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Strengthsfinder A practical tool for: Gaining self awareness Increasing personal performance Effective interviewing.

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1 Strengthsfinder A practical tool for: Gaining self awareness Increasing personal performance Effective interviewing

2 The Coach Bob Hakes General Manager, Kemps Strengths as a company culture 1.Context – insights from the past 2.Individualization – interpersonal uniqueness 3.Maximizer - excellence, next level 4.Arranger – shuffle, effective flexibility 5. Relator – engaged, one on one

3 Overview Gaining self awareness Development short cuts Top line intro to Strengthsfinder Increasing personal performance Strength providers Finding your flow Effective interviewing Strengths, substance and spiritually-centering questions Interview prep Over prepare, then go with the flow

4 Development short cuts Assessment Support Challenge Support Coaching Mentoring Friend Peers Self awareness Strengthsfinder Bar-On Meyers Briggs Challenge (interview examples) Roles Setbacks Projects Gaining self awareness

5 Strengthsfinder overview Unique--millions of combinations  Your signature thumb print (everyone is different)  How your energy and excellence are best expressed Positive Psychology  Build on what works Practical tool  Vernacular to identify talents  Develop talents  Leverage strengths Gaining self awareness

6 Strengthsfinder overview Talent = Latent Strength Strength = Applied Talent Top 5 vs. 34 Top 5 = 80% of what you do naturally Another 20%, so probably a #6, 7, or 8 in play Strengths are only part of all the factors of performance  Values  Character  Social EQ  Maturity Gaining self awareness

7 Strengths: in a word/phrase Achiever – drive to accomplish, closure in the dayFuturistic – sees an inspiring vision of the future Activator – act/decide, proactive in the momentHarmony – consensus builder, great at assists Adaptability – mold/flex, radically in the momentIdeation – innovate, sees break thru ideas Analytical – microscopic seeing, prove it to meIncluder – widen the circle, outgoing team builder Arranger – shuffle, organize, effective flexibilityIndividualization – discriminating, uniqueness Belief – values, transcendent causeInput – hyper curious, encyclopedic knowledge Command – will, influence, leadIntellection – deep study, simplify complexity (E=mc2) Communication – story teller, translatorLearner – drive to competence, can do, tackle new things Competition – win, compareMaximizer – excellence, leverage, next level Connectedness – transcendent meaning, 360* seeingPositivity – enthusiasm, fun, contagious optimism Consistency – fairness, equitable, guidelines/SOPRelator – engaged, friendship, one on one Context – sees/learns insights from the pastResponsibility – deep personal ownership, follow thru Deliberative – careful, close to the vest, sees obstaclesRestorative – fix, return to prior functioning Developer – encouraging, sees potential, next stepSelf assurance – self confidence, sense of self Discipline – create structure/order to gain efficiencySignificance – count, excels in spot light Empathy – feelings count, sense feelings of others Strategic – sees optimal path, recognizes big pic patterns Focus – create structure/order to accomplish goalWoo – interpersonal persuasion, influence Gaining self awareness

8 Strengths organization Traction Lifestyle Wild Card (Great at initial first steps, get movement, they have (These themes add seasoning/flavor to (These themes fit well with the other 32 spikes on them and are pervasive to others). the other strengths, orientation to life). and can’t really over function). Activator Adaptability Communication Command Belief Learner Focus Consistency Discipline Driving Harmony Problem Solving (Keep initiative progressing at rapid pace, more personal). Positivity (These strengths find solutions and next steps). Achiever Responsibility Analytical Competition Arranger Maximizer Seeing Deliberative Self-assurance (Show how we view the world around us). Input Significance Analytical Restorative Connectedness Interpersonal Context (Working with and approach to others, relationship building). Deliberative Problem Identification Developer Futuristic (Brain stormers, pattern recog, clean sheet of paper). Empathy Ideation Ideation Includer Strategic Intellection Individualization Strategic Maximizer Relator Woo Gaining self awareness

9 Effective strengths collaboration How to utilize diverse strengths –Gain a head start –Consider all the issues –More well rounded Increasing personal performance

10 Greg’s Top Five Woo Strategic Positivity Self-Assurance Activator - Great networker, very persuasive, influence peddler. -Powerful selling configuration. -Ideal job – executive level selling. Bob’s Top Five Context Individualization Maximizer Arranger Relator -Strong interpersonal strengths, practical problem solver. -Powerful configuration for leveraging people’s abilities. - Ideal job – team leader, develop people. Increasing personal performance

