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Taves an Tir A presentation to the Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek AGM 7/2/2015.

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1 Taves an Tir A presentation to the Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek AGM 7/2/2015

2 The outline plan of the project Taves an Tir (the tongue of the land) is a project run by Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek and delivered by the Project Officer and the Project Management team. The project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek, MAGA, Kesva an Taves Kernewek, the Cornwall Heritage Trust, the Carew-Pole Trust, Lanivet Parish Council, Penzance Town Council and Redruth Town Council. The project partners are our community volunteers, the Cornish Language Place-name and Signage Panel, Maga, Kesva an Taves Kernewek, Cornwall Records Office (CRO) and the Cornwall and Scilly Historic Environment Records Service (HERS).

3 The aim of the project The aim of Taves an Tir is to provoke community engagement in the Cornish language and its history and heritage. This is achieved through community events in the three areas: Lanivet parish, Heamoor and environs and Tolgus (Redruth). The aim of the events is to widen community knowledge and engagement in the Cornish language. The events are used to recruit volunteers, who receive training from the CRO and HERS; they then investigate place names in the community. The Signage Panel works with the project officer, the volunteer co- ordinator and volunteers in researching place names and family names.

4 The first Lanivet stage The initial stage comprised 3 events: an evening with the Cornish language community, a pub quiz and a seminar. In this stage we recruited 7 volunteers. These events also helped us to get out and about in the Lanivet community and build the profile of the language and Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek.

5 Training stage We helped to deliver training to the volunteers with the aid of the Cornwall Records Office and the Historic Environment and Records Service. Volunteers were shown how to investigate some of the online resources such as Cornwall Council’s interactive mapping service and the Heritage Gateway website. They were shown around the archives, the original tithe map for Lanivet (pictured) and other language and historical resources.

6 The work of the volunteers The area was divided into 20 parcels all with a central settlement. We were very keen that volunteers followed their own passions and did the work they wanted to do. This resulted in a lot of diversity in the focus of the volunteers; this was encouraged. In order to complete a fuller picture experts were called upon to fill in some of the gaps.


8 Some examples of the volunteers’ work Andrea:

9 Mike Lanivet milestone Ancient cross LamorickWayside cross Withiel

10 Ruth

11 Sarah

12 Interpreting the findings: the work of the signage panel In total, the project brought together 800 words, place names, mine names, house names and personal names from the Lanivet parish. These were passed on to Nev Meek (chair) for him to discuss with the signage panel. These were discussed at the last public event in Lanivet. The findings from this stage of the project, are currently being drafted into a booklet and will be published in the coming months with an accompanying CD.

13 Taves an Tir and press coverage  The project has featured four times on BBC Radio Cornwall.  Pieces in the Western Morning News, the Cornish Guardian, the Cornishman and the West Briton.  Featured on the websites of Maga, Gorsedh Kernow, FOCS, Bewnans Kernow, Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek and on a Radyo an Gernewegva podcast and online write-up.

14 Heamoor The project will follow the same format as the Lanivet stage. Already held a music event with the Cornish language community. Pub quiz planned for the 17 th of February in the British Legion Heamoor. Cornish language seminar/ talk planned later this month.

15 Outputs of the project Booklets detailing the findings of the project volunteers in every area. Accompanying CDs to be distributed to local groups such as schools, local councils and other interested parties. A selection of this content to be uploaded to the Kowethas website and social media channels. A schools pack to be produced by Maga giving teachers a tool box of place and family name material. Maps from each of the areas. An exhibition tour and talks to museums and community venues.

16 Conclusions Taves an Tir is an important project for the Kowethas and the wider Cornish language movement; it will be an exemplar of the language. The success of the project is important both for Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek and the wider Cornish language movement.


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