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AIS STEM Symposium Nuts and Bolts. AIS STEM Forum - Purpose  The STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) are an identified.

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1 AIS STEM Symposium Nuts and Bolts

2 AIS STEM Forum - Purpose  The STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) are an identified high priority of the Australian Government.  The AIS STEM Forum is providing Funding for Independent schools to undertake projects that increase the engagement, uptake and achievement of students in STEM disciplines.  Focal points include: Knowledge Integration; Innovation through Practical Application and Experience; Engagement and Enrichment for teachers and students.

3 AIS STEM Forum - Activities Activities include: 1.Establishing key partnerships with relevant professionals and academics working in STEM-related fields 2.P ​ roviding funding grants to schools for teachers to develop and lead STEM-related projects 3.Providing subsidised professional learning for teachers leading STEM-related projects in schools, and 4.Hosting an AIS STEM symposium at which schools receiving funding for STEM projects share and showcase their achievements.

4 STEM Forum Objectives - 1  Promote and leverage the inherent beauty, wonder, excitement, benefits, inspiration and accessibility of STEM.  Understand and communicate the need for sensitive and sustainable social benefit that makes a positive environmental and/or social difference.  Create conditions that harness diversity and foster innovation to generate a steady flow of new ideas.  Bottle excitement by pushing technological boundaries to achieve the previously unachieved.

5 STEM Forum Objectives - 2  Widen understanding of, engagement with, receptiveness to, and benefit from  scientific and technological thinking,  technological leverage (i.e. developing and using tools to increase efficiency and effectiveness),  engineering ingenuity, and  mathematical rigour.  Foster and develop deep and diverse passion and expertise.  Ensure STEM education and practice is connected to its commercial context.

6 Q&A so far?

7 Project Funding Details - 1  Grant Agreement: o “Projects have been selected on their ability to widely inform, motivate and deliver enduring change in the uptake, engagement and achievement of students in STEM. o Projects are intended to be undertaken over a one year period, however the impact of the project should endure beyond the life of the project itself. o Project measures will be used to assess progress, and the resultant artefacts are anticipated to be widely shared between schools.”

8 What STEM Projects look like - 1 Key features anticipated of AIS Funded STEM projects include:  The teacher is directly involved, up-skilled and enhanced by the project, growing in competence, confidence and professional learning.  Students beam with enthusiasm and are switched-on, engaged, excited, and excelling.  Learning is action-oriented, engaging the whole student, the class, and the school as a whole.  Projects include real-world opportunities for teachers and students to fail, learn from failure, and refine their efforts to achieve success.

9 What STEM Projects look like - 2 Key features (continued):  Inquiry, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, and innovation are front and centre.  Projects may cover multiple curriculum domains, maximising curriculum coverage.  Students are lifted in practical, social and academic achievement as a result of the project.  Experiences and learnings are shared and embedded, ensuring that benefits reach and endure beyond the project itself.

10 AISNSW STEM Project List – Round 1  Document is in DRAFT to allow room to create awesome real world projects that work.  Projects are listed in alphabetical order by school.  Some liberties were taken with the artefacts and measures with a view to pointing the projects in the right direction.  Some areas for development were highlighted, particularly in the project measures.  A “model” project template is provided on page 2 of the project list.

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12 Project Funding Details - 2  Funding Obligations: o “The School will receive the full amount of the STEM Project Grant in exchange for the school undertaking the Approved Activities, and completing the project deliverables. o The School must comply with the terms and conditions set out in (the) Grant Agreement. o Funding will be used in accordance with the project budget submitted in the school’s STEM Grant Application. ”

13 Project Funding Details - 3  Accounts and Records  “The School must maintain adequate records of its compliance with the requirements of the agreement.  The School must keep full and accurate financial records relating to the use of the Funding.  The School must allow AISNSW, or any person nominated by AISNSW, including the Auditor General or the Privacy Commissioner or any other person authorised in writing by the Department to have full and free access to the financial records.  The School must retain these records for 7 years.”

