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STAR Forward GEM Tracker Safety Review Electrical

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1 STAR Forward GEM Tracker Safety Review Electrical
Gerard Visser Indiana University Cyclotron Facility John T. Anderson Argonne National Laboratory Benjamin Buck Massachusetts Institute of Technology 9/2/2009

2 Topics FGT electrical overview GEM bias connections
Front end electronics Cable plant Readout crate, power supplies and modules Other FGT electrical equipment WSC field shaping bias connections

3 Overview I: Readout system integration schematic (simplified)
Estimated cable run 65 feet [ WSC → TPC sec 2/3 boundary → sec 2/3 tray out of magnet → 2nd level platform ceiling tray → 2C7/8/9 ] FGT Cables 24 FEE signal 24 power & remote sense 24 HV coax 8 2+2 Cable break connectors/boxes located just outside of west support cylinder, on TPC wheel. This point also serves as FGT detector ground tie (to TPC wheel). Internal FEE signal cables: custom low-mass aluminum design with silicone & FEP extruded insulation Wiener MPOD controller (1x) ISEG 8 ch HV module (3x) Wiener crate (1x) (FGT custom) U x 220mm cards 208 V 1 φ DDL fiber ethernet trig/clk SGIS (to kill all FGT power) ARM (12x) (APV Readout Module) [IUCF] ARC (2x) (APV Readout Controller) [ANL]

4 Overview II: GEM quadrant assembly and electrical connections
3 4 Terminator board FR-4, 32 x 38 x 0.8 mm FGT cables to platform 2 FEE board (2x) FR-4, 259 x 53 x 1.6 mm Total power 6.9 W per quadrant (ref. slide 5, 6) STAR TPC aluminum structural parts (STAR system ground) see detailed cable info on slide 7 Ground wire 18AWG stranded 1 2 LV & signal patch Bud #PN-1320-C 64 x 58 x 35 mm Polycarbonate, UL 94HB “Connector” board FR-4, 65 x 45 x 0.8 mm Bias divider board FR-4, 20 x 275 x 0.8 mm GEM bias patch SHV cable connectors Anode strip board and ground plane

5 GEM bias system iseg Spezialelektronik GmbH # EHS8060n cathode GEM #1
-6 kV [hardware limit (pot) shall be set at -5 kV] 1 mA hardware current limit 20 mA current loop permit input connectors: SHV grounded (non-floating) output 5kV type, SOA # S3838CVX104K30 or equivalent cathode GEM #1 platform Ohmite # OA101KE or # OX101KE GEM #2 GEM #3 anode strips (to break ground loop for noise/performance reasons) Divider string power: 2.4 W maximum 6 kV type Syfer # 1812Y6K00221MXT TPC west

6 Front end electronics FEE board (prototype) Power: 1.5 W
Input supply: V, V Materials: FR-4, copper, nickel/gold plating, SnPb solder, silicon, encapsulant (epoxy, silica, flame retardant) Signal inputs APV chip w/ encapsulant Connector board prototype Power (local): 1.5 W Input supply: V, V, fused at source end of cable (ref. slide 8) Remote sense on input supply; all terminals here fused with Raychem # nanoSMDC020F (0.42 A 25 °C, 24 VDC 100 A interrupt rating) Output feed: V, V Materials: FR-4, polyimide (cable clamp pieces), copper, nickel/gold plating, soldermask, SnPb solder, silicon, package molding compounds (epoxy, silica, flame retardant), stainless steel screws Clock/trg buffers Voltage regulators 1.8 V to 1.25 V (2x) 2 A max Connector is for prototype only; direct solder to cable for real board

7 Cable plant details Inner service combined signal/power cable 24x 6 feet Manufacturer: Calmont Wire & Cable Co. P/N: tbd, custom design Construction: 12pr 30AWG CCAW* / FEP, 10c 20AWG CCAW / silicone, overall Al foil shield, silicone jacket Ratings: None, but constructed equivalent to UL 150V, NEC type CL2 or superior ( → pass UL-1581 vertical tray) Connector #1: None Connector #2: DB37, AMP # (rated 3 A, 1000 VAC withstanding; service here ≤ 1.6 A, 5 V) 1 GEM bias HV cable (for inner service and external) 24x 71 feet Manufacturer: NK Networks P/N: ?? – Cable is marked “NK NETWORKS 9943 C MODIFIZIERT FRNC-B - DESY MT” Construction: ?? Ratings: Details unknown but the cable is approved by and procured through DESY; said to be made to CERN & DESY specifications Connector #1: SHV, Huber and Suhner # 11-SHV / NE 133 (similar to RG-59 type except for cable diameters) Connector #2: same, except inner cable only one connector (soldered at detector) 2 External service signal cable 24x 65 feet Manufacturer: Belden P/N: 1424A Construction: 12pr 24AWG Cu / foam PE, overall Al foil shield, PVC jacket Ratings: UL style 2919 (30 V 80 °C); NEC type CM Connector #1: DB25, AMP # (rated 3 A, 1000 VAC withstanding; service here ≤ 0.1A, 5 V) Connector #2: same 3 External service power/sense cable 24x 65 feet Manufacturer: Belden P/N: 5307FE (selection is not final, may substitute a similar cable) Construction: 9c 18AWG Cu / PP (or PVC substitute), overall Al foil shield, PVC jacket Ratings: UL 300 V 75 °C, 3.5 A per conductor; NEC type CMR Connector #1: Amphenol # A-18-1S (rated 200 VAC, 13 A (test); service here ≤ 1.6 A, 5 V) Connector #2: Weidmüller # BCZ 3.81/09/90F SN BK BX or similar (UL rated 300 V 10 A; service here ≤ 1.6 A, 5 V) 4 *Note: CCAW = copper-clad aluminum wire (typically used for magnet wire in aerospace equipment). 10% copper cladding by volume. Termination will be by soldering (SnPb).

