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The Rivage Site corner of Ridge, Kelly and Calumet at the Falls Bridge.

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1 The Rivage Site corner of Ridge, Kelly and Calumet at the Falls Bridge

2 Background Site is owned by the RDA Bought to make sure development was good for the community Not a large site – 1.6 acres RDA has issued a Request for Proposals – public process due Oct. 3 At the request of the EFDC, Selection Committee will include a Community Representative from the EFCC

3 The EFDC has worked with the RDA to have a community process The EFDC will inform the community about the process (such as this meeting, articles in the Fallser). The EFCC will have a representative to the Selection Committee. The RDA will eliminate any application that does not meet minimum selection criteria and Eligible Projects will be presented at a meeting of the EFCC – tentatively scheduled for Oct. 17, 18, if more than three developers submit proposals. Community members will give input to developers at the meeting and to the community representative The community representative will participate in the recommendation of the selection of the developer. If there are zoning changes, they will come before the Community

4 RFP requires the developer to do things beyond a normal development – usually the end of a zoning process and not beginning The Developer will pay for Phase IV of East Falls Reconnects to the River: widen Ridge Avenue and Calumet Street along the site. The Developer must address the community’s Controls and Guidelines

5 Rivage Development Controls and Guidelines Controls: those elements that must be met Controls: those elements that must be met Guidelines: those elements that are encouraged to best serve the site and the surrounding community. Guidelines: those elements that are encouraged to best serve the site and the surrounding community. Proposals will be evaluated as to the extent they meet both controls and guidelines.

6 Site Constraints

7 Control: A plan for parking, service and loading “The developer must provide a plan for parking, service and loading, including access and egress, that mitigates any impact on surrounding streets.”  EF Overlay requires: Retail: 4 spaces for every 1000 sq.ft. For restaurants: 1 space for every 4 seats.  Zoning requires: New residential must have one space per unit.

8 Aldi’s in West Philly – not mixed use. 3.6 spaces per 1000 sq.ft.

9 9 stories with grocery – subsidized by U of P

10 Specialized Markets Big supermarket (Acme, ShopRite) does not fit on the site and won’t come here Smaller or specialized markets (Fresh Grocer, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s) in Philadelphia usually do not meet our retail parking requirements Smaller market alone is not feasible

11 Whole Foods in Spring Garden 2.5 cars per 1000 sq.ft.

12 Trader Joe’s on Market Street Ratio: 2.9 spaces per 1000 sq.ft.

13 Traffic Controls No drive through uses allowed No access on Kelly Drive Loading on site No back up delivery trucks

14 Control: Kelly Drive Buffer in 25 foot setback A landscape design should be created within the 25' setback between Kelly Drive and any structure.- landscaped berm or stormwater management

15 Control: build public streets Widen Calumet for left turn onto Kelly Drive Widen Ridge for on street parking, with turning lane for the am rush hour.

16 Kelly Drive widen road for parking and a.m. turning Widen road for stacking 25 foot set-back Landscaped buffer or berm

17 Guideline: Height Variance – set back For developers seeking a height or building length variance above the overlay standard: Overlay: 25 foot minimum height and 35 foot maximum height at the set-back line. One foot higher allowed for every foot back with a Maximum height shall continue to be 60 feet. Any additional height should be concentrated along the Ridge Avenue, Calumet Street frontages or the new proposed western elevation. Variations in cornice line are encouraged

18 When it is done right, it can work: Lively storefronts and housing

19 Example: Variation in Cornice Line

20 Guideline: Gateways and Architecture  “The development should be considered and designed as a gateway to the East Falls Community. The corners of Kelly & Calumet & Ridge offer exceptional possibilities to express this idea and the developer is encouraged to consider that notion.”  “Use of high quality materials.”

21 Gateway architecture includes variation in cornice line

22 Gateway with Cafe

23 Green Building Incorporate green building techniques

24 Make it pedestrian friendly Public space on Calumet Street to draw people info the neighbhrood Streetscape and signage according to East Falls Reconnects to the Rver Good ground floor uses

25 Next Steps Proposals come in Oct. 3 Evaluated for basic compliance Community meetings in October Developer Selection by December

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