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3 The present guide has been worked out to make users familiarise with the platform to be used during the digital portfolio making process. The information provided concern technical procedures and indications to upload in the system material having different formats and extensions (text, file audio, video, *doc, *jpeg, etc.) Introduction

4 The technical guidelines provided are articulated in 3 different sessions equivalent to the 3 main sections structuring the platform: 1.Create a digital portfolio – information related to the process to be followed to upload in the platform all material considered necessary to create one’s own portfolio (audio and video files, documents, texts). Introduction

5 2.Modify your portfolio – information on the process to be followed to modify and update a portfolio already uploaded in the system. 3.See portfolios – information related to the platform section where all portfolios that have been uploaded in the system can be visualised. Introduction

6 TIPEIL web-based platform has been realised to support the application of the Digital Portfolio Model, as a tool and a methodology that the project aims at divulging and improving, with the direct contribution of field operators and experts. Introduction

7 The research context to which TIPEIL project refers is the valorisation of knowledge and capabilities that young and adults, employed or unemployed, achieved within non formal and informal learning contexts, so as to foster their placement or re-placement in the labour market. Introduction

8 TIPEIL offers to all organisations and professionals that will contribute to the development of the Digital Portfolio Model, the chance to share problems and solutions with other European subjects. The datum from which we start is to focus the attention on individual learning, a knowledge implying skills, abilities and capabilities, potential or acquired, that must be read, understood and valorised, in order to be able to help persons to find, create or re-create their personal employment and living path. Introduction

9 Therefore, this platform and the methodology we propose are addressed in particular to organisations and operators (tutors, trainers, counsellors, etc.) providing guidance, counselling, training and employment services to subjects – young and adults – that, for different reasons, are at risk of socio-economic exclusion. Introduction


11 HOW TO ENTER THE PLATFORM REGISTRATION AND LOG IN Go to the TIPEIL website at the address On the upper menu of the page click on the voice “digital portfolios platform”. A welcome message will introduce you to the platform. Read it carefully and then use the forms provided to register yourself in the system or to log in your username and password.

12 REGISTRATION AND LOG IN To enter the platform is necessary to log in a username and password. The registration and log in, allows you to access to the three main sections of the platform (See portfolios uploaded; Create a portfolio; Modify your portfolio).

13 The registration form has been created for external users only, without username and password. These users have to fill in the Registration Form provided. All data requested must be compiled. Users must create their own password and send the form to the system (click “register”). To modify the data, click on “reset”. REGISTRATION AND LOG IN External Users

14 Once users have submitted their form to the system, they will receive an e-mail confirming the Username (e-mail address registered in the form) and personal Password created. Now, please log in username and password in “Registered Users”. In this way, they can access only to the platform section “See portfolios”. They are not allowed to create or modify the portfolios uploaded in the system! REGISTRATION AND LOG IN External Users

15 Operators working on the platform as tutors supporting a person to create his/her own digital portfolio DO NOT HAVE TO REGISTER, they have to use usernames and passwords provided and log-in through the section “Operators Login”. In this way, they are the only allowed to access to all the three main sections of the platform (see portfolios, modify portfolios, create portfolios). OPERATORS LOG-IN

16 After the Log – IN you will enter the Digital Portfolios Platform Homepage, where you can visualize all portfolios uploaded. To visualize the portfolios saved in the system, please refer to the upper menu of the page. D.P. PLATFORM HOMEPAGE

17 Using the upper menu, to see data uploaded you can select :  one Country among the ones provided (ES, FR, GR, IT) or all Countries;

18  one portfolio linked to a Country or all portfolios linked to one Country;  all portfolios linked to all Countries. D.P. PLATFORM HOMEPAGE

19 This example show you the result of a query: it has been selected the country “Italy” (select a country”); then has been chosen “select all” in the section “select a portfolio”. To enter one specific portfolio among the ones showed, please click on the person’s name. D.P. PLATFORM HOMEPAGE

20 Once you are entered, the first page of the chosen person’s portfolio will show you his/her personal data (name, family name, age, date of birth, place of birth (city), Nationality, Country of residence, e-mail, key words, notes) and a general menu (on the left) where you can find further detailed information on: Formal Learning; Informal Learning; Non formal Learning. PERSONAL DATA

21 In the upper menu of this section – on the right - you can visualize also an area called “My short profile”. Just click on it and a new window will open. PERSONAL DATA

22 Here you will find additional information on the person, concerning: the most important Work experiences; competences acquired; main interests; future goals; additional notes. PERSONAL DATA

23 This page is printable (just click on the function provided). PERSONAL DATA

24 FORMAL LEARNING In this section you can visualize documents and information uploaded to illustrate the education/training pathways followed by the person, all certified. The education/training levels previewed are: Compulsory education Secondary school/vocational training Higher school Master/post-graduate course Other licenses/certificates

25 To make an example, click on “compulsory education”, to visualize the information linked and to see the related documents uploaded. To widen the image, please click on the document preview. FORMAL LEARNING

26 If you wish to zoom on the image please click here. FORMAL LEARNING

27 Do the same to visualize data and documentation related to all levels available. To widen the image, please click on the preview of the document available or zoom on it. FORMAL LEARNING


29 Consistently with the methodology proposed and the portfolio-creation/uploading, the Informal Learning section is subdivided in two areas (corresponding to the learning context): Work Hobbies To view the information uploaded, please select first the area (work/hobbies) and then a group among the ones created. INFORMAL LEARNING

30 Click on the sections to visualize the proofs uploaded and the illustrative texts associated. To widen an image, please click on the preview available (you can zoom on the images also in this case). INFORMAL LEARNING

31 Within this section you will find also audio and video files uploaded, and photogalleries (sequence of photos) illustrating the person doing a specific activity, step by step. All this material will be supported by descriptive texts related. INFORMAL LEARNING

32 NON FORMAL LEARNING Like the previous ones, in this section you can find files of different typology: Scanned documents; Images; audio and video files, photogalleries, all supported by illustrative texts related.

33 ! NOTES If you want to exit or to apply changes you need to logout (in the latter case you need to enter again)

34 Once you have created your own portfolio, if you want to take a copy with you, please click on the function “download this portfolio” at the end of the left menu of the page. In this way, you can download and save all material you have created and uploaded on your PC. It will be file (compressed). The portfolio downloaded will respect exactly the one you visualize on line on the platform. Now, if you wish, you can masterize it on a CD Rom/DVD, directly from your PC! DOWNLOAD YOUR PORTFOLIO


36 Now you can start the creation and uploading of your own digital portfolio!

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