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LambdaDriver ™ family Wave Division Multiplexing.

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1 LambdaDriver ™ family Wave Division Multiplexing

2 Bandwidth doubling every 6-9 months Traffic nature more complex: TDM,ATM,FR,IP data, VoIP&Video Rapid grow in SAN and distributed processing MAN Bandwidth Demand Source: CIBC World Markets, June 2001

3 Enterprise WAN Bandwidth migration

4 Options for increasing throughput 1.Increase the Speed Limit: Now 2001 2003? 1Gbps ->2.5Gbps ->10Gbps -> 40Gbps(OC768) -> 160Gbps 2.More wavelengths on the fiber: 1990  2001 1->2->4->16->32->160 --->? 3.Widen the band windows (widen the road)

5 Optical Transmission Bands Bands: Short 1470-1530nm Conventional 1530-1570nm Long 1570-1610nm

6 Multiplexing techniques Electrical Signal Inputs Electrical Signal Inputs TDM SMUX WDM Optical or Electrical Signal Tributaries are sent in specific time slots Tributaries are sent when capacity is available Tributaries are sent on different wavelengths

7 WDM Market size

8 WDM principle Multiple wavelengths transmission over single fiber Input channels Output channels Ch#1 Ch#n Ch#1 Ch#n λ1 - λn Mux DeMux

9 DWDM versus CWDM Frequency (THz) Wavelength (nm) 196.11528.77 196.01529.55 195.91530.33 192.01561.42 191.91562.23 191.81563.05 191.71563.86 ITU Grid Standard(G692)

10 How close can they( ’s  be? Current filters can discriminate to around 25Ghz Min. Spacing = Max. Bit Rate x 2.5 Max Bit RateMin Spacing 10Gbps25Ghz 40Gbps100Ghz

11 WDM versus TDM FunctionWDMSDH/SONET ScalabilityJust light on new wavelengthCostly and inefficient upgrade ProvisioningWithin daysMonths Protocol/Bit rate transparencyYesNo Bandwidth limitsPotentially unlimited – 2Tbps?40Gbps? Access interfaceDirect wavelength mappingOEO conversion before multiplexing

12 DWDM eliminates Regenerators OC48 RPTR 40Km RPTR 40Km RPTR 40Km RPTR 40Km RPTR 40Km OC48 RPTR 40Km RPTR 40Km RPTR 40Km RPTR 40Km RPTR 40Km RPTR 40Km RPTR 40Km RPTR 40Km RPTR 40Km RPTR 40Km RPTR 40Km RPTR 40Km RPTR 40Km RPTR 40Km RPTR 40Km OC48 120Km 4 x OC48 DWDM Transmission – 10Gbps TDM Transmission – 10Gbps OA

13 SONET with WDM Existing SONET equipment investments can be preserved by using WDM as transport layer SONET multiplexing equipment can be eliminated by direct connection to OC48 interfaces SONET ATM Switch Router OC-n OC48 Fiber WDMWDM

14 3 options for upgrading SONET ring: 1.Replace equipment, like OC48 to OC192 2.Install a new ring on new or existing dark fiber 3.Install one or more new rings by deploying WDM over existing fiber. May be the most important application in the near term! Upgrading SONET/SDH

15 Migration steps from SONET/SDH to WDM 1 2 3 Exchanging SONET ADM’s with OADM’s Direct interfacing With edge equipment

16 LambdaDriver TM structure Transponder 1 Transponder 16 Mux Demux Access Channels at “gray” wavelengths Dual Fiber Link λ1 – λ16 Ch#1 Ch#16 λ1 λ1 λ16 λ2 λ15 λ2 λ15 λ16 λ1

17 Transponders Converts the access(gray) wavelength to WDM specific wavelength(and vice versa). Performs 3R (reshape,retime,retransmit) function Hot swappable, undependable modules

18 Multiplexer/Demultiplexer Passive units which combine (Multiplex) number of incoming fibers into one fiber and splits (DeMultiplex) one fiber into number of outgoing fibers. Demultiplexed Wavelengths Multi-wavelength signal Demultiplexed Wavelength DeMux

