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America’s intercity provider

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0 Ray Lang Chief, State Government Relations
Update on Amtrak Ray Lang Chief, State Government Relations

1 America’s intercity provider
Amtrak Today America’s intercity provider 305 weekday trains 21,200 route-miles Serves 46 States, 3 Canadian provinces, and Washington, DC FY2013, system ridership record of 31.6 M passengers 10th such record in the past 11 years $2.1 billion in ticket revenue Amtrak recovers 89% of its operating costs This is an exciting time to be at Amtrak! A new strategy A new organization Some big challenges

2 FY 2015 Grant and Legislative Request in Context
FY 2014 Amtrak Request FY 2014 Federal Grant FY 2015 Amtrak Request Operating $373 $340 $701 Capital 2,065 841 760 Debt Service 212 199 150 FRA oversight n/a $10 $9 Total $2,650* $1,390 $1,620 *Excludes FRA oversight numbers Request sized to approach historically funded level Time and investment needed to size organization for growth Proposal restructures grant to maximize available capital More operating funding allows us to leverage revenues Projected FY 15 capital level would rise to $1,129 ($278M above FY 14 appropriated level) Cost recovery improvement is forecasted Goal is to “drive a wedge” for a gradual expansion of our capital program

3 Amtrak has just released updated version of our corporate strategy
The Strategic Context Amtrak has just released updated version of our corporate strategy Three overarching strategic goals Financial excellence Customer Focus Safety and Security CUS represents an enormous potential revenue opportunity Location Unused space Potential for improvement of existing space

4 Crossroads of the system
The importance of CUS Crossroads of the system 56 daily Amtrak trains 350 weekday Metra trains Every LD train west of the Appalachians, except the Coast Starlight 4th largest Amtrak station on ridership basis 3.2 million Amtrak 31 million Metra Any property with this much traffic represents a major development opportunity

5 Chicago Union Station Master Plan
Master planning process led by CDOT, in close cooperation with Amtrak and Metra Identify & assess near-, medium-, and long-term station improvements to encourage and accommodate growth Three City-led near-term improvements to be built in : Central Loop Bus Rapid Transit (CLBRT) Union Station Transit Center (USTC) Opportunities for innovative and economical capacity expansion in the medium-term (5-10 year horizon)

6 Amtrak’s Main Entrance
Near Term Projects Bird’s Eye View, facing northwest CANAL STREET JACKSON BLVD Union Station Transit Center Central Loop Bus Rapid Transit WASHINGTON MADISON CLINTON CANAL MICHIGAN Legend New dedicated bus lanes Bus routes feeding bus lanes New protected bike lanes New BRT stations UNION STATION USTC RANDOLPH Amtrak’s Main Entrance CANAL STREET JACKSON BLVD

7 Innovative Capacity Expansion (medium term)
Unused Baggage Platform Widened Commuter Platform Reconfigure concourse Widen commuter platforms and add direct street access Repurpose mail platforms for passenger use Create capability to through- route some intercity trains Old steam tunnel passageway and basement, repurposed for passenger use

8 Create the capability to through-route some intercity trains
UNION STATION Great Hall Chicago’s intercity passenger train network Through tracks could allow passenger rail connections to O’Hare and points beyond Old Mail Platforms Repurposed for Passenger Use Improved Through Tracks

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