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Butch Dimovitz CBC High School Defensive Coordinator (314) Ext 4031

Liability Standpoint EVERYDAY! Summer and Early In Season-15 minutes everyday In Season, multitask with footwork drills

3 Why the 3-4? We were a 4-3 in 2005 (My First Year)
Didn’t have the horses, and had a lot of athletic yet undersized guys HYBRID GUYS Visited with Coach Naegle from Lindenwood Univeristy and Coach Rice

4 GAME GOALS (2011) Win the game (13)
Allow 7 points or less (15 ppg, 7, 3 Shutouts) < 100 yds. Rushing (108 yd/gm, 6 under 100 yds) < 150 yds Passing (119 yd/gm, 7 under 100 yds) Big Hit (2 coaches must agree) Cause a big play (rushed throw, Caused Fumble, etc) +3 Turnover Ratio (4, 1:1) 4th Down, Goal line Stand (5) <=30% Third Down Proficiency by offense (22.15% Season)

5 Defensive Line, What do we look for?
Physical Attributes GREAT Feet Good Understanding of Leverage Good With Hands Good With Contact Good Multi-tasker Intangible Attributes Effort and Motor Unselfish Pride and Ownership

6 Linebacker Traits Inside Linebacker (Sam and Mike) Outside Linebacker
(Will and Rover) Good Reader Good in Two Directions Smart QB of the Run Game Aligning and Situations Bread and Butter Runs Speed and Strength Speed, Strength, Speed Converted Safety types Good Man Coverage Must be able to play close to LOS Good in space

7 Defensive Line Stance and Starts Alignment Feet to Head Method
First Step Second Step Head Up Players Choice FAST and FEEL Visual Key Feel

8 Linebackers Alignment and Stance
Inside Linebackers Outside Linebackers Stance Heels at 5 Head up on OG to begin (20s) First Step Stance 2x2 off OT or Split Distance (Formation) Rover- 6 or 7 Tech (Depends on TE) First Steps

9 Inside Backer Reads and Rules
Guard to my Side Out, In, Pull Pass Pro Angle of The Guard Opposite Guard and Backfield Flow Play to Me, Play Away Windows and Grass Hip Read and Tackle Get there in a hurry with a bad attitude

10 Outside Linebacker Reads and Keys
Tight End or Tackle nearest me Looking for high hat, low hat key Backfield action/nearest back Typically contain players Rover can become a spill player depending on the front.

11 REACH or Fast Flow Defensive Line Play Outside Movement-Punch Inside Hand to Outside Shoulder Inside Movement- Plant, Redirect and cross the face of O Lineman Turn and Sprint Flat

12 Reach or Fast Flow Inside Backers Outside Backers Front Side Backside
Out Step (Angle) Reach Rule Look for window, hip of the ball carrier Backside In Step (angle) or pull Front Side Read TE/T nearest Set the edge and widen the D gap If reached, stay reached Backside Press the LOS looking for cutback Stay home for reverse Pursue

13 DOWN BLOCK Defensive Line Outside Movement-Hands On, L Step, Squeeze and Shuffle (Reduce, Ball or Replacement Inside Movement- Feel the Block, see your visual Key, Treat it like a Base Block Eyes inside looking for Ball or Replacement Block Chase Contain

14 Down Schemes Inside Backers Outside Backers Frontside Backside
In step by OG Backfield action and Backside OG Ear hole Stack OT, and work over the top Backside See Pull, combo, BOB Stack the 0 Look for cutback Look for window, work to the ball Frontside Reduce Spill if you don’t have contain Inside shoulder if you are contain (bounce to you) Backside Press the LOS (cutback/reverse) Chase contain

15 BASE No Movement with a Power Base
Defensive Line No Movement with a Power Base No Deeper than the heels of O Lineman Eyes in the Backfield, while feeling your Base Block Gap Integrity Find the Brown Thing after your plane

16 Base Blocks Inside Backers Outside Backers Front side Backside
OL step to you Take on with inside arm and leg No deeper than his feet; don’t give ground Make play after your plane Backside Play away tech (Down) Front side Instep, and Out Step Peak backfield and expect the Seas to Part ISO, G Wrap Attack LOS, take on with inside shoulder Backside Instep, Peak backfield and work to 0 Look to get over the top and finish the tackle

17 DOUBLE TEAMS No Movement with a Power Base If Movement, Make A Pile
Split (Drop Inside Shoulder, Pull the Jersey of the post guy)

18 Defensive Coordinator
Questions? Butch Dimovitz CBC High School Defensive Coordinator (314) Ext 4031

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