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DSHMV Project Updates 1.  Statewide stakeholder forum to facilitate the planning, coordination, and implementation of projects to improve the state’s.

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1 DSHMV Project Updates 1

2  Statewide stakeholder forum to facilitate the planning, coordination, and implementation of projects to improve the state’s traffic records system 2 About Florida’s TRCC  Technical working groups created on ad hoc basis to address specific issues  Meets quarterly or as needed

3 3 TRCC Member Agencies Department of Transportation Department of Health Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles Agency for Health Care Administration Florida Highway Patrol Police Chiefs Association Sheriffs Association

4 Develop and maintain a Five-Year Strategic Plan to improve Florida’s traffic records data systems Identify projects to improve the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, and uniformity of Florida’s traffic records systems Represent the interests of TRCC to outside organizations 4 TRCC Responsibilities

5 5 Florida’s Traffic Records Systems Vehicle Registration EMS & Injury Data Crash Data Driver License / History Florida’s Traffic Records System Citation & Adjudication Roadway Inventory Source: Adapted from Washington State DOT

6 Law Enforcement E-Citation Usage The data indicates law enforcement agencies (LEAs) are increasingly using computer generated citations created by mobile laptops or hand held devices. Today, 54.6% of law Enforcement agencies are using or preparing to use e-citations. This percentage has increased exponentially as the total number of LEAs using e-citations has increased. 6

7 Common Citation Issues The use of E-Citations aids in the reduction of commonly occurring errors: Legibility Incorrect Statute Numbers Incorrect Driver License Numbers Incorrect DL class or failure to indicate CDL/Commercial Vehicle Incorrect date of birth Incorrect spelling of violator’s name Incorrect traffic light and speeding amounts Citations filed in an untimely manner Incorrect amount for ‘Fix-It’ tickets Incorrect amounts for registration, Driver License and insurance tickets 7

8 Benefits to E-Citation Court Records Management Software (RMS). Updates to the current systems that doesn’t cause issues with other work flows. Pending vendor changes/upgrades. Manpower. I.T. Recourses. Not a hard copy of the UTC. 8

9 Paperless Pilot As of September 1, 2010, the driver’s signature is no longer required on the Uniform Traffic Citation unless the offense requires a mandatory hearing. The Department conducted a paperless citation pilot with Marion and Alachua. Paperless Pilot helped to establish best practices. 9

10 Paperless Pilot Currently, 9 counties are Paperless. FHP is uploading data to 52 Clerks. 12 other agencies are submitting electronic files in a total of 5 Counties. 10

11 E-Citation Are you receiving UTC’s electronically from FHP or other Law Enforcement Agencies? Is your office using that data? 11

12 Barriers to Judges Accepting E- Citations Judges would like to have a replica (or electronic image) of the electronic ticket that they can see in court that presents the information in the same format as a standard paper ticket. The “Officer certify” check box is provided in the FHP electronic citation system. This will also be available in ICD 6.0 12

13 FHP E-Citation Currently all of FHP’s UTC’s are being exported electronically to F.A.C.C. nightly. This process ensures accurate data passes down to the clerk’s offices. Errors are corrected before they get to the clerk’s office. Edit rules on the UTC software facilitates minimal errors. Must use the most current ICD. 13

14 Extension on ICD 6.0.1 was given to accommodate several counties going to new software databases. New deadline is June 2013. 14 TCATS ICD 6.0.1

15 Processing Enhancements: All data fields from the Citation are captured. Delivery certification from E-Citation Officer is captured. D6 offense date required to prevent erroneous posting of D6 suspensions on the record Tag number is captured for “No proof of Insurance violations Supplemental updates for changes in suspensions will be made automatically. 15

16 TCATS ICD 6.0.1 Workers present Yes or No field is captured so clerks will know when to double the fine. New business flag on toll and red light camera violations will keep records under business names from being created. Interlock requirements will be captured on Reckless Driving reduced from DUI. 16

17 New Numbering System 17 The new sequence will remain a 7 character number. Characters 1-6 are a collection of alpha- numeric characters generated by a base 36 conversion. The first character starts with an alpha to avoid duplication with legacy citations. The seventh character will be either ‘P’ for paper or ‘E’ for electronic. Electronic numbers will be delivered to vendors/law enforcement agencies in an excel spreadsheet in an effort to reduce manual entry errors causing duplication of citations.

18 Citation Changes New UTCs are being distributed now with the new citation number format. For paper: A9SBQ3P A9SBQ4P A9SBQ5P A9SBQ6P For electronic: A9SBQ3E A9SBQ4E A9SBQ5E A9SBQ6E 18

19 New Projects New Driver History Transcripts Website Redesign Other E Citations Law Enforcement Agencies uploading citation data via TCATS like FHP CICS/DRC1 converting to CCIS/DHSMV Tools 19

20 New Transcript Format Easier to Read Generated in PDF Two ways to obtain 1. CICS/DRC1 2. Batch Process a. Leaving signature blank b. Overlay with Clerk’s name c. Use Boyd Walden’s name NOTE: New version available by September 20

21 D6 Transactions on CCIS CCIS DHSMV tools screen 21

22 CCIS DHSMV TOOLS New Functions to be added:  D6 Re-open  D6 Clearance prior to appearing on the driver record  D6 Clearance (multiple records) * Eligibility and Tag/Titles Inquires may be done via DAVID 22

23 CCIS/DHSMV Tools 23 41 Counties Use this System 53,691 Reinstatements 35,0977 Citations Cleared

24 DRC1/CICS Access 66 Counties with Transaction Access 1 County w/o Transaction Access - Liberty 1421 Users utilizing DRC1/CICS Access 24

25 Additional Information For more information about E-Citations and TCATS/ICD 6.0.1 or answers to your questions visit us at: 25


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