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2 ELODEA LEAVES showing one or more hook cells on the edge of a leaf

3 M

4 low A cell arrangement OK but: proportions are off; tip of hook cell inaccurate, chloroplasts too big for cell … overall, too stylised for a drawing

5 M

6 N proportions way off; hook cell curved on wrong side; inconsistent representation of the cell wall

7 low M angle between leaf and hook cell is a bit too wide

8 A tip of hook cell doesn’t show its main special feature i.e. thick cell wall

9 M

10 high A cells a bit wide and too rounded at ends

11 M

12 M

13 N cell shapes wrong cells don’t look like part of a leaf interlocking of cells doesn’t match slide hook tip has not been thickened! chloroplasts drawn too large

14 M

15 A cell outlines too wavy; tip of hook cell inaccurate; chloroplasts drawn carelessly (have hair!)

16 M

17 A cells too far apart; shapes don’t interlock well

18 M

19 M

20 M immediately obvious which cells have been drawn

21 A cell shapes don’t interlock enough chloroplasts too big for cells cell wall thickness too variable

22 LEAF TEARS showing a stoma and guard cells surrounded by epidermal cells

23 some shape mismatch sketchy lines chloroplasts open! A

24 M could have shown: membranes of plasmolysing cells, thick edges of guard cells around the stoma opening

25 M shapes, proportions and spacing excellent

26 A guard cells drawn far too large and cell shapes don’t match

27 N significant mismatch of shapes and sizes

28 M could have shown membranes of plasmolysing cells air bubble!

29 M obvious from shapes which cells have been drawn

30 A cell junctions misplaced shapes don’t match the specimen very well

31 specimen is clearly well understood by person drawing M

32 N epidermal cell shapes a poor match and way too small compared to guard cells; not enough cells drawn

33 M accurate, but ideally should show a couple more complete cells

34 A nuclei and shapes don’t match specimen very well

35 N mismatch of shapes and proportions; cells being “scalloped” off first cells; two cells drawn as one?

36 A guard cells way too small

37 M

38 A cells too angular guard cells too small

39 M clear match

40 A cell junctions don’t match and proportions are off

41 A cell proportions off: three need to be narrower for M

42 M clear match to specimen

43 M starts of walls of surrounding cells show that these cells are part of a larger piece of tissue

44 A guard cells drawn too elongated epidermal cell shapes do not match specimen well

45 SPIROGYRA a unicellular organism that lives in threads with other Spirogyra

46 …but why would you even try to draw something this hard? M

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