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The Lego “Universe” From BRICKS to BITS

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1 The Lego “Universe” From BRICKS to BITS

2 Early History Wooden toys – 1932 Name Origin: LEg GOdt (Danish) = Play Well Coincidentally, LEGO also means “I assemble” in Latin

3 Early History 1947 – First plastic moulding machine in Denmark “Automatic Binding Bricks” – Lego Bricks

4 Early History

5 Export 1955 – Sweden System i leg


7 Pieces “They must fit firmly, yet be easily disassembled” Precision of 10 micrometers Bricks from 1958 still interlock with those made in the current time

8 Legoland

9 Digital Pieces All started with Mindstorm NXT saving Lego in 1998 Digital Designer software

10 Digital Pieces Games LEGO island (Playstation) LEGO Universe (PC)


12 LEGO Universe MMOG Began - October 26, 2010 End - January 31, 2012 Use your imagination to play Virtual play space where kids can be kids, safe from unwelcome internet lurkers Everything built in the game must be buidable in real life

13 LEGO Universe Players receive their own property Constructions, animals, plants, anything... Animate your creations with icon-based programming – Mindstorm Buy your creation – Desing By Me

14 LEGO Universe

15 LEGO “IN THE BEGINNING, there was the brick”

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