8 Readout (and power) crate
cPCI Customized version of Wiener #6023 6U crate (which is used extensively at STAR) Card depth 220mm (vs. VME standard 160mm) Divided into 3 segments of 7 slots each: MPOD controller and ISEG HV modules (3, double-width) Two segments of 7 slots for readout boards, interconnected with CPCI backplane; each slot has 13 power pins (+5) rated at 0.8 A each Rear connection of cables to FEE, via transition modules Internal power supplies: 24 V 23 A (for HV modules); actual load ≤ 10.5 A 2x 5 V 115 A (for readout boards); actual load ≈ 46 A each Dimensions:  width 429 mm, height 172 mm, depth 215 mm Weight: 17.6 kg Rated mains input range: VAC ± 10% ( VAC) Rated input current: Sinusoidal 16A Inrush current: limited to rated input current (cold unit) Input fuse: external, intern on special request Isolation (input – output)  CE / EN 60950, ISO 380, VDE 0805, UL 1950, C DC output power: 3kW max Operation temperature: 0… 50°C  ambient without derating Efficiency: 75% % (depending on module type) In this configuration, input current 208V at maximum load. Actual for expected load (ref. next slide) V.

9 Readout modules P1 SIU P1 P2 ARC module (APV Readout Controller)
Power: 20 W Input supply: V, 6.3 A, Littelfuse 451 series* Materials: FR-4, copper, nickel/gold plating, aluminum, package molding compounds, SnPb solder, ceramics P1 SIU cPCI trigger DAQ fiber Power (local): 24 W Input supply: V (35 W), 10 A, Littelfuse 451 series* Output feed (2x): V, V (5.64 W), remote regulated at +1.8 V, -1.8 V, ground isolated Output fusing: On rear transition board at cable connectors. Littelfuse 451 series, on each line. Materials: FR-4, copper, nickel/gold plating, aluminum, package molding compounds, SnPb solder, ferrites, ceramics ARM (APV Readout Module) P1 P2 4 3 (ref. slide 4,7) *Note: 300 A 32 VDC interrupt rating

10 Other electrical equipment
Two small blowers to be mounted on west end ring of the STAR magnet, Orion Industries # OAB800AN-11-1B or similar Shaded-pole 125 VAC motor, 18 W, will be fused and grounded of course probably a flow or pressure sensor to be read out by slow controls (is not an interlock) Gas system Anticipate a few temperature and pressure sensors to be read out by RS-232 or 20 mA loop, wired with appropriate cable, e.g. 2C 20AWG CMG Readout device in FGT electronics rack, connected to ethernet ethernet switch mounted in FGT rack or nearby optical fiber patch box (MIC box) in FGT rack for connection to DAQ room, all fibers NEC type OFNR STAR trigger/clock signal cable to TCD rack (1A1) – Belden # 8166, NEC type CM laptop computer in FGT rack for local operation of FGT controls DAQ computer (1) rackmounted in DAQ room WSC field-shaping bias system (detailed on next slide)

11 WSC field-shaping bias system
Glassman EH10N10, -10 kV w/ current limit Fixed operating point tbd, expect approximately -5.5 kV “Protection: Automatic current regulation protects the power supply against all overload conditions, including arcs and short circuits. Fuses, surge limiting resistors, and low energy components provide the ultimate protection. Remote Controls: Common, +10 volt reference, interlock, current monitor, current program, voltage monitor, voltage program, HV enable/disable, and ground provided on a rear panel terminal block. External Interlock: Open off, close on.” Becomes a new permit to TPC cathode Reynolds HV cable with series 531 connectors. Rated 10 kV operation, 100% tested to 15 kV, commercially assembled. Length approximately 50 feet, tbd. Mating connector (Reynolds series 531) is an integral bonded part of WSC – TPC mechanical interface structure. Bias voltage runs in from there to shroud electrode on 20kV silicone high voltage wire.

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