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My RepRap Printer: The eMaker Huxley Ed Snajder

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1 My RepRap Printer: The eMaker Huxley Ed Snajder /ˈsnīdər/ @edinor

2 Free Webcast! 3D Printing For Everyone

3 3D Printing For Everyone

4 Office Hours 1:40

5 The RepRap Project Darwin Huxley Mendel Printrbot Eventorbot 3drag

6 Kits Vs RTP KitReady to Print Cost$250-$1,500$400-$4,000 Time to print 1 st Model 40+ Hours2 Hours CryingSignificantMinimal Pain PointsCalibration, Heating, Slipping Calibration, Slipping Satisfaction upon completion Very HighNA Satisfaction after 1 st good print Very High


8 SANGUINOLULU X-Y-Z Stop Switches SD Card Slot Thermo Where USB Should Have Been Heater Power Fans Motor Control Pololu Motor Drivers

9 Top 3 Printer Challenges Extruder Jams Bowden Tube Failures Temperature Issues Heated Bed Slippage Extruder too hot\cold Z Axis Axis Mount Slipping Plane Alignment

10 Extruders Bowden Tube VS Direct Motor Extruders

11 Filament PLA (Polylactide, Polylactic Acid)ABS (Acryonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Derived FromCorn starch, tapioca, sugarcanePetroleum, natural gas Melting Temp~185 F~220 F ProsStrong, rigid, compostable, glossyStrong, flexible, high temp, easy to sand/file ConsBrittle, harder to interlock, low tempFumes, no sharp corners, warping CompostableYesNo Heated BedRecommendedRequired FumesNon-toxic sweet corn smellYes, requires ventilation

12 Kinect Drivers for all platforms! Simple-OpenNI \ NITE Skanect (Win\OSX) RGBDemo (LGPL) (OSX\Linux\Win) 3D SCANNING

13 Models

14 STL->Gcode Conversion Slicing Skeinforge Slic3r KISSlicer (Free & Pro Version)

15 PRINTRUN Python Works with Skeinforge to convert STL or loads Gcode Directly Updated frequently Supports virtually any printer model

16 THE FUTURE Selective Laser Sintering

17 Thank You! Questions? @edinor Twitter, Thingiverse, Jive Community, +Ed Snajder

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