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Kim Yang Hee ESL Teacher’s Portfolio 1. This portfolio demonstrates: Introduction About me As a coordinator As a teacher 2.

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1 Kim Yang Hee ESL Teacher’s Portfolio 1

2 This portfolio demonstrates: Introduction About me As a coordinator As a teacher 2

3 Table of Contents 1. All about me - Resume - Teaching Philosophy 2. Me as a coordinator - Introduce My School Camp 3. Me as a teacher - Teaching young learners -Teaching adults (University students) - Reflective Journal - Action Research 4. Supporting Documents 3

4 Mar. 1991~Feb. 1995 Bachelor in English Literature Hanyang University Sep. 2007~Present MA in TESOL Sookmyung Women's University Mar. 2002~Present Coordinating curriculum as well as teaching basic reading & writing skills for young learners Shinkwang Elementary School Mar. 2000~Feb. 2002 Teaching speaking skills for elementary school student Choongarm Elementary school Mar. 1999~Feb. 2000 Teaching reading & grammar skills for high school student Airport High school Mar. 1995~Feb.1 999 Scheduling & Organizing meeting as a secretary Hyundai Motor Company 1.1 Resume Kim Yang Hee eMail : 101-904 Junganghights, Jeungsan-dong, Eunpyeung-gu Seoul, South Korea Res:02-305-3465 Cell: 010-4742-7189 EMPOLYMENT EDUCATION 4

5 2006 Fun Activity for School English Camp in summer and winter 2007 Fun Activity / Fun Subject for School English Camp in summer and winter ~2009 My Friend English for English diary in Shinkwang Elementary school Aug. 2000 Teaching speaking skills in English Camp Hanyang Elementray School June 2000~July 2000 Designing curriculum for Junior English Camp as a coordinator ELC Cooperation Nov. 2000~Dec. 2000 Teaching & Management English Camp as a head teacher Myung-gi University Mar. 2001~ Present Designing curriculum & management English Camp Teaching reading skills Shinkwang Elementary School Sep. 2009 Multimedia assisted test of English rater certification Sookmyung Women's University Mar. 2007 TESOL certificate Sookmyung Women's University Mar. 1995 2 nd rank Teacher's license for middle, high school student Hanyang University PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE CERTIFICATE PUBLICATIONS 5

6 1.2 Teaching Philosophy Teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) has different approaches from teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) totally. Even in the same EFL situation lot of different contexts demand language teachers for various approaches depended on the learners’ proficiency level. In my point of view teaching English should focus on the communicative competence of learners through the various tasks. Also teaching English should be going on integrating with their subjects which are taught in their school. This process provides teachers with widen their knowledge of curriculum through understanding their texts, students and contexts. Providing teachers with widen their knowledge Integrating with learner’s subjects Building Communicative Competence 6

7 2. Me as a Coordinator ( My School Camp) Contents Based Subject MathScienceDrama A. Main Subject Curriculum 7

8 B. Activities Focus on various activities CookField TripMagic class Market Day Sports Arts & Crafts 8

9 C. Photographs for 2009 Summer Camp Subject class Active Math Class Science Class Drama Class 9

10 C. Photographs for 2009 summer camp Activity Class Cook Class Mini Olympic 10

11 3-1. Me as a teacher Teaching Young Learners facilitator meaningful setting cooperative working Open class 11

12 Where : Sookmyung Women’s University When : Wednesdays 2 nd semester 2009 Course : GEP II Class 3-2. Me as a teacher Teaching adults (University students) 12

13 Sample Lesson Week 14 Theme : Shopping Content - Form: controlling tone with modals - Functions: persuasive essay Objectives: - At the end of the class, students are able to write persuasive advertisement essay about mobile phone 13

14 Whole class schedule week 14 1 st session : Focus on linguistic skills 1. Homework checking 2. Pop-up Quiz 3. Sentence Relay 2 nd session : Focus on functional skills 4. Analyze elements of persuasion 5. Brainstorming for information 6. Pre-writing 7. Revising and Presentation14

15 Sample Activity Activity4 Warm-up : Analyze of a persuasion (20m) Goal : Students will be able to analyze what strategies they have to use to persuade someone with convince Materials :PPT, worksheet Procedure Students are to bring example of a persuasive piece from the newspaper, television, radio, magazine or billboards around town. (post on homework board) Check Persuasion is All Around You handout with their persuasive piece personally. – Appendix 2 15

16 Appendix 2 Ask students to share their example piece in groups and choose the best persuasive one. Explain the persuasive strategy to use PPT slide – Appendix 3 Analyze how students’ example piece in groups. – Appendix 4 Ask students revisit their persuasive piece and choose one to use Check the Strategies handout in pairs – Appendix 5 16

17 Appendix 3 Appendix 5 17

18 The group 3 had a charge of the 6th class whose goal is to write a story in narrative paragraphs to use past verbs and linking words effectively such as transitional words with the theme of movie. This time want to talk about the flow of activities, and students' products focused on the goal of the lesson. There were 6 well-organized activities to help to complete the narrative paragraphs step by step. The class leaders managed those activities well with a clear direction mostly within the allowed time. Each activity supported the next one which more extended than the previous one. Also the class leaders arranged activities depended upon students‘ Movement properly. For example students needed to stand and walk around slightly in activity 1 and 3 before the break time. After break students ran to the other classroom to find the strips of sentences in activity 4 which a group couldn't find though. In the last activity students performed as an actor or actress where students looked exciting. Like this most of activities flew naturally with the goal. Students were required many different skills and roles through this class. They needed to express their own idea about the movie and describe it in verbal at the beginning of the class. After activity 1 most activities were more focused on the writing skills with more creative thinking idea. For the last project, which was to be a narrator or actor, class leaders explained what the narrative paragraphs were. That gave students and siblings very useful to write the narrative ones. Even if students' product like a story of commercial, cartoon story and movie synopsis were definitely improved through it, most students' product were done by siblings' help in my group because of the lack of vocabulary and time limit. So I really want to know how much other siblings help their group's writing directly. It means you make almost sentences in verbal and they just dictate sentences mostly. Reflective Journal 18

19 The purpose of this action research was to investigate the effectiveness of peer feedback on writing ability of making good topic sentences. The findings of the study showed that peer feedback does not effect on their accuracy, but on fluency. Students might benefit from the peer feedback in terms of noticing what are necessary for good writing topic sentences. So it had a positive effect on both high- and low-proficient GEP students’ writing performance in terms of overall essay quality even though there was no significant effect on accuracy for either the high- or low- proficient students. Another finding is that students had difficulty in giving peer feedback accurately because they had not enough time to evaluate peers’ product. It shows that students need more time to give feedback, so it could be one suggestion to do this job as homework. Even though feedback is highly valued by teachers and students, it is true the feedback from teachers is limited. That is why many other feedbacks are suggested. Saito and Fujita (2004) comment that there is a persistent belief among teachers that students are incapable of rating peers because of their lack of language ability, skill and experience (p. 48).Unfortunately, it was true according to the results. However, I expect that there might have been different results if they had had enough time to review. Berg’s (1999) study of ESL classes in the USA also confirms the effectiveness of peer feedback as a means of aiding writing development, though it was beyond the scope of this study to compare the impact of peer and teacher feedback. Action Research Topic : The effective of peer feedback on students’ good writing topic sentences 19

20 4.Supporting Documents 1. 2 nd rank Teacher’s license for middle & high school students 2. TESOL certificate 20

21 3. Literature bachelor certificate 4. Multimedia Assisted Test of English rater certificate 21

22 5. Publications 22

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