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Dorset Road Infrastructure Improvements.

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1 Dorset Road Infrastructure Improvements.
Dorset is a very expensive area to build in, but has less transport demands than other counties. So although the money buys less, it doesn’t need a motorway, it just needs a reasonable transport structure other decent single carriageways, and a strong dual carriageway backbone. Other counties need more lanes, and more roads, Dorset needs one trunk road, and good link roads to the towns alongside. Most of the roads already exist, they just need straightening and widening. The bare minimum is to tackle the congestion The next target is to add safer roads with good over taking places The ultimate target is an renovation to our trunk road that carries people from one end of the county to the other, and bypasses the Poole and Bournemouth conurbation with seriously powerful link roads to the heart of this area. There is environmentally protected land, but there are alternatives – but these are more costly. Building costs are still rising in Dorset, if we don’t build now, the costs will double very soon.

2 The very bare minimum plan for Dorset to achieve the goal of tackling the most congested spots.
Total Cost: £555M Poole Link Road £150M (Ameysford roundabout to Mannings Heath roundabout) Grade separated dual carriageway Dumbbell junction A341 Dumbbell junction B3073 Wallisdown Bypass £120M (Alderney roundabout to A338 Richmond Hill Speed Camera) Dumbbell junction A3040 Ringwood Junction A31 £20M Westbound carriageway widened to 3 lanes from Ringwood to Ashley Heath Christchurch Bypass £100M (BlackWater junction to Christchurch Bypass) Dual carriageway – no junctions BlackWater Junction rebuilt as motorway style junction Wareham Link Road £100M (Baker Arms roundabout to Wareham Bypass North roundabout) Dual carriageway - at grade Roundabout access for Holton Heath Roundabout (link single carriageway road) to Morden Road Puddletown Bypass extension £50M (Bockhampton to Stinsford Roundabout) Dual carriageway – LILO junctions only Wool Northern Bypass £15M (Woolbridge Manor to Burton Cross roundabout) Single Carriageway – no junctions

3 The bare minimum with expandability, the goal being to improve safety on dangerous roads and link towns with the main road network. As well as providing the safest overtaking options. Defining ‘Fixed 3 lane sections’ as a 3 lane road where only one direction may use it, mininum ¾ mile. As A303 Illchester bypass. Additional Cost: £180M Swanage Link Road £80M (Corfe Castle to Swanage, alongside railway line) Single carriageway with 4 fixed 3 lane sections where possible Weymouth A354 enhancement £20M (Stadium roundabout to relief road) Additional 3 lanes sections in each direction where possible Wool Bypass upgrade to Dual Carriageway £10M Dual carriageway from Burton Cross roundabout to Tout Hill roundabout) Other Bypasses (single carriageway) Broadmayne £20M Lytchett A350 area £20M Other Fixed 3 lane sections A352, 4 sections £15M A350, Roundhouse roundabout to A35, 4 sections £15M

4 The long term plan for Dorset, a single high capacity fast Trunk Road (A31) from Dorchester to Ringwood. (Renumbering Puddletown Bypass). A35 follows Wallisdown bypass, Upton Bypass, Wareham Bypass, current A352, joins A31 at existing Wareham junction on Dorchester Bypass. Additional Cost: £410M Bere Regis to Winterbourne Zelston £50M Widen existing road, built new carriageway alongside Grade separated junction at Bere Regis, link to Winterbourne Kingston road Winterbourne Zelston to A350 £100M Grade Separated (small) junction with B3075 Full Grade Separated Junction with A350 A350 to St Huberts Church £40M Dumbbell junction with B3074 (and existing A31 downgraded to B3074) St Huberts Church to Lake Gates roundabout £20M LILO for side road access Dumbbell junction for Lake Gates Lake Gates to Canford Bottom roundabout £70M New course bypassing Merley roundabout, existing road become slip roads Full Grade Separation at Canford Bottom roundabout Canford Bottom Roundabout to Ameysford roundabout £30M Full Grade separation at Ameysford for Poole Link Road St Leonards 3 lane Dual Carriageway bypass £100M

5 Upgrade to A350 from A31 to A35, serves West side of Poole and Wareham.
Cost £30M

6 Other nearby upgrades in other Counties
Upgrade of A338 from Ringwood to M4 to full grade separated dual carriageway, including: Eastern Bypass for Salisbury Wide Southern A303 Bypass around Stone Henge (interplex with A338) Dual carriageway link to A36 (Southampton) Cost £1.5BN Benefits: Major relief to A31 New Forest, and entire A34. A338 continues past M4 as existing A419 continuous dual carriageway to M5 (bar 1 miles) Completion of A303 Grade Separated Dual Carriageway to M5 using A358 Cost £500M Benefits: Major link road from Cornwall / Devon to London completed. Southern and Eastern Bypass for Lymington (A337 / A35 interplex to dual carriageway) Cost £80M Benefits: Major stress relief to Lymington Major enhancement to free flowing traffic in New Forest A31 (New Forest) uphill 3 lane sections, GSJ at Rufus Stone, and additional junctions to serve New Forest. Cost £50M Benefits: Help New Forest benefit from A31

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