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Nori Tanaka, CENSUS, Hokkaido univ. (July14~July 21, 2012) プランパナン寺院群( UNESCO 世界遺産)

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1 Nori Tanaka, CENSUS, Hokkaido univ. (July14~July 21, 2012) プランパナン寺院群( UNESCO 世界遺産)

2  9 世紀ごろ旧マダラム王国バリトゥン王(在位 898~910 )建立 (It was constructed at 10 th century by King Balitung, Karajaan Mataram Kingdom)  10 世紀の疫病の流行で遷都、その後 1549 年地震で崩 壊 (Pandemics at 10 th century forced to move the capital elsewhere and subsequently forgotten. In 1549AD, it was destroyed by earthquake)  1937 年から修復開始 ( major repair started in 1937)  2006 年中部ジャワ島地震で崩壊し、現在修復中 (In 2006, it was destroyed again by earthquake)

3 Only three major temples are repaired. 90% or more still remains for their repair.



6 Showing promotion videos to Prof. Jangkung Mulyo, Vice dean of dept. of agriculture presentation Dr. Suadi in his office


8  About 20 km northwest of central Yogyakarta

9 2 ha ponds Cat fish Kakap(snapper) Gurami Other s :16 species Juveniles and adult Fishes are on sale Also fish processes for snacks and cocking Ingredients 30 workers 20 full time 10 part time + women group (~20)



12 Video

13 Bank provides loan for buying processing machine Women’s group has a plan to open restaurant.

14  Meeting with UGM president canceled at the last minute.  Meeting with Prof. Dr. Iwan Dwi Prahasto, Vice president, instead.  In fact, this was a very productive meeting  Major agreements  Officially starts StraSS class in this fall semester as elective course.  Find a way to exchange credits among UGM faculties  Start drafting MOU on StraSS and TOU for International StraSS alliance I forgot to take any pictures because I am so busy talking.



17  Sulmin san, Linda san, Adriano san  Faculty of Agriculture (10:00~12:00)  Showing presentation at UGM  Showing Videos and StraSS Book  Discussing the following actions  Starting dialogue ASAP with UGM  Asking to appoint UNPAR representative(s) for the dialogue

18 Venue: Vice rector office Time: 12:25~13:00 1) Reporting on UGM meetings 2) Showing our thanks to Prof. Widen for providing lectures on Internet 3) Asking for appointment of UNPAR representative for dialoguing with UGM ->Prof. Sulmin Gumiri was elected.


20 What is this new construction on the top of building


22  For collecting nests for Chinese cuisine  Increasing the demands in China led many people to have this kind of facilities even in the middle of cities..  “* ツバメ ” のマンション(巣採取用)  最近の中国での需要の高まりで、都市部にま で増えてきている *

23  Official mission is completed well  Wet everywhere! Global change!!  Too much waiting time and delaying flight schedule a lot.  I hate air travel !!

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