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Hybrid Vehicle Operation and Diagnosis Course Code 30N10T1

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1 Hybrid Vehicle Operation and Diagnosis Course Code 30N10T1

2 Instructor Information
Instructor Name Here Instructor information here Fill in instructor information

3 Course Description Two Day Course
Designed to provide students with hands-on activities to learn and improve their skills on hybrid vehicles. All classroom activities are guided by worksheets. Give a brief review of the course structure

4 Prerequisite Requirements
Hybrid Vehicle Training Web Course 30N26W1 Ensure that all students have completed the hybrid web course

5 Course Requirements Each student will complete a written post test that will require a minimum score of 80% to pass Each student will complete a pass or fail hands on evaluation Review student evaluation requirements

6 Course Objectives Describe Ford and Lincoln-Mercury Hybrid Vehicle Components and Operation Describe unique hybrid vehicle safety procedures Perform visual inspections and selected tests on various hybrid vehicle components Diagnose hybrid vehicle performance concerns Perform tests to verify hybrid vehicle concerns and identify causes of these concerns Perform hybrid vehicle service procedures Review course objectives

Introductions, Safety Briefing, Prerequisite Review, Lesson 1 Workstations LESSON TWO Lesson 2 Workstation Reviews, Lesson 2 Workstations, Final Review, Post-Test Ensure that all students have completed the hybrid web course

8 History of Ford Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
Give a brief review of the history of Ford Electric and Hybrid Vehicles. Refer to IGK pg. Intro – 4 for detailed information. for detailed information..

9 Prerequisite Review Review the answers with the class as a refresher lesson from the previous courses they have taken. Display each answer key slide for each question. This will help to jog their memories about material covered already (in WBT course). NOTE: Key points should be used to help generate discussion. Ask leading questions and provide technicians an opportunity to participate in discussions. Control the agenda, lead the discussions and clear up misconceptions. Make sure that technicians understand the answers.

10 Prerequisite Review 1. What components are cooled by the M/E cooling system? The TCM eCVT DC/DC Converter Discuss the components cooled by the M/E cooling system Go to next slide

11 ME Cooling System Discuss the components cooled by the M/E cooling system The M/E cooling system uses the same coolant as the gasoline engine cooling system ME cooling system overheating event will illuminate the engine temp warning light

12 Prerequisite Review What internal engine components are unique on the Hybrid gasoline engine, and why? The intake camshaft is unique because the engine uses the Atkinson cycle. Pistons are domed to create higher compression. Discuss the operation of the Atkinson cycle engine Current engines are 2.5L All hybrids used 2.3L engines until 2009 MY

13 Unique Engine Components
Intake cam is unique Pistons have a 0.15 inch dome Due to piston type engine has very high compression

14 Prerequisite Review 3.What is the function of the DC/AC inverter?
A. To reduce HV battery voltage to charge the low voltage battery. B. To convert 12 volt DC voltage to 110 AC voltage. C. To convert 330 or 275 DC voltage (vehicle dependant) to 110 AC voltage. D. There is no DC/AC inverter on hybrid vehicles. Review the purpose of the DC/AC inverter. Go to next slide for review

15 DC/AC Inverter 2010 Fusion/Milan
Review the purpose of the DC/AC inverter. Emphasize that this is a low voltage component (converts 12V DC to 110V AC) It is used to power the 110V accessory plug Discuss the green light on the plug (flashes when there is a fault)

16 Prerequisite Review What type of cooling system does the Fusion/Milan use to cool the HV battery? Cabin air drawn into the battery compartment by a fan. An AUX A/C system that is connected to the air conditioning system. An independent A/C system that is driven by the gasoline engine. A fan that draws outside air into the battery compartment. Describe battery compartment cooling Go to next 2 slides

17 Battery Pack Cooling Fusion/Milan HVBP Cooling Fan
Describe battery compartment cooling. Compare and contrast fan cooling with AUX A/C system used on Escape. Supplement the question with additional question about battery pack heating. Q. Below what temperatures will the battery heater turn on? A. 50° F or 10° C Fusion/Milan HVBP Cooling Fan

18 Battery Pack Cooling Escape/Mariner AUX A/C HVBP Cooling System
Describe battery compartment cooling. Compare and contrast fan cooling with AUX A/C system used on Escape. Supplement the question with additional question about battery pack heating. Q. Below what temperatures will the battery heater turn on? A. 50° F or 10° C

19 Prerequisite Review Where is the HV fuse located on both the Escape/Mariner and Fusion Milan? The HV fuse is located inside the service disconnect switch on both vehicles Discuss the location of the HV fuses on both vehicles Go to next slide

