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OCR Cambridge Nationals in ICT (Level 1/2) R009 Exploring Computer Hardware and Networks.

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2 OCR Cambridge Nationals in ICT (Level 1/2) R009 Exploring Computer Hardware and Networks

3 Computers are made up of different components that work together. Components Inside the average PC or Mac you will find: RAM ROM a hard disk a DVD player a main board various cables a screen a keyboard. When these are all working together, the computer functions well.

4 In recent years, computing has moved away from the large desktop. Mobile Technologies Devices such as the Kindle, Nintendo DS and MP4 players allow for mobile entertainment to be readily accessible. Laptops, Netbooks, Tablets and Smartphones allow the user to be portable and productive at the same time.

5 Most UK homes have a games console allowing for streaming video, movement gaming, music playback, photo displays and online purchasing. Games Consoles Combine a console with a home network and services such as Xbox live widen the gaming experience to a global scale.

6 Network Topology Networks are found in the majority of businesses and many homes have smaller networks now. Wired networks can be set up in different ways such as Star and Hierarchical. Virtual servers and thin client computing have reduced the cost and increased the speed for modern networks.

7 Networks are found in homes, offices, schools, hospitals and in many other places. Types of Network Selecting the right kind of network for the organisation and then setting it up takes specialist skills. Wireless networks are now used to attract shoppers and the mobile telephone networks grow larger every year.

8 Like all things, computer hardware fails at times. Some things can be fixed with a minimum of technical support whilst others require an IT expert. Computer repair Knowing what to look for is as important as knowing how to fix the problem. Repair or replace? Computer or connection problem?

9 When a network component fails or is wrongly configured it can lead to a loss of productivity and profits. Network issues Which cable? What server? WEP or WPA? Is the route clear? Are the lights flashing? Completing diagnostics and knowing how to perform the right tests will help the users get up and running again quickly.

10 You will learn… Assistive technologies for specified needs. What it means to be an ICT technician supporting users. IP addresses, MAC addresses and network types. LANs, WANs, IDs, CAT5, WiFi and PING. Computer hardware components and how they work. Common computer problems and how to fix them quickly.

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