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Wireless Business:.

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1 Wireless Business:

2 I wonder, you answer: How does wireless technology address the limitations of the fixed Internet. > from the consumer’s perspective > from the marketer’s perspective. How do you see mobile commerce evolve? What would your vision depend on?

3 Examples?

4 Why Mobile Marketing? 4 times cheaper 20% CTA increase

5 Mobile Marketing What is it?

6 What? Mobile marketing is any form of communication that uses a mobile device to reach customers anytime anywhere and make them react in some targeted way (the CTA) Mobile marketing can meet most if not all of the marketing needs a marketer may have today

7 Mobile Marketing Why care about it?

8 Mobiles reach where other media don’t
I’ts yours, it’s personal, it’s not even shared, even with… It’s always on, until the battery runs out It’s always with you, until you lose it It’s at the point of consumption, unless you forget it You can use it to do wonderful stuff, like payment It’s at the point of creation Providing personalisation, location, attention & metadata to die for 8

9 Mobiles reach in ways other media don’t

10 Mobility is much more than phone calls and e-mail…
More than movement… Mobility is not just about movement of people and goods, but about technology everywhere …and more than just people Mobility is not just about communication between people, but also between machines and devices Workplace Shopping Dining Home Leisure Mobility augments the capabilities of people and devices

11 Four characteristics distinguish Mobility:
Presence Mobile devices will be our constant companions, whether we carry them with us or encounter them in devices we use everyday Immediacy Freedom from a stationary PC means we can access information or conduct transactions as close as possible to the instant we need it Location Freedom from a stationary PC also means we can access information or conduct transactions as close as possible to the place in which we need it Interest Consumers in a certain location and a specified time can be instantly unified by their common interests

12 Mobile Marketing How? Why?

13 Image DM CRM Sales Branding Promotion Retail M-commerce Acquisition
Web site Banner Portal DM Acquisition Satisfaction Loyalty building SMS campaign MMS campaign Couponing CRM Confirmation Community Alert Sales Promotion Product info Contests M-commerce Retail Mobile sales site 13

14 Interactive Billboard by Ogilvy to support « real beauty » campaign: wrinkled OR wonderful?
CTA: sent SMS text message with vote – results in real time in Time Square Huge consumer participation & press coverage 14


16 16


18 Who Can Identify Killer Apps?
Companies/Entrepreneurs who know where the economic value (client side) of wireless technology comes from! Companies/Entrepreneurs who understand the perceived benefits of wireless technology for the end user!

19 Identifying the Next Killer Application in Business M-Commerce
Wireless M-Business Identifying the Next Killer Application in Business M-Commerce

20 Examples of Killer Apps:
Wireless Medicine Mobile Asset Management (ex. Cars)

21 Wireless Medicine

22 Wireless MD Problem: 98,000 Americans die each year as a result of medical mistakes – Institutes Of Medicine Regulations, complexities increasing Pressures to achieve quality, cost, and care standards New medications, methods introduced daily Physicians increasingly pressed for time

23 Information Flow and General Business Model
Hospital Patient’s Record Patient’s Condition Primary Physician Family Contact Wireless MD Notification Notification Instant Communication WAP, HTTP Interface Central database management Bar Code Information Patients Ambulance Crew Scan Bar Code

24 Revenue Model: Subscription-based
Hospital, Ambulance Enrollees (Employers) Communication Devices Pharmaceutical Companies Wireless MD $ Services Advertising $ Service via 24/7 Web Interface Insurance Services Patients SmartCards

25 Mobile Asset Management

26 Location-based Services
Locate Overdue Vehicles Disable Stolen and Overdue Vehicles Enforce Restricted Areas Access Historical Route Information Monitor Driving Behavior Identify Underutilized Vehicles Source:

27 Acme Rent-a-car A They told me that I was caught speeding on three separate occasions, and I never saw a state trooper B How did they catch you? They said they had a GPS system installed in the car, and they tracked me across seven states without me knowing it Acme fined him a total of $450…Acme says they decided to start using GPS to track speeders because too many of their rental cars were ending up in traffic accidents Acme Speeding causes accidents; speeding kills people. We think we have a right to protect our property, that's why--it's our property. Exp. …as time goes on these practices are likely to become more and more invasive. It's scary to think that--that some point down the line, after the fact, we will all discover that there are very detailed dossiers on our physical whereabouts… Source: NBC Today Show

28 Progressive leverages mobility in the development of new service offerings
Industry leader in technology innovation… #4 auto insurer, up two spots since it launched its digital strategy four years ago Revenue has grown 22 % annually since in 1996 vs. an industry average of 3.3% First to bind policies and offer comparative quotes online …that wants to integrate mobility into existing service offerings… Allows the consumer to manage accounts and interact with the company remotely Integrated accident response with emergency repair services Result: resolves claims 21% faster than the industry avg. …to create a platform for differentiated service offerings First to field test metered insurance for fleet applications 25% reduction in premium costs Awarded two patents for usage based insurance system New York Times April 20, 2000 Avg. Customer saves 25% Americans pay about $125 billion each year in auto insurance premiums - Potential $30B in savings, could impact the industry/ value chain. The time of day affects the cost. "A mile driven at 2 a.m. is four or five times more expensive than one driven at 7 a.m.," McMillan said. "Our data show accident rates per mile are much higher later in the night." -Robert J. McMillan, a business development leader at Progressive The proprietary system includes a GPS receiver, cell-phone modem and a microprocessor with a small amount of computer memory. The miniprocessor uses the GPS receiver to record the car's location--latitude and longitude--and the date and time every six minutes while the car is being driven. Once a month the company computer calls the car through the cell-phone modem and retrieves the records of the month's travel. At present, Progressive pays the $500 cost of installing the system on each customer's car. Source: NYTimes, Progressive

29 What They Have in Common:
Mobile Communication is the key! They could not exist in the hard-wired world. They represent either NEW TO THE WORLD VALUE or UNLOCK EXISTING VALUE (by exploiting new efficiencies).

30 HubSpot Do you agree with HubSpot that the "rules of marketing" have changed? If so, how? Is inbound marketing the answer? Why or why not? Is HubSpot finding and serving the right set of customers? Given its position as a start-up company, should it widen its focus to serve any customer that comes its way? Or narrow their target, by focusing exclusively on either Owner Ollies or Marketer Marys? Or by focusing exclusively on either B2B or B2C. HubSpot has begun to differentiate its products as it has learned more about its customers. Should it do more? Should its pricing strategy change too? Should HubSpot try to immediately capture more value for either of these customers? Are Halligan and Shah being too stubborn by not doing any outbound marketing? Or should they continue to practice what they preach by focusing on inbound marketing alone? Halligan and Shah want HubSpot to be to marketing, what is to sales. What would your plan of action be to make this happen? Why would you take these actions? What keeps you up at night about your plan?

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