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Celebrating our success Dr Jon Hunt, Deputy Director of RDSO.

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1 Celebrating our success Dr Jon Hunt, Deputy Director of RDSO

2 A successful year for the University so far Over £32.5M awarded via 233 grants Biggest funder still EPSRC (£17M) EU commission £4.6M (compared to £3.8M for whole of last year) UK industry currently at £1.8M (exc. £2.7M from WW) (compared to £4M for whole of last year) 12 awards above £500k, 4 above £1M (RD&C, e.g. Raithby, WW, ESRC...)

3 Research volume QR~£17M + ext fund ~£27M = Research £44M income pa University of Bath income 2012: £196M QR

4 Threats Pressures leading to reduction in overall research funding: Post-REF: o QR income reduction, maybe up to 25% (£4M) o External income need to maintain or grow Increased focus on critical mass investments CSR 2015 will question Research Council budgets Charities have less funding due to recession Alliances between universities, e.g. N8, M5 and SES5

5 Strengths Good reputation: funders Excellent outputs recognised by HEFCE Pockets of critical mass Strongly collaborative culture Strategic partner with EPSRC (our major funder)

6 Weaknesses Unbalanced portfolio Capacity: Burn out Pockets of experience with European funding Very little funding from other Research Councils Limited business investments Pathways to impact not taken seriously

7 Opportunities Funders still open for business – Research Councils and TSB – Europe: ERC, Marie Curie, Collaborative R&D, InterReg (inter-regional network grants) – Charities – Industry How do we widen the pool of grant holders? How to strengthen relationships with industry?

8 What’s my plan? ADRs: priorities e.g. centres & institutes Get into Europe – ERC – InterReg (inter-regional networking grants) – Marie Curie fellowships – Lobbying for priority areas (in H2020) Treat pathways to impact plan as value chains to build relations to secure future business income Network with other HEIs to access non-EPSRC funds ECR program (currently H&SS) Support for ‘calls for proposals’ and institutional bids

9 Our help We’re here to help (Research Development): Dr Caroline Ang Dr Gareth Buchanan Dr Susie Douglas Dr Alison Evans Dr Jon Hunt Sarah Jones

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