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“Counting on our Future” Kent & Medway Maths Hub.

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1 “Counting on our Future” Kent & Medway Maths Hub

2 “Counting on our Future” Presentation Team Dr Gary Holden CEO The Williamson Trust, NLE, Regional Teaching School Representative (SE region), Singapore Maths Exchange participant (2014/15) Mr Justin Dodd Assistant Headteacher, Highworth School for Girls, SLE (Singapore Maths Exchange participant (January 2014) Mrs Kate Wilson Director, The Medway Teaching School Alliance

3 “Counting on our Future” A buzz of excitement Our vision is that all children will be: Confident and successful mathematicians who can use maths in their own lives Inspired by the creativity and power of mathematics Active contributors to the global society and economy

4 “Counting on our Future” Making it happen in our region To achieve our vision we will focus on: 1.The systematic development of a mastery curriculum 2.Coherent professional development for teachers and strategic recruitment of new teachers 3.Building a sustainable and deep regional partnership through which our vision can be shared and implemented Mastery requires both the possession of ready knowledge and the conceptual understanding of how to use it.” Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning (2014)

5 “Counting on our Future” The essence of deeper learning is changing the manner in which we work with young people. A mastery curriculum

6 “Counting on our Future” Curricula that support starting from conceptual understanding, then developing procedural fluency……frequently use multiple representations Pedagogy

7 “Counting on our Future” Visible projects Engage, Inform, Unify Key Stage 2/3 transition Assessment without levels Primary phase use of manipulatives Maths Roadshows Undergraduate ambassador programme Parental engagement Post-16 engagement for success

8 “Counting on our Future” Professional development There are 3 parts to our strategy for professional development: Teacher recruitment Subject leadership development Peer to peer learning All of them located within a coherent framework which develops teachers from initial training to senior leadership roles. ITTNQTNQT+1Middle leader Senior leader

9 “Counting on our Future” A strategy for teacher recruitment ITTNQTNQT+1Middle leader Senior leader Raise awareness and aspiration to teach maths Initial Teacher Training Post-Qualification conversion programmes

10 “Counting on our Future” A coherent framework for subject leadership Systematic strategies for talent identification and nurturing Pathways for subject leadership development from NQT onwards System leadership pathways ITTNQTNQT+1Middle leader Senior leader

11 “Counting on our Future” A professional learning community Disciplined innovation – identify, test, evaluate, refine Professional learning networks and innovation hubs Models for whole-school enquiry-led CPD Strategies to enable collaborative planning and review, including use of technology ITTNQTNQT+1Middle leader Senior leader

12 “Counting on our Future” An Inclusive Partnership

13 “Counting on our Future” Effective Hub Leadership and Governance Strategic Board / Senior Leadership Team North Kent SE KentMid-KentEast KentMedway West Kent North West Kent Strategic Board Senior Leadership Team Area Centres for delivery A coherent methodology for robust evaluation

14 “Counting on our Future”

15 “Effective leaders help others to understand the necessity of change and to accept a common vision of the desired outcome”

16 “Counting on our Future” System wide improvement through collaboration We will focus relentlessly on the shared goal of improving outcomes for children and young people We will target and prioritise our work where it is most needed We will draw on the outstanding practitioners in our school and our partner organisations to inspire teachers We will harness the amazing practice in our region and extend it, widen access to it

17 “Counting on our Future”

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