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100 Years Uniting the World 1914-2014 By: Aura Palacio.

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1 100 Years Uniting the World 1914-2014 By: Aura Palacio


3 In 1880, the French attempted to construct a waterway pass across the Isthmus but failed mainly because the very sick and dead among the French employees on the Isthmus.

4  Colombia rejected United States plans to build a canal across the Isthmus of Panama leading later a revolution where Panama became a Republic in 1903.

5  It is estimated that over 80,000 persons took part in the construction and that over 30,000 lives were lost in both French and American efforts. U.S President Theodore Roosevelt Visiting the canal construction site.

6  The building of the Panama Canal took 34 years from the initial effort in 1880 to actually opening the canal in 1914. The building of the canal is considered one of the greatest engineering triumphs in history.

7 Initially, for military purposes Save money Transport goods faster Quick access to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans

8 Traveling from Atlantic to Pacific, ships navigated around Cape Horn, the treacherous southern extremity of South America. A New York to San Francisco journey measured some 13,000 miles and took months.


10 It is a three sets lock system Lifts a ship up 85 feet to the ocean and down again It has a total of six steps (three up, three down) The total length of the lock structure, is over 1.9 miles

11 There are two independent transit lanes (each lock is built double) Double lanes allows ships to pass in opposite directions at the same time (large ships pass in one direction only) Each lock chamber requires 26,700,000 US gal of water to fill it from the lowered to the raised position. The same amount of water must be drained again Water is moved by gravity and is controlled by big valves Chamber can be filled in eight minutes

12 The gates of the lakes are doubled for safety. Ships are guided by electric locomotives as an important safety feature

13 ma%20canal%20&FORM=BVLH1#view=detai l&mid=5AE0FB63473FC7EEA69D5AE0FB63 473FC7EEA69D

14  The Panama Canal expansion project (also called the Third Set of Locks Project) will double the capacity of the Panama Canal by 2015 by creating a new lane of traffic and allowing more and larger ships to transit.Panama Canal  The project will:  Build two new locks, one each on the Atlantic and Pacific sides. Each will have three chambers with water-saving basins.locks  Excavate new channels to the new locks.  Widen and deepen existing channels.  Raise the maximum operating level of Gatun Lake. [1]Gatun Lake [1]  (

15   locks locks  3%A1 3%A1  ntas-frecuentes/ ntas-frecuentes/  panama-canal-great-powerpoint panama-canal-great-powerpoint

16 na&FORM=VIRE3&adlt=strict#view=detail&mid=AB4707652BC20A BF922BAB4707652BC20ABF922B

17  Objective(s):  Learn how to plan a vacation to the Panama Canal  Know the geography of the Caribbean Islands  Know the history of the Panama Canal  Materials:  White paper (passports)  Stapler  Glue  Stamp  Flags (countries to be visited)  Decals or stamps  Color paper to label  Panama canal map (please enlarge for a better view)  Caribbean map (enlarge for a better view)

18  Methodology:  Students create a ship(identify the ship with a flag) and a passport for their imaginary trip (student must be creative)  After presenting students the facts about the Panama Canal operation and the geography of the Caribbean Islands, students are ready for the imaginary trip.  Use the Panama Canal map to guide them to the Cuenca (Chagres river, Gatun, Alajuela lake, and explain them that it is the main water supplier for the city as well as the water used to operate the canal. Let students use their ship and stop there.  Now point to the locks and explain them that each ship has to cross the Gatun lock, the Miraflores lock and the Pedro Miguel in about 8-10 hours. Allow the students to move to the locks with their ship.  Students are ready to view different ships that cross the canal every day. Students take turn to place their ship from different countries on the map.  Let students share their experience/write a reflection

19  Basic Information (Refer to these websites)  1913/panama-canal 1913/panama-canal  ofinterest/a/panamacanal.htm ofinterest/a/panamacanal.htm  /features/general-article/tr-panama/ /features/general-article/tr-panama/  0Plan%20Panama%20Canal.pdf



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