14 Project Funding Details - 4  Surveys o Participating Schools need to develop their own surveys to gauge the changes in student uptake, engagement and achievement as a result of the project. o Schools will need to report on the results of these measures at the end of the project. o Participating Schools will contribute to and participate in pre- and post- STEM project surveys conducted by AISNSW.”

15 Project Funding Details - 5 “School personnel responsible for the project will:  Provide the artefacts outlined and agreed in the school’s STEM Application document, suitable for sharing via the AISNSW website, to allow the benefits and impact of the project to reach and endure beyond the project itself.  These will include e.g. powerpoints and / or prezi presentations, images, youtubes, vimeos, surveys, survey data, results and analysis, newsletter articles, websites, programs, scope and sequence documents, lesson plans, modules of work, assessments, and rubrics.”

16 Project Funding Details - 6 “School personnel responsible for the project will:  Provide a final report for the project, using the Final Project Report Template provided in Appendix A of the Grant Agreement by 5pm on the Round 1 Project completion date.  The completion date for the Round 1 STEM Projects is September 4 th, 2015, upon which all obligations and associated surveys, artefacts, presentations, reports and financial undertakings must be completed to the reasonable satisfaction of AISNSW.”

17 Final Project Report - 1 Project Successes and Failures With the aim of providing helpful insights to other schools implementing projects of this nature, describe the successes and failures that you have experienced during the course of your STEM Project. Measurement and Data Collection Highlight any findings that you made around the issues of uptake, engagement and achievement in STEM, during the course of your data collection and analysis, such as factors that influence educator engagement, student participation, learning, and student choice.

18 Final Project Report - 2 Discussion and Conclusions Please share any conclusions that can be drawn from the project experience, outcomes and the data collected. Next Steps Describe the next steps for STEM at your school resulting from this project.

19 Project Funding Details - 7 “School personnel responsible for the project will:  Ensure that two STEM educators from the school attend the AISNSW STEM Symposium in early October, 2015, and arrange for two students from the school to present the outcomes of the STEM project at the Symposium.  Contribute to education conferences and professional activities as appropriate.  Liaise with AISNSW (at a minimum, once per Term).  Seek feedback as appropriate.”

20 Q&A so far?

21 Project Funding Details - 8  Privacy  The School is required to deal with personal information for the purposes of the Privacy Act 1988 collected in connection with the Approved Activities in the same way as if the Approved Activities were projects to which the Act would ordinarily apply.  The School Acknowledges that AISNSW may provide any information provided to it by the School to the Commonwealth or any other person AISNSW considered necessary in order to allow AISNSW to comply with its obligations under the Funding Agreement it has with the Commonwealth.

22 Project Funding Details - 9  Intellectual Property o The underlying principle is that AISNSW STEM projects are funded on the basis that the data collected, research findings, and any products or artefacts that are produced are for the public benefit and to make a contribution to the field of education. o In relation to any artefacts provided by the School to AISNSW under this Agreement, the School grants to AISNSW a permanent, irrevocable, free, world wide, non-exclusive licence (including a right of sublicence) to use, copy, reproduce, communicate, adapt and exploit the Intellectual Property Rights in the reports for any purpose.

23 Project Funding Details - 10  Intellectual Property o All independent schools in NSW and member schools in the ACT, and AISNSW will be able to use the presentations, products, reports and artefacts of STEM projects for their own internal purposes. o If a third party has Intellectual Property Rights in existing material incorporated or supplied with reports, the School must arrange for the grant to AISNSW of a licence in the same terms as set out in the preceding clause.

24 Project Funding Details - 11  The School warrants that it: o has obtained has obtained valid written consents from all authors (including any authorised subcontractors under this Agreement) involved in creating the project artefacts so that school and AISNSW use of the reports in any way will not infringe any author’s moral rights under the Copyright Act 1968.

25 Q&A?

26 Contact Dr Megan Vazey AIS STEM Consultant Darryl Buchanan Director, Professional Learning AIS NSW 9299 2845

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