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Centre for Global Eco-Innovation Sharing Innovative Solutions in Climate change mitigation in Africa Tim Clarke, Lagos, April 21st 2015.

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1 Centre for Global Eco-Innovation Sharing Innovative Solutions in Climate change mitigation in Africa Tim Clarke, Lagos, April 21st 2015

2 What a joy to return to Nigeria ! My Nigerian ‘Credentials’. Bespoke Nigerian tailoring

3 Running a fund-raising raffle in Addis With H.E Olusegun Akinsanya

4 Are Africans Innovators ?  Is there a culture of Innovation in Africa ?  Are African Innovators known and respected, both in Africa and elsewhere ?  Is there an African Silicon Valley ?  How important is Innovation to addressing Climate change issues ?  Should Africa have continental and regional Centres for Eco- Innovation ?  Should Africa have a Commissioner for Climate Change ?

5 World’s best known innovators: Steve Jobs, APPLE

6 Bill Gates Microsoft

7 Henry Cort A Lancastrian who invented puddled iron in 1783

8 Sir James Dyson ’We must relentlessly invent’’ £1.5 Billion campus at Malmesbury, UK 3,000 jobs, Nov 2014. First bagless vacuum cleaner after 5,127 prototypes over 5 years

9 African Innovators Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Nigerian author

10 African Innovators William Kamkwamba 14yr old Malawian

11 African Innovators Arthur Zang – Cameroonian. ROLEX Award

12 African Innovation HeroRats De-mining in Mozambique

13 African Innovation M KOPA Kenya with Safaricom

14 Global Patents : Where is Africa ?

15 Global Clean Tech : No data for Africa

16 Where is Africa’s Silicon Valley ?

17 France’s Silicon Valley Sophia Antipolis

18 New Vision for cities: Gröningen NL 190,000 people, 100 % Renewable by 2035, 75 Businesses

19  96 % of African agriculture is dependent upon rainfall  80 % of Africa’s population live in rural areas  90 % Natural disasters are Climate-related  94 % domestic energy needs come from biomass (firewood) in countries like Tanzania  50 % Africans live in areas without adequate water – 800 million people by 2025  African Urban pollution ‘exploding’ Africa’s Climate Change challenges

20  Are current efforts adequate ?  Are the policies right ?  Are adequate resources being devoted to the issue?  Where is change working ? Africa’s Climate Change challenges

21  Continental Policy level: AUC, AfDB, UN ECA. ClimDev  National level : Botswana, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Ghana  Local level: Ecovillages in Tanzania, Senegal Africa’s Climate Change challenges; Responses

22 Does Africa Innovate on Climate Change ? AU Draft Strategy on Climate Change

23 AU Commissioner Dr Martial De-Paul Ikounga Human Resources, Science and Technology

24 African Union Climate Change Priorities  4 Strategic priorities covering:  Governance  Research, Information, Awareness raising  Integrate Climate change into Planning Process  National/Regional/International Co-operation

25 AU Strategic objectives  Make African Universities Centres of Excellence  Mobilise and widen the involvement of..the private sector, civil society, parliamentarians and the Diaspora  Forge strong, strategic partnerships and collaboration at bilateral and multilateral levels essential for jointly shared global challenges, driven by shared values and policy objectives …to deliver impact on the ground

26 ‘On the wings of Innovation’ New African strategy up to 2024 (Dec 2014)

27 David Kaberuka African Development Bank President ‘ investing in people-centred innovation is essential to Africa’s development’

28 New African Human Capital Strategy AfDB Report May 2014

29 UNEP African Green Economy Report

30 African Green Economy initiatives Nigeria…. ? Lagos Climate Change Policy ?

31 UNEP Exec Director Achim Steiner March 2015

32 Successful innovation in Africa Botswana’s Eco-Innovation Centre

33 Special Economic Zone Kigali, Rwanda Green Economy incentives

34 Lagos’ own Eko Atlantic…

35 New African Ecovillage Initiatives Launching Chololo EcoVillage, Tanzania

36 Public buildings should harvest rainwater School harvesting rainwater in Chololo

37 One million seedlings planted Pemba EcoVillage, Zanzibar

38 Making fuel from waste Pemba EcoVillage. Women making briquettes

39 Women SMEs selling briquettes Pemba Eco Village

40 Biogas works ! SNV Biogas project. Target 500,000. 94 % energy from Biomass.

41 Does Africa Innovate ? Mbacombel EcoVillage Senegal. GEF 2008. Population 1,000

42 Senegal leading the world Mbacombel means ‘Baobab with delicious fruit’ in Sérère

43 New drought resistant crops Mbacombel Ecovillage Senegal.

44 European Commissioner Moedas Research and Innovation

45 Europe: Circular Economy New policy expected Octover 2015

46 Europe: Go for Zero Waste

47 How it’s being approached in the EU  EU as an Innovation Union. Annual EU Innovation summit  Horizon 2020 – 3 x previous Budget. € 80 Billion. Plus € 40 Billion in Regional funds for Low Carbon Economy  Regional Innovation Strategies (5). Annual Innovation report  Create Innovation Partnerships and Regional Excellence Strategies. New initiative on the Circular Economy  European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT), Budapest, Hungary. Started in 2010. Budget: € 400 million to € 2.6 Billion in 4 years ( x 6 )  ‘we should strive to raise up the next generation of young, talented and dynamic scientists, researchers and innovators…only when we astonish ourselves are we on the right track’.. Commissioner Moedas

48 Mobilising a powerful movement for economic reform Oliver.greenfield@greeneconomyco

49 What are others doing ? Stanford University 41,000 companies, 5 million jobs, $2.7 Trillion/yr

50 African leadership at the Global level?  African nations as drivers of the Green Economy:  South African planning to save 250 Billion tonnes of water by 2030,  Ethiopia planning to create 60 million Green jobs,  Senegal planning to convert 14,000 rural villages into Eco Villages).  Invest in eco-innovation and regional eco-innovation hubs, build excellence in Universities, create synergies between Government, SMEs, CSOs.  Deepen partnerships, twinning.  Set ambitious but realistic goals : Zanzibar target of 100 % renewable energy. Why not ?

51 Climate - friendly transport solution: Solar-powered camel.

52 Some Conclusions  Africa has already set hugely challenging Climate Change goals and policies.  This Summit comes at a time when Lagos, and Nigeria, can show true leadership on the Climate Change agenda, as it did in adopting a defining the continent’s Lagos Plan of Action in April 1980, 35 years ago  Africa and its peoples are destined to suffer more than other continents from Climate change, whilst bearing none of the responsibility. Show courage and political leadership. Demonstrate how African wisdom will find solutions.

53 Future vision

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