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Prototype Development of Automated Ring Main Unit System

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1 Prototype Development of Automated Ring Main Unit System
TNB Distribution Presentation Meeting

2 Project Background

3 RMUs Presently Used What is an RMU? Who operates it?
Are there safety concerns?

4 RMU Operation Opening/closing of the load break switch or earthing switch: Key/lever Pushed to overcome spring force Turn 90˚ at ~20 N.m (clockwise or counter-clockwise depending on usage) Who operates it? Are there safety concerns? Can it function remotely?

5 Project Objectives To design a motorized retrofit for automatic operation of (F&G*) Ring Main Unit (RMU) as per technical specifications provided by TNB Distribution.

6 Customer Requirements

7 Deliverables A prototype RMU Motorization Unit for operation of manually operated F&G* Ring Main Units.

8 Project Impact The proposed system would be able to switch the RMU breakers in a safe manner via remote control. Reduce downtime via remote operation and enhance the safety of TNB’s personnel by eliminating the need for manual operation of the RMU.

9 Project Methodology Stages of prototype development:
Torque and dimension measurements Study of Actuation Mechanism Grip frame design and material selection Sensors & Alignment Power & Controls Testing & Trials

10 RMU Automation Operational Block Diagram
Auto/Remote Manual push relays & Indicators Local/Manual CW Local/Manual CCW M1 Power Supply Unit Motor Driver w max current limit M2 28VDC 10A CW/CCW control signal M3 Microcontroller Load switch limit switch SCADA

11 Components List Power supply unit Grip Frame
Motor Mounting Rails Assembly Programmable Logic Controller Motor Driver/controller Auto/Manual Cam Selector Switch Push Power Relays Limit/position Sensors Geared DC Motors Miscellaneous

12 Features Light-weight (require only one person for mounting & installation) Simple gripping and holding mechanism Ready for remote and local operation Completely detachable motor unit for manual operation Continuous Breaker load switch status indicator Motor over-current protection Response time of < 5 seconds Motor interlock operation

13 Estimated Costing* per 2+1 RMU (3 motor set)
Mechanical works (motor mounting and grip frame) – ~ RM1300 Geared motors – 3 x RM700 Controller – RM400 Motor driver – RM700 Sensors and electronics components – RM400 Power Supply Unit – RM900 (for prototype only) TOTAL COST – ~RM5000 (without PSU) * For large quantities of order

14 Initial survey and testing in ILSAS
Load breaker switch sizing Initial motor selection

15 Continuation of motor selection
Motor mount and torque testing

16 Testing torque capability
DC Motor on mount

17 A closer look at the Motor Mounting Rail Assembly

18 Further testing on actual F&G RMU

19 Procurement of Test Bed RMU

20 Installation of Mount on Grip Frame

21 Motor mount installed on grip frame on an F&G RMU

22 Rear view of gripping clamp


24 Grip Frame

25 Detachable Motor Mounting Rail Assembly

26 Motor Selection and Testing – ILSAS
30VDC Circuit Breaker Motor

27 Gearbox Failure – Specified Torque 25N-m

28 Switching Key Failure

29 Testing on RMUs in UNITEN

30 Motor Mounting Rail Assembly
Play Video

31 Motor Mounting Rail Assembly
Play Video

32 Questions & Discussions
Thank you. Questions & Discussions

33 Timeline Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Actuation Mechanism Assy
Fabrication and assy Test and Trials Cross Slide Traversing Assy Design and Procurement Fabrication Actuation and Cross slide integration Sensors & Alignment Selection Procurement Integration Power & Controls System Selection and Procurement Programming Networking and Communication PDSB

34 Uniten Procurement Procedures
2. Prepare Tech. Spec. 1. Fill PR Form Requestor Officer-in-Charge approves requirements availability of budget Finance verifies Approval of PR Approving Authority (PR) : ≤ RM 5K - Dean ≤ RM 100 K - TNC > RM 100 K - NC Quotation / Tender Call for Endorsement by Dean / HOS Evaluation with Approval / Award ≤ RM 1 K - Dean ≤ RM 5 K - College Tender Committee ≤ RM 10 K - NC ≤ RM 500 K - TNC(P) Tender Committee Create PO ≤RM 5 K : Procurement Manager ≤ RM 100 K : TNC(P) > RM 100 K : NC Supplier delivers product / provide service Quotation Value: ≤ RM 100 K Float period: days Min. : 3 companies Tender Value: > RM 100 K Float period: days Min. : 5 companies

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