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Southeast Florida Freight and Goods Movement Planning Overview MetroPlan Orlando July 23, 2012.

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1 Southeast Florida Freight and Goods Movement Planning Overview MetroPlan Orlando July 23, 2012

2 Southeast Florida Regional Freight Taskforce established in 2002 2

3 SE Florida Regional Freight Stakeholders Taskforce 3

4 Source: Federal Highway Administration

5 Accomplishments: Truck Freight GIS Mapping Tool 5

6 Railroad Crossing Median Peak Dir. Delay per Gate Closing (veh- mins) 6

7 June 11, 2010 A Collaboration Between:

8 Study Purpose The purpose of the South Florida Regional Freight Plan (SFRFP) is to develop a formalized regional freight planning and implementation strategy that is inclusive of individual planning efforts that have been conducted within the area and prioritize critical freight transportation projects for the South Florida region. 8

9 9 High Ranking Highway Needs Projects Rank Name of ProjectDescriptionScore 1I-95 Managed Lanes Four managed lanes between Broward Boulevard and Linton Boulevard in Palm Beach County 80 225 th Street Viaduct – Phase 2 Widen NW 25 th Street and construct elevated bridge between SR 826 and NW 87 th Court 76 3 SR 836/I-195/MacArthur Causeway Managed lanes between NW 137 th Ave and Port of Miami; implement E-W Rail Line to reduce passenger traffic 75 4US 27/Okeechobee Rd Construct grade separated overpasses at major intersections between NW 79 th Avenue and Krome Ave. 75 5I-95 Managed LanesFour managed lanes between Broward Boulevard and Golden Glades75 6Eller Drive/ICTF Overpass To facilitate near dock rail operation in Southport without impacting the Port's primary access route 70 7Seaport TunnelTunnel (port alternative access)68 8 Integrate Truck Route System and Regional ITS Network ITS improvements geared toward trucks and data collection/analysis/reporting subsystem for performance measurement 68 9 Way-Finding Sign Improvement Program Improve countywide for movements to/from regional freight hubs68 10HEFTAll-electronic toll conversion from US 1 to Turnpike Mainline68 11 Okeechobee Rd Operations/ Access Improvements Signal timing, access, and signing improvements to provide better flow along Okeechobee Road and access from side roads and access by trucks to and from Medley 65 12HEFTWiden to 8 lanes from SR 836 to I-7565 13Truck Parking Facility Provide a location near HEFT and Okeechobee Road for truck parking with amenities for overnight truck parking 65 14 I-595 Causeway From US 441 to I-95 – ultimate plan64 15 I-595 Causeway From I-95 to US 1 – ultimate plan64 16Downtown/Port Access Construct I-95 NB Slip Ramp on NW 6th St; Improve 5th/6th Sts/Port Blvd for access between POM and I-95 slip ramp 63 17 I-595 Causeway From I-75 to US 441 – ultimate plan60 18SR 710 Widen from 2 to 4 lanes between Moroso Motorsports Park and County Line 60 19SR 80 Widen from 4 to 6 lanes between Seminole Pratt-Whitney Road and Crestwood Boulevard 60 20HEFTWiden to 10 lanes from Kendall Drive to SR 83660 21Krome Ave/SR 997Widen to 4 lanes from US 1 to Okeechobee Road60 22Florida’s TurnpikeWiden between Griffin Road and Atlantic Blvd60 23SR 836/SR 112Managed lanes from SR 826 to I-95/I-39560 24SR 836 Managed lanes in median of SR 836 from HEFT To SR 826/SR 836 interchange 60 25Truck Staging AreaDevelop a truck staging area near Port of Miami River59

10 10 High Ranking Seaport Needs Projects Rank SeaportProjectScore 1 PEVAggregate Terminal & Rail Yard Facility100 2 PEVEller Drive/ICTF Overpass100 3 POMIntermodal Container Transfer Facility100 4 PEVIntermodal Rail Spur & Storage Yard100 5 PPBOff Port Intermodal Rail Improvements100 6 PPBOn Port Intermodal Rail Improvements100 7 PPBPort of Palm Beach Railroad Switching Project100 8 POMRailroad Bridge Improvement100 9 POMRailroad Cargo Shuttle Service100 10 POMRailroad Track to Serve Pomtoc and Maersk100 11 PEVACOE Dredging Project 0390 12 PEVConstruct ICTF Track and Storage Yard90 13 POMDredging- Phase III90 14 PPBHarbor and Channel Improvements90 15 PEVSouthport Turning Notch Expansion- Phase I90 16 PPBSR 27/ Intermodal Logistics Center Rail Project90 17 PEVMcIntosh Loop Road80 18 PEVPhase 2 Turning Notch Expansion80 19 PPBSouth Port Complex80 20 POMSouth Wharf Access Road80 21 PEVDCC Ro/Ro Development75 22 PPBCargo Storage of FP&L70 23 POMContainer Yard Improvements- Seaboard70 24 POMContainer Yard Improvements-A.P. Moeller-Maersk70 25 POMCustoms Cargo Inspection Facility70

11 11 High Ranking Rail/ Intermodal Needs Projects Rank RailroadProjectScore 1FECMedley Lead Double Tracking90 2PEVIntermodal Rail Spur & Storage Yard90 3PEVRail Storage Tracks for ICTF90 4FECPort Lead Rehabilitation80 5FECUpgrade Medley Lead80 6FECPort Lead80 7FECPort of Palm Beach Railroad Switching Project75 8FECBascule Bridge / Rail Connection65 9NewUS 27 / Intermodal Logistics Center Rail Project65 10SCFEBryant Rail Project60 11SCFECane Block Project60 12CSXMission Spur (Dyer)60 13CSXHialeah / Iris Connection60 14NewSouth Florida US 27 Rail Link60 15FECRelocation of Hialeah Yard to Medley “area”55 16 PEV Eller Drive Overpass55 17 SCFE 286 Bridge Upgrades40 18FECRepair Bolt / Fastening System40 19FECUpgrade and Replace Light Weight Rail40 20FECInstall Signal Control Point Upgrades40 21 FEC Install Motion Detectors at Grade Crossings40

