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2 Indonesia & its neighbors

3 Short facts - 1 Capital: Jakarta Population: 240.271.522 (July 09 est) Islands: 17.508 islands Size: 5.150 km accross National language: Indonesian Local languages: over 580 Religion: 87% Islam + 13% Christian, Hindu, Budha. Currency: Rupiah (Rp) 9000 /US$ Climate: Tropical, humid, temperature +/- 80F, constant day & night length Season: dry (April – October) rainy (November – March) Topography: Low lands & high lands - 128 active volcanoes - Deep sea & corral reefs

4 Short facts - 2 History: * Were kingdoms: Sriwijya, Majapahit, Mataram etc * Colonial time: Dutch 350 years, Japanese 3,5 years. * Independent: August 17, 1945 * Republic with several special territories * 33 provinces * Free election since 2004 * A young country

5 Short facts - 3 Health: N1H1 Vacination No more malaria Education: * Compulsary education up to JHS * Many good universities * English as the second language


7 Java & Bali Island


9 SPECIAL IN BOUND BALI FESTIVALS: 1995 1997 2010 2012?






15 The Ubud Palace


17 SPECIAL OUT BOUND ENGLISH TEACHERS: 2008: USA: 20 Person to Atlanta, Lake Hartwell, Charlotte 2009: Australia: 15 Person to Adelaide, North Moreton HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: 2010: USA 36 Person to Western North Carolina, Knoxville & Atlanta HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPALS: 2010: USA – 22 Person to Sacramento (+ San Fransisco & Los Angeles)

18 PLAN FOR 2011 etc. OUT BOUND: - Language Teachers - High School Principals - Junior High School Principals - High School Students - Boys & Girls Scouts - Regular Exchanges IN BOUND: - Regular Exchange - Environmental / Eco Exchange - Teachers

19 BENEFIT TO THE TEACHERS Practice & improve their English Get additional knowledge in teaching - creative not only in class room - new perspective to education system - student centered - students free to express opinion - lots of practice vs theory - Clear instructions & examples - Service Excellence Learn about the culture & the people Widen their horizon Change the paradigm about host country and its people Become close friend to host family Love own Family, School, Country more

20 BENEFIT TO THE PRINCIPLES Learn other educational system Learn other administration system Widen their horizon, bring change and improvement in education system, social life & new paradigms Make new foreign friends Practice speaking English

21 BENEFIT TO THE SCHOOL Received new ideas Developed a sister school link Possibilities for periodical Teacher and Students exchange Increased its popularity

22 BENEFIT TO THE STUDENTS Practice and improve their English Make new friends Small city and big city comparison Learn and show own cultures - traditional dances, musics, dresses Get chance to visit and compare Universities Travel to foreign country less expensively Learn new culture Widen their horizon Get the best in their teenage life!

23 IMPRESSION FROM A STUDENT The program was good and I enjoyed the time that I spent. The hostfam were really nice and took care of us I learnt many new things, about the differences between big city(L.A) and and small city (Ashville, Winston- Salem), about the culture, the people, and also the school system( which is really different with Indonesia) It was really great experience when i could join the high school even only a day. I also have a good opportunity to show and promote about Indonesia culture by performing our traditional dancing.- Overall it was a really an unforgetable experience since that was my first time visiting America. Make me realized that America is really great country and there are so many inetersting things to learn and explore. for next time, i just wonder that would be better if the the program,especially for student, has more time that allowed us to join high school there, not just a day, but few days. And I also suggest to visit more big cities and spend longer time there, like New York and Washington DC, because actually that are some cities that most of student dream to visit. Naomi Aisha (Student)

24 The students

25 They were here once

26 Traditional dance

27 BENEFIT TO THE ‘SENDING’ CLUBS Additional members Of younger age range Increase of cash Free meeting places Free drinks & snacks New stories to share

28 BENEFIT TO HOST CLUBS New activities Increase awareness in community New friends from different country Know model and example of other people and its culture, especially their religion