20 Service Disconnect Switches
On the Fusion/Milan it is located beneath the rear passenger seat on the battery case The Fusion/Milan has an additional high voltage low current fuse in the Bussed Electrical Center (BEC) (covered later in this review) Entire switch must be replaced if fuse is blown On the Escape Mariner it is located on the battery case beneath the rear battery cover

21 Prerequisite Review 6. Which of the functions listed below is performed by the shift cable? A. Engages the eCVT in Drive. B. Engages the eCVT in Reverse. C. Engages the parking pawl. D. All of the above. Explain that the shift cable only engages the transaxle parking pawl. Go to next slide

22 Hybrid TR Sensor Fusion /Milan TR Sensor Escape/Mariner TR Sensor
Point out that engagement into forward and reverse are controlled by the PCM based upon signals from the TR sensor. Escape/Hybrid requires replacement of shifter and cable if TR is bad. Fusion/Milan TR is located on shift lever of eCVT and can be replaced without other components. Fusion /Milan TR Sensor Escape/Mariner TR Sensor

23 Prerequisite Review Which components are part of the hybrid vehicle high voltage system? Review the components of the HV system Use following 5 slides for this review

24 Traction Battery Traction Battery for Escape/Mariner is 330 Volts Traction Battery for Fusion/Milan is 275 Volts Fusion/Milan HVBP Escape/Mariner HVBP Traction Battery also called High Voltage Battery Pack (HVBP)

25 eCVT eCVT contains a motor and a generator that controls a planetary gearset. Gearset components will be discussed in detail later in this review. Fusion/Milan uses Variable Voltage eCVT that reduces energy use, thus can have lower voltage battery Traction Motor/Generator Motor called the Electronic Continuously Variable Transmission (eCVT)

26 High Voltage Cables High Voltage (Orange) Cables
Orange color of HV cables indicate high voltage is present. High Voltage (Orange) Cables

27 DC/DC Converter DC/DC Converter Fusion/Milan DC/DC Converter
DC/DC converter is a electronically reduces voltage from the HVBP to charge the low voltage system and also separates the two DC voltage systems. Fusion/Milan DC/DC Converter Escape/Mariner DC/DC Converter DC/DC Converter

28 Electric A/C Compressor
Electrical A/C compressor reduces load on gasoline engine to improve fuel economy and provides cabin cooling when the gasoline engine is not running. Electric A/C Compressor (if equipped)

29 Prerequisite Review What measures were taken in the design of hybrid vehicles to prevent current leakage from the HV battery? There is no ground between the HV battery and the vehicle chassis Discuss how current leakage is prevented by not having a ground to the chassis. Q. What control module monitors the HV battery for leakage? A. TBCM, BCM, or BECM Explain that all these modules perform the same function but may be called be different names in different service publications.

30 Prerequisite Review What type of EPAS systems can be found on hybrid vehicles? Remote PSCM rack-type system Column mounted EPAS system Rack mounted PSCM EPAS system All of the above. Discuss the 3 types of EPAS systems found on hybrid vehicles Go to next slide

31 EPAS Systems on Hybrids
Insert photos of EPAS systems Remote PSCM rack-type used in MY Escape/Mariner Column Mounted EPAS began in 2008 Escape/Mariner Rack mounted PSCM EPAS installed in 2010 Fusion/Milan

32 Prerequisite Review What is the purpose of the regenerative braking system? Regenerative braking converts energy that would otherwise be lost to friction, into voltage that is sent to the HV battery Review regenerative braking operation Go to next slide

33 Regenerative Braking Review regenerative braking operation
Explain that during normal braking the regenerative system performs the majority of braking Explain that all hybrid vehicles use brake by wire systems to accommodate this action These brake systems will be covered in more detail later in the review

34 Prerequisite Review What unique information is displayed on the Escape/Mariner Hybrid tachometer? Not only does the tach display gasoline engine rpm, but also indicates when the vehicle is operating on electric power only Discuss the Escape/Mariner hybrid tachometer Go to next slide

35 Escape/Mariner Tachometer
Show students where the E portion of the Tach is Point out that the Escape/Mariner and Fusion/Milan have different IC displays Fusion/Milan IC system will be discussed later in this review

36 Prerequisite Review Where is the gasoline engine starter motor located on a hybrid vehicle? At the rear of the engine lower right side It is integrated into the FEAD system Near the front left side of the engine None of the above Trick question to see which technicians took the web course Explain that the generator motor starts the gasoline engine The starter hole on the engine has a dust cover installed

