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Adaptive Headlight System Betzayda Rivera Projects II Design Review Tuesday, 9-16-03.

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1 Adaptive Headlight System Betzayda Rivera Projects II Design Review Tuesday, 9-16-03

2 Background Currently, –Headlights shine directly in front of a vehicle –The high to low beam transition is manual –In general, the same beam shines all the time just at different intensities

3 Project Objectives To ENHANCE the existing functionality Improve VISIBILITY Decrease number of night time accidents Increase SAFETY for drivers & pedestrians

4 First Feature Adaptive Headlights: –BMW animationBMW animation

5 Second Feature High to Low beam transition: –High => Low with oncoming traffic or city environment –Low => High after lighted situation passes How? Light/Dark Sensor

6 Third Enhancement Speed Controlled Beam Orientation: –Narrow & lengthen the beam at HIGH speeds –Widen & shorten the beam at LOW speeds How? Secondary Reflector

7 Analysis & Specifications Vishay Spectrol –Full 360 degree Smart Position Sensor Light Sensor –Two methods under experimentation Darlington Light Sensor Cricket Light Sensor Four Servo Motors –Two to control large reflective plate –Two to control smaller outer reflector

8 Analysis & Specifications Vishay Spectrol Smart Position Sensor Electrical Component Supply Voltage4.5 to 5.5 VDC Supply Current20 mA max Resolutionmin of 0.5 degrees Electrical Track360 degrees continuous Analog Vout> 90% of supply Output Impedence1 ohm typically Mechanical Component Rotation360 degrees continuous Rotational Speed5 max revs/sec for 60sec Max Torque3.68 (0.5) mNm (oz in) Weight30 gm Environmental Component Operating Life5,000,000 Cycles

9 Analysis & Specifications DarlingtonCricket SW1 = Toggle switch R1 = LDR R2 = 10k ohm R3 = 1k ohm VR1 = 10k ohm BZ1 = Buzzer D1 = Diode (1N4001) Transistor = (TIP 121)

10 Analysis & Specifications Two Large Inner Reflective Plates –Used to aim the headlight during turns –Servo positioned in center; weight distribution –45 degree total mobility Two Small Outer Reflective Plates –Used to narrow or widen beam by speed –Servo positioned in center; weight distribution –30 degree total mobility

11 Power Consumption Relatively Low Power Stationary System; therefore Utilize Wall Power.

12 Timeline Scheduled WorkTaskActual Completion Date Week 1Final Proposal Due (R 9.11.03 10a)9.10.03 Week 1Investigate and Select Sensors & Actuators9.15.03 Week 1Prepare HC12 for program simulation with lamp/switch board Week 1/2Begin Website Creation9.12.03 Week 2Design Review Presentation (T 9.16.03 10a)9.16.03 After Design Review Week 2 (9.16.03)Finalize Component List and Methods; Update Proposal Week 2 (9.20.03)Acquire Components9.15.03 (begun) Week 2Begin HC12 Simulations Week 2 (9.17.03)Acquire Test data Week 2 (9.18.03)Experiment with servo/mechanical method to move reflectors or find better method Week 3Experiment with sensors Week 3Build encasing and headlight setups; Test separate from HC12 Week 4Interface tested physical components to HC12 Week 5Connect all components together & test full sys. Demo Prep. Week 6Prepare what is left of Write Up & Demo.

13 Test Plan Test Data –Steering wheel rotation vs headlight movement –Light/Dark standards and cutoffs Vishay Spectoral Rotational Position Sensor –Test alone –Test with servos and HC12 for position analysis –Test with servos and load to calibrate

14 Test Plan Sensors –Darlington Light sensor circuit is equip with a buzzer for independent testing –Cricket Light sensor setup designed light an LED when active then HC12 beep during demo for audio indication Servos –Expansion from Projects I; test with load for available torque and repeatability

15 Safety Concerns Purpose is to ENHANCE the safety of all!!

16 Total Expected System Cost ($736) Component Priced PaidExpected Price HC12 MicroController RIT$150 Servo Motors (2) $30$15 /each Servo Motors (2) RIT$8 /each Light Sensor (Darlington) $10 setup Cricket Light Sensor (CDS Photocell, heat shrink, 3 position connector) $10 setup Smart Position Sensor (Vishay Spectrol) sample~ $300 /each Steering wheel and column (junk yard) $20 Mirrors (2 long ; 2 short) $15 /all Light Bulbs (4) $30 Headlight encasings (junkyard) $20 Light Meter for tabulating data & testing RIT$70 2x4 wood beams for mounting $10 External Lighting for testing & demo PreOwned$15 Batteries (flashlights, etc) $10 Misc (screws, wire, solder, R, C, etc) $30

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