19 Optical Add/Drop Multiplexing When building a Ring topology only part of the wavelengths need to be dropped/added at every node. OADM’s – “pass through” without substantial attenuation all the channels that are not dropped at that location. “dropped” wavelength “added” wavelength OADM “dropped” wavelength “added” wavelength OADM

20 1+1 Protection Provides automatic optical protection for the link MUX DeMUX Primary link Secondary link

21 This is an optional module, used for long(more than 50Km) distances. No OEO conversion! Could be placed after MUX(post), before DeMUX(pre) or between sites (in line). Currently available only for DWDM wavelengths range Optical Amplifier Site A Site B Post OA Line OA Pre OA MUX DeMUX

22 EDFA - Erbium-doped fiber amplifier – amplifies light in the 1540 nm window. EDFA Principle

23 LambdaDriver ™ Management Provides configuration and link fault monitoring Runs the management tasks and interfaces external managers by means of SNMP, Telnet and CLI. Redundant CPU – optional. OSC (Optical Service Channel) – allows management of the remote unit using separate wavelength (1310nm). Service module – responsible for combining/splitting the OSC with the WDM trunk

24 Access Protocols Potentially any protocol with rates from 100Mbps up to 10Gbps… LambdaDriver ™ family currently supports: Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Fiber Channel, OC3, OC12 and OC192 protocols … Other rates are possible per request. Rate Adaptive Transponders are available.

25 LambdaDriver ™ Family LambdaDriver 1600 front view LD1600 – 16 slot modular chassis for up to 16 DWDM channels

26 LambdaDriver ™ Family Transponders Mux/DeMux Power Supplies LD800 – 8 slot modular chassis for up to 8 DWDM/CWDM channels, OADM and media converters managed hub. Targeted for lower bandwidth and cost applications. Will host the same type of transponders as in the LD1600 box. Will host either 8 channel DWDM, 4 channel CWDM or OADM cards

27 Lambda Driver ™ Family LD10x – Stand alone units for media conversion and 2 wavelength single fiber operation. Currently available the following products: FE copper to fiber (Multimode&Singlemode) converters with dual and single fiber operation.

28 Network Topologies Point-To-Point connection between two sites

29 Network Topologies Ring topology implemented by loop backs

30 Network Topologies Master Site Slave Site B OADM Mux/DeMux OADM Slave Site A Dropping ch#1 Adding ch#1 Dropping ch#5 Adding ch#5 Ring Traffic Input Ring Traffic Output Ring Trunk Ring topology implemented by OADM’s

31 Single fiber operation

32 Switches/Routers with WDM wavelength uplinks LD1600 Mux/DeMux Access switches WDM Trunk Transponder LD1600 Mux/DeMux Access switches WDM Trunk WDM Wavelength Transponders elimination by using WDM wavelengths on switches

33 Advantage in using switches with WDM Add/Drop uplinks Dropping ch#1 OADM Add/Drop Site Adding ch#1 Ring Trunk Switch Ring Trunk Add/Drop Site Ring Trunk Switch Cost and space savings

34 Building a Ring with WDM oriented switches Switches with WDM Add/Drop uplinks LD1600 Switch with WDM Wavelength uplinks

35 Road map Q3: LD1600, LD800 – betha testing LD10x – first customer shipment Q4: OADM for DWDM & CWDM betha testing OADM uplinks for Optiswitch switches WDM Gigabit uplink for Optiswitch switches LD10x – managed solutions

36 Q1/2002: Sub Rate multiplexer - Low rate protocols(like ESCON ) are TDM multiplexed for maximum utilization of the available wavelength Road map Low Speed Protocols ITU wavelength Sub-rate MUX

37 AND… 2002 year developments Going Wireless!

38 Summary of LambdaDriver ™ Main features Modular design, allows for lower initial costs and future upgrades Choice of DWDM(up to 16 channels) or CWDM(up to 8 channels) technologies. Access protocols flexibility – allows for mixing of different speeds and protocols. Transponders with software controllable access rate. Redundant P.S. and CPU’s 1+1 Redundancy on the trunk - optional Integrated Optical Add/Drop ability Integrated Optical Amplifier(EDFA) as an option – for longer distances transmission


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