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Scotland’s Independent Community Energy Development Charity Scottish Charity Number: SC039673 Nicholas Gubbins.

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1 Scotland’s Independent Community Energy Development Charity Scottish Charity Number: SC Nicholas Gubbins May 2011 Ensuring Popular Benefits from the Renewables Revolution

2 We help communities across Scotland to own and operate renewable energy installations. We believe communities can become stronger, more self reliant and resilient by generating their own energy and using it efficiently. We provide training, finance and practical help. We are a voice for communities who want to act now for a more secure and sustainable energy future. What we do Eriskay W2H

3 What are the potential benefits – and how do we realise them?

4 1. Energy Security support for distributed generation invest in storage capacity incentivise demand management reduce consumption – ‘green-plating’ businesses, homes, community buildings Orkney widget SiteReadingScale Orkney Demand19.94MW Orkney Renewable Energy15.95MW

5 2. Energy price stabilisation widen use of renewable energy incentives for transport, heat maximise diversity of supply and geographic coverage Electric vehicle – Methil, Fife

6 3. Reduction in wasted energy more support for local generation/ local use/smart grids widen use of renewable electricity - reduce transmission losses ensure efficient use of biomass – not wood to wire plants Isle of Eigg – integrated renewables and demand management

7 4. Economic development and jobs Balcas Ltd – wood pellet presses – adding local value employ locally, transferrable skills strengthening of distribution network incentive local grid ownership design contracts to allow tender access by local firms apprenticeships and training disclose local employment levels in development add value locally – displace imports

8 5. Local long-term revenue at local level build stronger developer / community partnerships: support communities to engage overcome current ‘free for all’ community benefit arrangements direct community benefit into fuel poverty / local renewable measures extend support to community groups to develop own schemes promote active engagement in urban areas Tiree Community Wind Turbine – 900kW

9 6. Strengthened, resilient communities Nevis Centre, Fort William – 400kW Biomass Boiler House ~ £25,000 annual saving compared with oil continue promotion of micro renewables + insulation Low cost finance for communities – FIT / RHI problems widen permitted development rules Re- investment in service provision Additional events and classes Additional income from additional events 8500 additional visits pa £10,000 pa saving on fuel Averon Leisure Centre, Alness

10 7. Transformational change – resilient communities fuel poverty action school projects Local food skills energy efficiency measures awareness raising sustainable transport social enterprises local business greening local facilities Strengthen support for community training promotion of potential benefits improved linkages with schools investing for community benefit - support

11 8. Communities – driving local developments – supporting renewables support this constellation of groups to increase energy awareness and take next steps Support Community Energy Scotland!

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