11 Relator & Woo Strategic & Context Contrasting strengths rub vs collaborate Increasing personal performance

12 Find your flow Leverage strengths, experience, skills, knowledge. Good for the company and good for you. Good for company Good for you optimal Increasing personal performance

13 Strengths & value creation 1. Strength-surfacing questions. A. What do you yearn to do? B. What kind of work have people told you in the past sets you apart? C. What are you naturally drawn to, even when it’s not part of your role? D. What do you pick up on quickly, with untutored excellence or aptitude? E. When was the last time you felt you were in the zone? F. What brings you deep satisfaction? G. Describe a time you added exceptional value and got results? 2. What common threads emerge from your answers above? 3. What do these common threads say about your unique value? Effective interviewing

14 Substance & capacity questions 1.What are you passionate about? 2.What are your non-negotiables? 3.Tell me about the last mistake you made? 4.What was the last difficult decision you made? What made it difficult? 5.Describe a time you took an unpopular position, stood up for the underdog or backed someone who was wrongly accused. 6.What circumstances bring out positive emotion (Eustress) in you? Same question for negative emotion (distress). 7.What have you found to be the keys to managing your emotional weather patterns? 8.Describe a time you got results by working with someone with complementary strengths and skills. What worked? Were there any frustrations? Effective interviewing

15 Spiritually centering questions 1.What do you feel God has prepared for you? How are you doing? Hopeful? Despair? 2.What connection do you find between God, your strengths and your best & true self? 3.Describe a time in the past when God spoke clearly to you? What were your surroundings? What did it feel like? 4.How can your strengths become virtuous? What is the value of virtuous strengths? 5.How do you refuel spiritually? Effective interviewing

16 ©2010 Hakes/Edwards - All rights reserved Interview structure Business Summary Why did your job exist? How did your job drive profit for the company? 30 seconds Value Proposition What unique value did you bring to your job? What were you known for? 30 seconds STAR examples SUMMARIZE the situation Describe the TASK at hand What ACTION steps were taken What were the RESULTS 90 seconds Effective interviewing

17 ©2010 Hakes/Edwards - All rights reserved STAR examples Principles Examples give you credibility Your accomplishments from the past will be repeated in the future Areas of what counts Tasks that demonstrate: 1.Initiative and follow through 2.Taking a leadership role 3.Effective problem solving 4.Effective communication – persuading a person or group of people 5.Working with others collaboratively 6.Creativity and innovation 7.Results achieved through priority setting 8.Technical mastering Effective interviewing

18 ©2010 Hakes/Edwards - All rights reserved STAR example worksheet S ummarize summarize the situation, pithy facts and embellish T ask insert what counts for the task at hand A ction insert the strength leveraged during your action step R esults be clear, finish strong, primary and secondary Effective interviewing

19 ©2010 Hakes/Edwards - All rights reserved STAR example worksheet SummarizeNeeded team approval on new business initiative/proposal TaskCommunicating, influence, working with others ActionIndividualization – during presentation used language that uniquely spoke to each decision maker, pre-presentation provided information to slower decision maker, checked in often to clarify ResultsInitiative approved - Created excitement, generated momentum Effective interviewing

20 ©2010 Hakes/Edwards - All rights reserved Over prepare, then read & react Effective interviewing

21 ©2010 Hakes/Edwards - All rights reserved Meeting structure Meeting I. Review Strengthsfinder top 5 and strengths-surfacing answers. Develop a clear value proposition. Introduce substance & capacity and spiritual-centering questions. Meeting II. Play back your understanding of strengths and value proposition. Review substance & capacity and spiritual-centering answers. Intro biz summary and value proposition. Meeting III. Tie together the three Q&A worksheets. Practice biz summary and value proposition. Intro STAR examples. Meeting IV. Review completed STAR worksheet. Practice two examples. Effective interviewing

22 ©2010 Hakes/Edwards - All rights reserved Coaching information Coaching definition: helping someone meet the requirements of the game. Coaches: Dawn Edwards, Bob Hakes Next steps if interested: Read “Now Discover Your Strengths” by Buckingham and Clifton. Take the Strengthsfinder test to determine your top 5. Fill out the strength and value creation worksheet (slide 13). Contact Bud Becker at Effective interviewing

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