37 Prerequisite Review What control module adjusts the contributions of the gasoline engine, the traction motor and generator during hybrid operation? PCM TCM BCM PSCM Discuss the functions of the various hybrid-specific control modules on hybrid vehicles Explain that the TCM adjusts contributions of the traction motor and generator during vehicle operation Explain that the BECM contains the majority of the hybrid specific strategies For detailed descriptions of transaxle control and hybrid software strategies in various operating modes refer to Section 1 of the 2009 Escape Hybrid PC/ED under “Hybrid Electric System” and “Hybrid Electric Control Software”, which contains good descriptions. Go to next 2 slides

38 TCM/eCVT OPERATION Gasoline Engine Connected to Planetary Carrier
Transaxle Control Module (TCM) adjusts contribution of each by changing speed and direction of planetary sun gear Traction Motor Connected to Planetary Ring Gear The planetary gear set functions as an electronically controlled CVT between the carrier gear (engine) and the ring gear (traction motor) which is connected to the drive wheels. This is achieved by controlling the sun gear (generator) speed and direction. Go to next slide Generator Connected to Planetary Sun Gear

39 TCM/eCVT OPERATION The reason this is an electronically controlled CVT is due to the property of the planetary gear set in which the torque relationships between the sun gear, the carrier gear, and ring gear are fixed for this mechanical design. Therefore, the planetary gear set can also be viewed as a device that splits the engine output power to the driveline and to the generator motor.

40 Prerequisite Review The A/C compressor on a 2008 Escape/Mariner hybrid vehicle is _________________ (select the best answer from the list below). Driven by the FEAD of the gasoline engine A swashplate type pump Electrically driven A scroll type pump Explain that the Escape/Mariner uses a conventional A/C compressor. In 2010 all hybrids were converted to electric A/C compressors.

41 Prerequisite Review What is the function of the high voltage interlock ? To prevent the vehicle from being started in any gear but Park of Neutral.. To disable the high voltage system if any HV connectors are disconnected. To prevent the vehicle from being placed into gear without the brake pedal being depressed. All of the above Go to next slide

42 High Voltage Interlock Circuit
The interlock system is a monitoring circuit that stops voltage to the system in the event a connector is open or a HV cable is cut

43 Prerequisite Review What is the service interval for the air cleaner on the 2010 Fusion/Milan? Lifetime so there is no service interval Explain that there is no service interval for the air filter on the Fusion Milan Go to next slide

44 2010 Fusion/Milan Air Filter
Point out that if an air filter restriction exists, DTC P1548 will set The air filter is located beneath the left front fender

45 Prerequisite Review When the service disconnect switch is removed from a Fusion/Milan Hybrid vehicle, which of the following components will still have high-voltage current running to them (select all that apply)? The BPSM The BECM The DC/DC Converter The High-Voltage Low-Current Fuse The Battery Pack Sensor Module on the Fusion/Milan always has high voltage going to it Go to next slide

46 Battery Pack Sensor Module (BPSM)
The Escape/Mariner does not have a separate BPSM The BPSM connects only to the BECM, via a dedicated network bus

47 Prerequisite Review What system provides power to the A/C compressor on the Fusion/Milan Hybrid? The high-voltage high-current system The 12-volt system The high-voltage low-current system The gasoline engine The electrical A/C compressor system on the Fusion/Milan is powered by the High-Voltage Low-Current System This system contains a 40 amp replaceable fuse Go to next slide

48 High-Voltage Low-Amperage System
The electrical A/C compressor system on the Fusion/Milan is powered by the High-Voltage Low-Current System This system contains a 40 amp replaceable fuse

49 Prerequisite Review The Restraints Control Module (RCM)
What component on the Fusion/Milan hybrid performs the same function as the inertia switch on the Escape/Mariner Hybrid? The Restraints Control Module (RCM) The RCM on the Fusion/Milan replaces the two inertia switches which shuts down the HV and gasoline fuel system.

50 Prerequisite Review A customer needs information on the operation of the instrument cluster in their 2010 Fusion. Where can you direct them to get an interactive tutorial for the operation if the IC? The IC has a tutorial feature that explains the operation and interpretation of the IC gauges and symbols Go to next slide

51 Fusion/Milan Instrument Cluster (IC)
Insert art of menu on IC Explain that to access tutorial on IC you must enter the Setup Menu then highlight Tutorial

52 Prerequisite Review What type of conventional brake system is used on 2009 MY and later Escape/Mariner and 2010 Fusion/Milan Hybrids? Simulation Brake Activation system Electronic Hydraulic Brake system Hydro Boost Hydro Max The SBA system is used on the vehicles listed in the question. Go to the next slide

53 Simulation Brake Activation (SBA)
The SBA features a active brake booster for conventional brake application The pedal assembly contains a large spring that provides pedal feel. This assembly is only replaceable as a unit.

