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Beyond Lecture Theatres: re-framing participation in volunteering activities Ms Simone St Clair Student Experience and Transition Australian National University.

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1 Beyond Lecture Theatres: re-framing participation in volunteering activities Ms Simone St Clair Student Experience and Transition Australian National University E: @Simone.StClair

2 Beyond Lecture Theatres….. 2 OBJECTIVES: to outline how an equity outreach program also became a student transition program to show how co- curricular/volunteer activities enhanced student development

3 3 Overview: ANU: a research intensive institution Volunteering at ANU: an unframed life Student Life and the Community Ambassador Program Framing student life: Lizzio’s ‘Five Senses Model’ Case studies in Student Life: exploring the Five Senses What we have learned so far…. Future challenges

4 Australian National University 4 Above: The Carillion, Lake Burley Griffith Canberra Above: School of Art, Australian National University

5 5 Above: Research Student holding tribal mask, ANU Above: International Post-graduate students at ANU

6 Volunteering at ANU Many opportunities for students to volunteer. Eager students interested in volunteering. Disparity in how volunteering is approached and recognised within the university. Unclear understanding and framing of volunteering. 6 ANU Market Day, 2014

7 Policy change, finance incentives and student life Bradley Review 2008 Low SES is major factor influencing participation Higher Education Participation and Partnership Program (HEPPP) 7

8 8 ANU’s Equity position Lowest % of low SES (approx 4.5%) Low % Indigenous (< 1%) Low/average regional/remote (approx 12%) New ANU Strategic plan identifies targets and need to widen participation.

9 Challenges for Equity at ANU Limited funding (least funding out of all universities in Australia) No existing outreach programs. No Education Faculty at ANU Traditional study areas and high entry requirements. Postcode measure hides disadvantage in Canberra. 9

10 10 Community Ambassador Program

11 11

12 Becoming a Community Ambassador Online written application Group Interview Completion of training program Completion of Police Check and other administrative documentation 12 Fully fledged Community Ambassador

13 Role of Community Ambassadors: Demonstrate they understand principles of access, equity and have cultural awareness. Aim is not to market ANU but to build aspirations of tertiary education. Opportunity to develop and lead projects. Attend further training for specific projects. 13

14 Current Recognition Certificate from Vice Chancellor. Community Ambassador T-shirt. Travel outside of ANU/ACT. For some projects food is provided to volunteer ambassadors. 14 Above: Ambassadors on their way to homework centre

15 Five Senses Model (Lizzio, 2006) 15

16 Arabella 16 International Student Living on-campus (self-catered) Bachelor of Finance and Masters of Project Management Above: Arabella and student at Kingsford Smith Homework Centre, 2012

17 Sense of connectedness: Student to Student Relationships. Student to Staff Relationships Student and Institution Relationship. 17 Above: Arabella, Sayan and Livvi, Community Ambassadors presentation 2012.

18 “…being involved in this program made me more proud to be an ANU student knowing how ANU staff and students contribute to communities.” – Arabella, 2013 18 Above: Arabella helping a student at Kingsford Smith Homework Centre in 2012.

19 Fifi First-in Family Student Lives off-campus with family. Bachelor of Arts/Visual Arts, Honours in Philosophy. 19 Above: Fifi at Community Ambassador Thank you Ceremony, 2011 “My family immigrated when I was very young so that I could enjoy a more flexible and less competitive education system… it is my duty to go to university” – Fifi, 2014

20 Task/Role Clarity Community participation. 20 Sense of capability: Above: Fifi and ambassadors on route to Regional school to run a cultural day (2012). “I was always the shy person who never said anything but now I have the skills and self confidence to take on leadership roles” – Fifi, Community Ambassador

21 Sayan Studying Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Economics. Domestic/ Living off- campus student Joined Community Ambassador program in his first year. Also is has carer responsibilities. 21 Above: Sayan performing at ANU Voice Poetry Slam in 2012.

22 Disciplinary engagement. Vocational Direction Personal Development. 22 Sense of Purpose: “Because of my work with Student Equity I’ve begun to aspire to eventually having a career in education” Sayan, Senior Community Ambassador

23 Sense of Resourcefulness Systems Navigation Physical Environment University-Life Interface “participation in the program made me know more about ANU, it is possible that I would not walk around to the other parts of campus if I did not get involved in the program.” – Arabella, 2014 23

24 Sense of Academic Culture Academic integrity Collegiality Independence/confidence building Critical thinking 24

25 Our students are our greatest asset. Engagement of off-campus and international students. Need for organised and meaningful volunteering opportunities on campus. 25 What we have discovered:

26 Summary Federal Govt Funding lead to the development of Community Ambassador Program (CAP). Buy-in from the students and community. The realisation that CAP is in-reach just as much as it is outreach. Need to further embed these programs within the university. 26

27 The future of volunteering at ANU Review and identification of different volunteering opportunities at ANU. Defining of volunteering. Development of a Volunteering Framework. Is there a need to further recognise volunteers? Future of equity funding and impact on university budget. Do we need formal recognition? 27

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