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Health Business Services Business Success with HSE.

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1 Health Business Services Business Success with HSE

2 RCSI Hospitals Group (Dublin North East) Dublin Midlands Hospitals Group Academic Partner TCD Ireland East Hospitals Group Academic Partner: UCD South/South West Hospitals Group Academic Partner: UCC West / North West Hospitals Group Academic Partner: NUIG University of Limerick Hospitals Children's Hospital Group Academic Partner: All 1. - INTRODUCTION

3 1. - ISA Review & Community Healthcare Organisations

4 HBS organisation structure 2. – HBS Structure HRProcurement

5 Health Sectio n 38 Sectio n 39 OGPHPSGHSE Health Customers 2. – HBS Structure

6 3. – ONE VOICE FOR HEALTH ‘One Voice’ concept extends beyond sourcing to include logistics, business support and programme management.

7 4. – Sourcing / Contracts Sourcing Head of Health Sourcing MSPMDEMPSNHC MSP – Medical Surgical & Pharma MDE – Medical Devices & Equipment MPS – Medical Professional Services NHC – Non-Health Categories - ( Health specific / strategic requirements that fall within the expenditure categories that are generally targeted to be led by the OGP / Other Sectors)

8 Sourcing MSP Community Funded Schemes Medical Devices & Care Products Pharma MDE PPI Surgical Devices & Implants Medical Device Equipment and Diagnostics Capital Project Equipping Services MPS eHealth Health HR and Professional services External Health Services NHC Sustainability in Health Assisted Sourcing Service / Spot Buy Transition to OGP / NDC 4. – Sourcing / Contracts

9 Sourcing As a general principle, the guidance sets out positive measures that buyers will take to promote SME involvement in public sector procurement. Market Analysis - to understand the range of goods and services on offer, market developments and innovation, what commercial models are available, the competitive landscape, and the specific capabilities of SMEs etc. Sub-dividing Contracts into Lots - Lots may be also decided on a geographic basis, a work package basis, an internal organisation structure basis, etc. Consortium Bids - SMEs are encouraged to consider using consortia where they are not of sufficient scale to tender in their own right. “Open” Tendering - Use of open tendering for contracts below €134,000 (exclusive of VAT) in the case of advertised contracts for general goods and services. Positive measures to promote SME involvement 4. – Sourcing / Contracts

10 NDC & Regional Hubs Consolidation of fragmented stores infrastructure into a National Distribution Centre (NDC) distributing to 9 Hubs Increase level of management of stock at point of use (POU) Implementation of appropriate supply channels Enabling information systems and infrastructure Logistics & Inventory Management 5. – Logistics / NDC

11 Logistics & Inventory Management 1.Continue effective management of service delivery – 1,000 physical deliveries per day – 2,500 direct deliveries per day – 400,000 square feet of storage – 274 POU locations (€50m) – 90,000 sku’s (3,000) – Health Procurement NDC gives local suppliers / SME access to national distribution. – New Technology (Voice technology – national procurement award winner; NDC SAP) 5. – Logistics / NDC

12 Tendering Register on It is free to register your business and all HBS Procurement contract for goods and services over €25,000 and all contracts for works over €50,000 are advertised there. A guide to registering with eTenders is available here: Find out about contracts. 6. – Tips for Public Sector Tendering If your business is targeting a specific sector contact the appropriate Assistant Head of Portfolio & Category Management (P&CM), alternatively contact the Programme Management Office (PMO) for further information. Contact the right people.

13 Tendering As a European business you can tender for the award of contracts in other European Member States - visit the EU Contracts and Tenders database ( on the EU website or Tenders Electronic Daily ( and eSourcing NI ( for further details. Widen your search. 6. – Tips for Public Sector Tendering Tendering is not an onerous and complex task. Many tender applications can be very straight-forward and painless – some can be as simple as providing a quote. Don't be put off by the paperwork.

14 Tendering When providing a tender response, ensure that you demonstrate and describe how you can fulfil the contract in your tender application. Contracts are awarded using the MEAT criteria – Most Economically Advantageous Tender, which aims to strike an appropriate balance between price and quality. Don’t be shy. 6. – Tips for Public Sector Tendering If there is a deadline – stick to it and provide all the mandatory material for your tender. Late tenders will not be accepted by the contracting authority – this is to protect the integrity of the process. Follow the rules and read carefully.

15 Tendering A supplier is entitled to ask questions relating to the tendering process at any time. During a tendering process you are also entitled to have any queries addressed, though a generic form of your question, and the response, has to be provided to all other parties in the process. Seek advice. 6. – Tips for Public Sector Tendering Ensure all requested information is attached and that the Pricing Schedule is complete. Provide sufficient information under each Criterion. Remember, the weighting of a Criterion is indicative of how important it is. Checklist.

16 Thank You For Queries: PROCUREMENT.INFO@HSE.IE

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