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Juniper Point, Boothbay Harbor, Maine Fire Prevention Overview July 26, 2014.

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1 Juniper Point, Boothbay Harbor, Maine Fire Prevention Overview July 26, 2014

2 2 wildfire risk assessments Sept 2013 10 homes were randomly sampled 23 question survey Looked at exterior or structures and surrounding vegetation Hazard level per question given numeric score Points on survey totaled and assigned hazard level (9 lowest possible score – 171 highest possible score) Juniper Point overall score “moderate risk of wildfire” MFS to complete Community Wildfire Protection Plan by 2015

3 3 The Wildland Urban Interface

4 4 The Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) is where homes meet the forest Wildfire can spread to structures in WUI areas Directly Indirectly WUI areas create unique challenges for both structural and wildland firefighters.

5 WUI fire near structure -1 5

6 6 WUI fire near structure -2

7 7 Important Factors when assessing risk: Topography

8 8 Access Roads – difficult for fire apparatus

9 9 Access Roads / overhanging branches /signage

10 10 Defensible Space The area between the home and the forest.

11 11 Defensible Space/Vegetation

12 12 Defensible Space/Vegetation

13 13 overhanging branches

14 14  Building Materials

15 15 places for embers

16 16 Vegetation Examples - 1

17 17 Vegetation Examples - 2

18 18 Water Availability

19 19 Summary Primary Concerns in Juniper Point: Lack of defensible space and too much vegetation near structures. Dense mixed and coniferous forest stands. Build up of slash and wood debris near structures. narrow access roads with overhanging trees. Inconsistent water availability.

20 20 Suggested Actions Create and maintain a min. of 30’ defensible space near structures. Maintain watered lawns, and clean up woody debris. Thin and prune trees surrounding homes. Clean gutters and roofs of leaves and needles. Maintain proper signage on home and streets. Enclose and/or treat decks. Keep firewood stacked away from home. Widen roads or install turnaround points for fire trucks. Eliminate overhanging trees on narrow roads. Incorporate Firewise building practices in new structures.

21 21 Brush Chipping / Outreach

22 22 Brush Chipping – how piles should be stacked

23 23 Maine Dept. of Ag, Cons. and Forestry

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