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Core Values of Development

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1 Core Values of Development

2 development is both: physical reality and a state of mind.
in general, development means to have a “better” and “more humane” life. such statement must be reevaluated from time to time to determine what “better” and more means. such answer for developing nations today is not necessarily the same as it would have been in previous decades.

3 three basic components or core values serve as a conceptual basis and guideline for understanding the inner meaning of development. these are common goals sought by all individuals and societies they relate to fundamental human needs

4 Sustenance: The Ability to Meet Basic Needs
sustaining basic human needs: food, health, and protection. if any is absent or in short supply: a condition of “absolute underdevelopment” exists. a basic function of all economic activity: to provide as many people as possible with the means of overcoming the helplessness and misery arising fro such shortness.

5 without sustained and contiguous economic progress at the individual and societal level, the realization of the human potential would not be possible. rising per capita incomes, the elimination of absolute poverty, grater employment opportunities, and lessening income inequalities are “necessary” but not “sufficient” conditions for development.

6 Self-Esteem: To Be a Person
a sense of worth and self-respect society’s values: differs across countries worthiness and esteem in developed vs. undeveloped

7 Freedom from Servitude: To Be Able to Choose
“the advantage of economic growth is not that wealth increases happiness, but it increases the range of human choices”

8 the 3 objectives of development
development is both: physical reality and a state of mind in which society has (through some combination of social, economic, and institutional process), secured the means for obtaining better life.

9 to increase the availability and widen the distribution of basic life-sustaining goods (food, shelter, and protection) to rise levels of living (higher income, more jobs, better education, greater attention to culture and human values...) to expand the range of economic and social choices

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