billing &Revert system. 3)Improves the efficiency of system. 4)Provides a desciplined structure which matches with typical functioning to manage the bidding system. 5)Provides easy & efficient summerized information. 6)Ensures security of the data/information.

23 ELECRONIC AUCTIONING SYSTEM The basic objective of the system is to promote trade transparency & helps farmers by checking malpractices & ensure recording of each auction. This system of bidding has been implemented in auction of fruits & vegetable market of ‘AZADPUR’

24 3)E-CATALOGUE FOR COMMODITY PROFILE. In the context of need to increase export compititiveness,each & every product needs to be publicized highlighting its characteristics on nutrition values, chemistry, quality available for supply & prices A brief commercial profile of the commodity on internet can help the buyer in making comparative analysis of costs & margins. If for each commodity,commercial profiles giving these details are prepared & transmitted to international markets through web pages, it can greatly widen markets for such products.

25 4)NATIONAL ATLAS OF MARKETS. Mapping of the agril. Markets of the country is the prequisite for carrying any planning /developmental activity. All the regulated markets with their classification on the national maps can give a synoptic view of the distribution of the markets. The infrastructural facilities, volumes transacted, the area & population served,& the outflow & inflow of the commodities are the various aspects,which should be mapped out.

26 4)NATIONAL ATLAS OF MARKETS Mapping of countries market,would also be useful for research,planning & policy formulation. The National Atlas Of Agricultural markets should be based on the application of GIS. Such mapping activity can also be put on the internet for its greater usage.

27 ICT In Agriculture The application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in agriculture is increasingly important. E-Agriculture is an emerging field focusing on the enhancement of agricultural and rural development through improved information and communication processes.

28 ICT In Agriculture E-Agriculture is one of the action lines identified in the declaration and plan of action of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).World Summit on the Information Society All stakeholders of agriculture industry need information and knowledge about these phases to manage them efficiently.

29 ICT In Agriculture The tools provided by ICT are having ability to: Record text, drawings, photographs, audio, video, process descriptions, and other information in digital formats, Produce exact duplicates of such information at significantly lower cost, Transfer information and knowledge rapidly over large distances through communications networks

30 ICT In Agriculture Develop standardized algorithms to large quantities of information relatively rapidly. Achieve greater interactivity in communicating, evaluating, producing and sharing useful information and knowledge.

31 Unified Communication Tools Computers are being used for collection of Data, Record keeping and Report generation in agriculture from 1980s. Mass Media - Communication channels are also being utilized for dissemination of Information as a one way communication.

32 Unified Communication Tools To enable seem-less, hassle-free and low cost information flow, an attempt has been made by Morarka Foundation to integrate “Information Technology” (IT) and “Information communication Technology” (ICT).

33 Unified Communication Tools This Hybrid platform has enabled multichannel access. Innovative application of IT-ICT Hardware/s and Software/s have created an unified multichannel communication platform for not only data and information processing but also for knowledge management in agriculture.




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