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Wavefront Correction SystemWavefront Correction System Hardware and Software.

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1 Wavefront Correction SystemWavefront Correction System Hardware and Software



4 Wavefront Correction Wavefront Correction Coudé Science Instruments aO WFS Context Viewer aO RT Control System Context Viewer Control System HOAO WFS HOAO RT Control System Observing Room DM M10 FTT M5 Wavefront Correction Control System M3 M1 M2 Telescope Control System M6 HOAO Auxiliary PC

5 M5/M6 Tower

6 WFC Optical Bench, Coudé


8 Wavefront Correction Coudé CT Optical Bench aO AO DM (M10) M5 CV

9 HOAO Real-time Controller DM Drivers aO-C RT Controller Motor Cntlrs Monitor Keyboard HOAO Auxiliary PC Beam Splitter Cooling Controller DM Cooling Controller Coudé Floor CT Optical Bench aO AO DM (M10) CV

10 10 Wavefront Sensor Point Source Extended Source 20x20 pixels 200x200 pixels

11 HOAO Wavefront SensorHOAO Wavefront Sensor

12 Subaperture ImagesSubaperture Images DM 1313 actuators 1232 subapertures 20x20 pixels

13 Vision Research DS-10/DS-240 2000 fps, 1k x 1k. 10 bit ADC. 30k Well Depth Streaming interface

14 14 Estimated operations Dark field20 pixels * 20 pixels subtractions= 400 subtractions = 800 memory reads = 400 memory writes Flat Field 20 pixels * 20 pixels multiplies= 400 multiplies 20 pixels * 20 pixels shifts= 400 shifts = 800 memory reads = 400 memory writes Cross correlation 20 pixels * 20 pixels * 7 x shifts * 7 y shifts multiply/adds = 19600 multiply/adds = 39200 memory reads Matrix multiplication2 shifts * 1313 actuators multiply/adds= 2626 multiply/adds = 2626 memory reads = 2626 memory writes Total operations per subaperture image= 70,278 operations Total operations per camera frame = 86,582,496 operations per frame Total operations per second = 173,164,992,000 operations/sec

15 15 Test results Cyclesμsecs Pixel correction – dark and flat field4690.78 7x7 Cross Correlation4,9388.23 Partial matrix multiplication1,4612.44 Total for 20 subapertures (includes some other processing)137,360228.93 2000 frames per second = 500 microsecond period.

16 HOAO RealTime SystemHOAO RealTime System Host Computer CAMERA 1000x1000 2000 fps Tip/Tilt Mirror Deformable Mirror 64 DSPs – 600MHz, 3.6 Gflops per second per DSP Network WCCS Bittware cPCI boards With 8 Analog Devices Tigershark DSPs each. Auxiliary PC

17 DSP Data Paths Camera Synchronous control word Reconstruction Data Real Time DSPs To TipTilt To DM To Aux PC

18 Real Time Data ProcessingReal Time Data Processing

19 aO Lenslet ArrayaO Lenslet Array

20 Images on CameraImages on Camera 2’ = 192 pixels 1546 pixels 1344 Pixels 2’ = 192 pixels

21 aO Subaperture ImageaO Subaperture Image 2’, 192 pixels 20”, 32 pixels

22 Subfield PositionsSubfield Positions 2’ = 192 pixels 20” = 32 pixels 1546 pixels 1344 Pixels

23 DALSA 4M30DALSA 4M30 2300x1700 pixels 30 fps well depth 60,000e

24 RealTime Data ProcessingRealTime Data Processing WFS Camera XCORR Slope Computation Off Scale Slope Detection Matrix Multiply Dark Field Flat Field Ref Image Off Scale Slope Tol. Slope Offsets Recon- struction Matrix Mode Control Telescope Control System Zernike Off load process Wavefront Control System Operating Parameters Calibration Data Real Time Processing External Interface Common Services Data Collection Global Interlock System

25 Active OpticsActive Optics Camera 1546x1344 10 fps Intel Processor PC Linux RT Frame Grabber WCCS

26 Data and Control aO WCCS Average Zernikes Control Operator GUI TCS M1 M2 M3 M6 M1CS TEOCS FOCS Mount

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