12 12 High Ranking Airport Needs Projects Rank AirportProjectScore 1FLLCargo Customs Facility (Westside)80 2PBINew Cargo Apron80 3MIAImprovements 67 th and Perimeter Road North75 4FLLRunway 9R/27L Extension75 5PBICargo Apron Expansion70 6PBINew Belly Cargo / All Cargo Facility70 7PBIRunway 13-31, Taxiway F, and Taxiway B Extensions65 8MIASouth Terminal Dual Taxiway55 9MIAUSDA / APHIS Facility55 10MIAAirside Improvement Projects55 11FLLSW 42 nd Street Widening and ROW55 12FLLRavenswood Road Widening and Land Acquisition55 13FLLWestside Infrastructure Improvements55 14FLLTaxiway C and Infrastructure Improvements55 15PBIAcquire Land Runway 9L-27R55 16 PBI Construct Apron Golfview 255 17 PBI Extend Runway 9R-27L Environmental & Design55 18PBIExtend, Relocate, and Upgrade Runway 9R-27L55 19PBIExtension of Taxiway F to Runway 1355 20PBIExtension of Taxiway L Lima55 21 PBI Golfview Apron, Taxilanes/Taxiways, & Infrastructure55 22PBITaxiway Charlie (East) Improvements50 23MIARunway 8R-26L Resurfacing50 24PBIRehabilitate Taxiway C50 25PBIRunway 13-31 Maintenance and Repair/Rehabilitation50

13 13 2040 SE Florida Regional Freight Plan Open ended scope of services Freight network is not necessarily tied the UZA Boundaries Develop set of project Needs and hand over to the overall Regional Transportation Plan Expected to be underway this Summer

14 FDOT Planning Projects related to South Florida Intermodal Logistics Center Technical assistance for the Port of Palm Beach 2006Inland Port Feasibility Study –FDOT Central Office PTO Planning Funds df Key Findings: There is significant support for development that would accompany an inland port facility; that is, distribution centers, warehouses, trucking facilities and amenities, and other light industrial uses. The state should work with local and regional partners to further investigate the viability of a regional mixed use freight hub. A detailed market analysis is needed. 14

15 FDOT Planning Projects related to South Florida Intermodal Logistics Center (continued) 2007South Florida Intermodal Logistics Center Market Analysis - Legislative Appropriations Bill Key Findings: There exists a demand for 40 million to 110 million square feet of additional distribution center space in the Palm Beach/Southern Florida effective hinterland. The key factors that will drive the development of the DC space are: Land prices; Rental rates; Inland trucking costs; Rail and highway access; Availability of labor; and Availability of transportation equipment. 15

16 FDOT Planning Projects related to South Florida Intermodal Logistics Center (continued) 2008 US 27 Rail Preliminary Assessment Study - Legislative Appropriations Bill _Report_August_13_2009.pdf The Draft Preliminary Assessment Report concluded that 10 alternative alignments are do not have fatal flaws, based on a macroscopic qualitative assessment. Further development must include analysis of, but not be limited to, physical alignments, typical engineering cross sections, quantification of demand, funding sources, types of cargo handled, environmental impacts, and existing rail system enhancement requirements. Operations ? Cost? 16

17 Map of Southern Alternatives 17

18 Map of Northern Alternatives – US 27 Freight Rail 18

19 Proposed Intermodal Logistic Centers (ILCs) Port Everglades ICTF 42 acres of ILC Hialeah Logistics Hub 300 acres of Logistics Hub Palm Beach County ILC 255 acres of Intermodal Rail Yard 8.82 million square feet of warehouse space St. Lucie County ILC 611 acres of Intermodal Rail Yard 40 million square feet of intermodal campus, distribution center and mining. Glades County ILC Similar footprint as St. Lucie County ILC POM PPB PEV Hialeah Logistic Hub Palm Beach County ILC Glades County ILC St. Lucie County ILC 19

20 FDOT Planning Projects related to South Florida Intermodal Logistics Center (continued) 2009 Legislative Appropriation $1 Million Inter-Regional Transportation Infrastructure Needs Study ILC Development broad impacts to transportation infrastructure Multi-dimensional – Truck and Rail Impacts With ILC, without ILC With US 27 Rail, without US 27 Rail No first Port of Call Asian Trade/Business as Usual First Port of Call/Regional Trade First Port of Call/New Discretionary Trade 20

21 Initial Assignment Results Unrealictic (full built-out & low rail) 2035 AADT 2035 Truck AADT over 100,000 Truck around 30,000

22 ITINS Gaming Tool

23 Traffic Assignment Results (Comparing Scenario 4 & 1) 2035 Low Rail PM (Scenario 4)2035 Low Rail PM (Scenario 1)

24 Statewide Planning Efforts SIS Major Update completed January 2010 Added Rail Freight Terminals Allowed for Hub to Hub connectors for drayage New criteria for Emerging Seaports Statewide Rail Plan Statewide Seaport Plan New FDOT Office of Freight and Logistics and Passenger Operations Statewide Freight Plan due June 2013 24

25 A New Manifest Destiny Florida’s International Trade Opportunities Future of Florida Forum 2010 October 12, 2010 John Kaliski Cambridge Systematics, Inc.

26 Containerized Imports – Today Conceptual Illustration Only Direct To Florida Ports of Entry Direct to Florida through Ports Intermodal Distribution to Florida

27 27

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