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SIMTOWER Can you Build BIG?. Slow Down! Take it OFF Fast Mode!

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1 SIMTOWER Can you Build BIG?

2 Slow Down! Take it OFF Fast Mode!

3 The Original Box Art

4 Daily Schedule 5:00AM : Dawn. 6:30AM : Hotel guests begin to check out, continues until noon. 7:00AM : Garbage pickup. 9:00AM : Workday begins (Offices open.) 10:00AM : Shops and Fast Food open. 12:00PM - 1:00PM : Lunch hour. 1:00PM - 4:00PM : Movie runs in the theaters. 5:00PM : Offices begin to close. Restaurants open. Income from Party Halls. 5:00PM - 8:00PM : Movie runs in the theaters. 6:00PM : Dusk. 8:00PM : Movie Theaters close. Income from Movie Theaters. 9:00PM : Shops and Fast Food close. Income from Fast Food. 11:00PM : Restaurants close. Income from Restaurants.

5 Understand the Icons! Bulldozer – demolish rooms Pointer – “select” tool Information tool – use to get info and change the names, etc. for rooms. Lobby Elevator Office Condo – living space Food Place

6 Build a Lobby Choose the Lobby icon, then click and drag to build the main floor/lobby

7 Double and TRIPLE Lobbies! Hold CTRL to create a 2-story lobby. Hold CTRL + SHIFT to create a 3-story lobby!

8 Add an elevator! Place it IN the lobby (motors are above and below) and stretch it up a few floors. You can widen the lobby later.

9 Elevator Placement The top elevator motor must be above where people need to step off of the elevator.

10 Build Commercial Above Lobby People won’t mind going up a few floors to eat lunch or get a coffee so build commercial (fast food for now) right above the lobby.

11 Build only condos until you have 3-4 million dollars in the bank. Condos cost $80,000 but make you money right away when you sell them for $150,000.

12 Using the INFO tool Elevators WD = week day schedule WE = weekend schedule You can control how long an elevator waits before departing

13 Tower Info Info click on the lobby and you get this: Total annual income Income by rental space Total maintenance costs Maintenance cost by category # of visits to each shop TOTAL BALANCE

14 Fast Food Info # of visitors Yesterday’s profit Summary of business You can customize the NAME of the shop too!

15 Condo Info Customize the name of each condo if you want Evaluation of how clean the room is See if the condo has sold and is occupied.

16 More on Condos If you click the INFO icon on one of the people living in the condo, you can customize their name! If you catch the condo before it is sold, you can change the selling price!

17 Sky Lobbies Stop building at the 14 th floor. Build another lobby (a “sky lobby”) on the 15 th floor. As before, build fast food directly above it.

18 Need a Lift? Once you see an “F” in your elevator, it means it is too FULL to move everyone. Add additional elevators to the shaft. Eight (8) is a good number.

19 Now What? Once you have made 3-4 million dollars (Condos sell about as fast as you can build them!), you need some regular weekly and monthly income. Build offices! Before they are rented, you can adjust the rent price. These will not rent as fast as condos so be patient.

20 Evaluation

21 Pricing I lowered the price of this unit to rent it fast. This shows it is underpriced and I could raise the rent!

22 Star Ratings At 300 population you earn “C”. At 1,000 population and more than one security office you and a “B”. At 5,000 population and more than one hotel suite, VIP approval, recycling, and if all medical and parking requirements are met, you earn and a “A”. At 10,000 population and a metro station, you earn and an “A+”. When you have built a cathedral and had a wedding occur inside, and a population of 15,000, you earn the title of official “TOWER” and 10 pts. extra credit! Cathedrals can only be built on the 100 th floor!

23 Miscellaneous TIPS Until you reach 3 stars do not build past the 15 th floor. Just widen your tower. At 4 stars you need to build a metro station. Nothing will build below this so build it deep underground and build stores nearby so those getting off the busses down there will spend money. Have one express elevator for every 15 floors (lobby to lobby quickly)

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