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Handheld and Portable Raman Solutions Keegan A. McHose Regional Sales Manager |

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1 Handheld and Portable Raman Solutions Keegan A. McHose Regional Sales Manager |

2 We Are Your Spectroscopy Partner Global Leader with > 10,000 Portable and Handheld Raman Systems B&W Tek, China Ming Shen Commercial Plaza 400 CaoBao Rd., Suite 2206, Shanghai , China Phone: B&W Tek, Japan F, Kamiochiai, Chuo-ku, Saitama-city, Saitama , Japan Phone: +81(0) B&W Tek, Corporate Headquarters 19 Shea Way Newark, DE 19713, USA Phone: Web: B&W Tek, Europe Seelandstraße 14-16, Lübeck, Germany Phone: +49(0) |

3 Raman Spectroscopy | 1 photon : 1,000,000 Raleigh Unchanged Elastic Scattering Raman Inelastic Scattering Laser 785 nm Excitation

4 Mid-IRNIR reflectanceRaman Mechanism: absorption by fundamental molecular vibrational modes Molecular Specificity: high Signal Strength: strong Energy: cm -1 Sampling: direct material contact required, glass and water appear opaque; can rarely see through container materials Hardware: probes extremely expensive, and short in length, size and weight Mechanism: absorption by harmonics of fundamental vibrational modes of X-H bonds (e.g., N-H, O-H) Molecular Specificity: low Signal Strength: weak Energy: ,500 cm -1 Sampling: non-contact, but close proximity to material required (<5 mm) Hardware: longer probes possible (meters); quartz optics; dispersive, interferometry common Mechanism: inelastic scattering by vibrational, rotational, low frequency molecular modes. Molecular Specificity: high Signal Strength: weak Energy: cm -1 shift Sampling: container interference is mitigated by accessories Hardware: CCD detection; quartz optics; long probes common (kilometers in some cases) |

5 NanoRam Technical Specifications | NanoRam BWS455 Detector TE Cooled linear CCD Array Excitation 785nm ± 0.5nm, Stability <0.5cm-1, Linewidth <2.0cm- 1 mW tunable from 0 mW to 300 mW Laser Power Control 0 to 100% in 10% increments Range / Resolution 176cm-1 to 2900cm-1 ~ nm Display High Visibility OLED touch screen, 3.7" size Barcode Reader 1D and 2D barcodes Data Formats.txt,.csv,.spc DC Power 12V DC at 6.6 Amps Battery Rechargeable Li-ion Battery, > 5 hours operation PC Software NID Computer Interface USB 2.0, Wifi

6 NanoRam Raman Technology  Optimal excitation wavelength of 785nm to reduce fluorescence  Complies with USP and EP Ch guidelines for Raman spectroscopy  Accepted cGMP analytical testing method to replace wet chemistry: ICH Q2 R1 |

7 NanoRam Innovations  State of the art laser and cooled sensor technology increases sensitivity  Open software design for third party software applications  Transfer libraries from instrument to instrument easily |

8 NanoRam Lean Material Lifecycle  Incoming non-destructive testing of Raw Materials  Reducing Waste in the Dispensing Suite  Plastic Packaging Identification  At line identification of intermediates  Final product identification  Substandard, Adulterants, and Counterfeit Deterrent |

9  No sample preparation required  Scan through:  Polyethylene Bags  Borosilicate Glass Vials  Disposable Pipette  Touch Screen allows for quick documentation of sample information NanoRam Ease of Use |

10  Performance Qualification using polystyrene takes less than one minute  Wireless reporting for reduced documentation lead time  Remote Administration to reduce unit down time  Clear Pass/ Fail results  Attachments provide laser safety with built in interlock NanoRam Ease of Use |

11 NanoRam Good Documentation Practices  Fully Traceable results with:  Time/ Date Stamps  User  System Presets  Etc.  Personalize to your company reporting preference with NID  Reported to a secure database that can be linked to your LIMs |

12 i-Raman ® Plus Technical Specifications | i-Raman® Plus BWS465 DetectorBack-Thinned CCD Array Excitation532 nm785 nm830 nm mW< 50mW< 300mW Range / Resolution 532 S: cm-1 ~ 614nm 785 S: cm-1 ~ 912nm cm-1 ~ 912nm Range / Resolution 532 H: cm-1 ~ 614nm 785 H: cm-1 ~ 912nm Detector Detail-2°C TE Cooled Back-Thinned CCD Array Dynamic Range50,000:1 Power 5VDC at 5.5 amp Optional Battery w/ DC only

13 i-Raman ® Plus  Higher S/N ratio allows for greater specificity of materials  Greater range allows you to see more  C-H Stretching  BWIQ allows users to develop Quantitative Raman methods for:  Mixture analysis  BWID allows user to develop libraries for  Final Product Identification  Counterfeit Detection  Comprehensive suite of accessories, software, allow versatility and portability | CH stretching

14 i-Raman ® Ex Technical Specifications | i-Raman® EX BWS485 Detector TE Cooled InGaAs Excitation 1064 nm mW <450 mW Laser Power Control 0 to 100% Range / Resolution cm-1 ~ 614nm Dynamic Range 25,000:1 Digitization Resolution 16 bit or 65,535:1 Integration Time 200 μs to >20 minutes DC Power 12V DC at 6.6 Amps Battery Optional

15 i-Raman ® Ex  Material Fluorescence reduces applicability on a small subset of materials  Utilize 1064 nm excitation  Reduce fluorescence  Increase productivity  Research Grade  Enhance material characterization opportunities Extra Virgin Olive Oil with 785nm (in Red) and 1064nm (in Blue) |

16 i-Raman ® Ex Comparative spectra for an Alka Seltzer tablet |

17 Services Technical Support  IQOQPQ Services  Execution  Validation Documentation  SOP Templates  Admin  Developer  General User Training  On-site method development, training and other support services available  Customer support 24/7 Phone Line |

18 Services Regulatory Compliance  Supports CFR21 Part 11 Electronic Records and Signature Protocols  Supports CFR21 Part Performance Standards for Light Emitting Products  Complies with USP and EP Ch guidelines for Raman spectroscopy  ASTM E1840 Raman Shift Standards for spectrometer calibrations |

19 Services Warranty Programs  One year factory warranty comes standard  Extended warranty programs of 2 or 3 years can be additionally purchased  All warranties can be combined with calibration service |

20 |

21 Advantages of Raman Spectroscopy |

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