29 CONCERNS From ‘Sending’ clubs: - Teacher dominant members - Out bound & In bound must consider school calendar activities - Can not give cost subsidy From Students, Teachers & Principals: - Expensive cost to participate - Permits to go - Timing to go - Time to prepare From Students: - Need more than 1 day in HS - Too little English classes compared to sight seeing - Want to join other classes to know how they study

30 A TEACHER’S IMPRESSION I feel I was the luckiest teacher on earth because I can join teacher exchange program conducted by Friendship Force International. The program has brought thousands opportunity for me & my school to spread our wings to fly higher. (later, our school SMAN 8 Jakarta has students exchange program to USA). We learnt a lot when we were in the USA, learning American culture, changing our point of view about American people, giving information about Indonesia & Islam people in Indonesia.

31 A TEACHER’S IMPRESSION – Cont. I feel so close to our host fams. They are so kind; unlike the characters in Hollywood movies we've seen. I still communicate with my host fams. I welcome them if they plan to visit Indonesia. One thing for sure beside thousand benefits we got from the exchange program, we like become a very big family that spread all over the world. We become aware to what happen in the country we have visited in this case USA. I thank God & all people in friendship force who make our dream come true to be able to visit USA & learn much from well reputable American professors & observe American culture. I do really want to return to USA. Desi Purnama Kurniawati. Teacher of SMA8 Jakarta. Participant of teacher exchange program 2008

32 A HOST E.D. IMPRESSION Thanks for giving us the Indonesian exchange, I think it was the best exchange that I have ever participated in. The Students and Teachers were wonderful, we could not have asked for a better group. Desi was a thrill to work with, she was so organized and every minute was planned. I have attached a write up and some pictures of the events. Thank you Allison for helping put this together, I would only make one suggestion, don't split the group up for the second week, there are clubs that will take a large group. In Friendship Doug Judkins (Western NC)

33 Excerpt of his report What a wonderful experience we all had with the Indonesian students and teachers. I can only speak for myself and others that have said to me that they truly love the experience of hosting such a wonderful group of students and teachers. On Wednesday April 14 th the young group arrived at the Asheville Airport a little apprehensive about staying with an older group of people By the end of the week we had all became great friends and they felt that we were their grandparents. This was the largest exchange group that we had ever hosted and I would suggest we do it again; it keeps us young keeping us with the younger generation. When we said our good-byes and they headed off in three different directions to their next destinations, there were a few tears in their and our eyes. What a wonderful experience we had. I have become a firm believer in exchanges involving the younger generation for this is where the leaders of tomorrow are coming from. By becoming involved in international travel they will “change the way they see the world”. Each student arrived with a preconceived idea of America and Western North Carolina. As some of them said, “It’s different than in the movies”, people are so friendly and the air is clean. The students really enjoyed going to the local high school and sitting in the classes with the local students. After school about 30 local high school students walked them downtown and had good conversations with the students. On Saturday night we had a Pizza party for the Indonesian students that involved about 14 local students. They sang, played guitar and piano and had 2 hours of great fun together. The students performed for us 3 times, once at the welcome dinner, once at the Earth Day in Asheville and at the Pizza party. They had a tremendous performance and we were grateful they brought their costumes with them and gave us great performances. Doug Judkins (WNC)

34 HOW DO WE DO IT? Contact FFI: - Consent - Find a host club - Cost subsidy? Cost calculations Announce to the clubs Appoint an ED Contact Ministry of Education - Permit - Announce to schools - Help to finance - Meet the candidates Contact the US Embassy - Cultural section - Visa

35 WHAT NEXT? Communication: - Between EDs - FFI Preparations: - Visa - Orientations - Practices & rehearsals

36 WHO ARE INTERESTED? TO SEND: (To English speaking countries) - English teacher - Educator - Student TO HOST: - Teacher - Educator - Student - Scout Get organized: Contact FFI, Appoint an ED, Contact local Schools & Universities.

37 Thank you Terima kasih


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