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Mount Barker South Primary School Reading for Learning Mount Barker South PS 2014.

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1 Mount Barker South Primary School Reading for Learning Mount Barker South PS 2014

2 How it all began… 2010 RFL - Evolved (Teaching shifted) Sustained RFL over 3 years and it has and now is consistent school wide- R-7. Aligns with the English School Site Plan. Whole school literacy commitment (R-7)- Linked to School Site Plan/ Improvement goals and purposes

3 What you wouldn’t see taking place in RFL.. - Reading for Learning is not a time where you would: - - Teach a genre explicitly – this needs to be taught separately at a different time of the day. - - No to teach Handwriting or Spelling contracts/Spelling tests - - Have students writing down copious amounts of text – it is acceptable to record and reflect, answer questions to GR questions etc. - - Teach students a concept without them knowing what the purpose behind it is. (What and Why)Learning Intentions

4 Purpose of RFL -Provide all students with opportunities to be successful, independent readers. -To reach and rise above reading and writing benchmarks. -Work according to their abilities and needs but not be ‘fixed’ within a wave. -To have exposure and understand that reading is made up of many components.

5 What is Reading for Learning? - RFL- 90 minute explicit and rigorous learning time that takes place and is a whole school commitment from R-7 Monday to Friday. -Junior Primary RFL occurs in the morning and in the Primary after recess. - Rigorous teaching where students are grouped according to specific data collected each individual. -Data – 2013 data stored for 2014 use on USB. -Waves are established by this data and children are grouped. Continuously gathered over the year

6 What is Reading for Learning? - Typically in JP and in PS – Lessons commence reflecting Oral Language – Big Book. - Big book – Early Years Building will deconstruct a text over a week and depending on the genre for the term will determine the content. - PS- Big Book – All PS sts focus on a particular component of a genre and it may be in big book or a in collaborative activity. - -Students break off into ‘Wave groups’ with the teacher based for that Wave. You will not just have your class for RFL. - -Students shared and dispersed into mixed groups. - -Activities are based around ‘The Big 6 in Reading’.

7 Reading for Learning 3 Wave Learning Approach - Waves are created and maintained through collected data on each student. (2014 USB) - Wave 1 – students needing extension and opportunities to widen their vocabulary and reading skills. - Wave 2 – Opportunities for students to refine aspects of their reading. - Wave 3 –Students intensive small group and at times 1:1 support. Working on individual One Plans. - - Students are also involved in Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar

8 Reading For Learning ‘The Big 6’ A classroom during RFL needs to reflect activities that are based around the following: 1.Oral language 2. Phonological Awareness 3. Phonics 4. Vocabulary 5. Fluency 6. Comprehension Guided Reading should be included daily in RFL time.

9 Reading for Learning in Action – Oral Language/Comprehension /Vocabulary

10 Reading for Learning Big Book Oral Language Video

11 Reading for Learning Vocabulary Video

12 Reading For Learning Phonics/ Phonological Awareness

13 Reading for Learning Guided Reading Video

14 What have we seen? NAPLAN Results 2011-2013 – Significant increase in reading results. Levels in Bands – Reading levels and Grammar levels have increased largely over the years. Reading for Learning has made a big improvement for students. Coherent approach to teaching across the school – deprivatisation of teachers work.



17 What have we seen? Running Reader levels increase. Students enjoyment and engagement in reading has improved. Consistent and strong approach to keep RFL running Reading levels continue to improve. Increase in community involvement and understanding.

18 Questions & Comments

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