54 Prerequisite Review What type of conventional brake system is used on Escape/Mariner Hybrids? Simulation Brake Activation system Electronic Hydraulic Brake system Hydro Boost Hydro Max The EHB system also contains a brake feel emulator that is contained in the master cylinder. Go to next slide

55 Electronic Hydraulic Brakes (EHB)
The ECU is part of the HCU, which also has an accumulator on the bottom. These type of brakes intermittently apply the brake pads, even when the ignition is in the off position. Brake pad replacement requires specific procedures that will be covered in detail later in the course.

56 High Voltage Safety Hybrid Safety
Explain that Ford and L-M hybrids are very safe for both drivers and service technicians. However, as with any type of energy, high voltage electricity must be treated with respect, and unique safety procedures must be adhered to. Compare and contrast electricity with gasoline.

57 Hybrid Electrical Safety Training
High Voltage Warning Label Discuss warning labels

58 Battery System Warnings
Batteries produce EXPLOSIVE gases Ni-MH Batteries Contain Potassium Hydroxide Avoid Skin, Eyes, Respiratory Contact High Voltage Component Repair ONLY done by trained Personnel Although the HVBP of hybrids do not create excessive gas under normal circumstances, these warnings must be reviewed. Emphasize that only trained personnel are authorized to work on hybrid vehicles.

59 High Voltage Hazards Hazard One: Electric Shock Muscle Contraction
Fibrillation Tissue Damage Emphasize the Need for safety when working with high voltage Explain how muscle contraction can prevent a victim from releasing HV wires Point out that it only takes 60 volts to disrupt a persons heartbeat. Discuss the impact electricity can have on body tissue.

60 High Voltage Hazards Hazard Two: Arcing
The primary danger of this hazard is the burn that a person can receive. The heat at each end of an arc reaches up to and beyond 35,000°F. Arcing can result in insulation damage, melting of conductors, and the vaporization of metal. Point out that a spark plug is an example of controlled arcing Emphasize the temperature of an arc Explain that arcs can occur to technicians that are wearing jewelry

61 High Voltage Hazards Hazard Three: Blast
Electric blast is the pressure expansion caused by an arc. The expansion is actually the rapid heating of the surrounding air and the boiling of a metal, usually copper. Both expand at incredible proportions under the intense heat of an arc. Copper expands by a factor of 67,000 when vaporized. Point out the danger of electrical blast Describe the expansion rate of copper which is a factor of 67,000 when vaporized to emphasize the point

62 Electrical Accidents Unsafe Equipment or Installation
Unsafe Work Areas Unsafe Acts by Workers Review and discuss the content of this section. Emphasize the common causes of electrical accidents, including: •Unsafe Equipment or Installation – serious problems can occur when using improper equipment. Not only must equipment have a safe design, but it must be installed correctly. •Unsafe Work Areas – poor lighting, moisture, flammable liquids, flammable gases, poor labeling, and covered labels are all items of concern around high voltage. •Unsafe Acts by Workers – failure to follow established procedures can result in an electrical accident.

63 Driver Response to Accident
If possible, carry out the following steps in the event of a collision, fire or some other emergency situation. However, never endanger yourself or others who are near the vehicle. 1. Stop and put the gear selector in the Park (P) position. 2. Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position and remove the key. 3. Set the parking brake. 4. Exit the vehicle. 5. Contact crash/fire/rescue emergency personnel and inform them of the type of vehicle (Hybrid) and the nature of the emergency. Review and discuss the content of this section. Explain that emergency responder guides on the PTS website will be covered in detail later in this section.

64 Accident Prevention Buffer Zone
Explain to the students the buffer zone Point out that use of the buffer zone was deleted from 2010 Fusion/Milan WSM. However, use of the buffer zone should be recommended until all publications have been updated.

65 Accident Prevention High Voltage Safety Gloves
Describe the use, requirements and limitations of HV Gloves Perform glove inspection demonstration New glove specifications have been issued for 2009 and later MY hybrids (500 Volts). However, until all WSM information has been updated these specifications should be used.

66 Glove Suppliers Reed City Power Line Supply 420 S Roth St
Reed City, MI 49677 Explain that this is one supplier of HV gloves. However, they may be purchased locally if another supplier is available.

67 Accident Prevention Face Shield
Discuss the advantages of using a full face shield when working with high voltage Protection from arcing for eyes and face

68 Accident Prevention Safety Hook
Discuss the requirements for a fiberglass reach pole Explain that wood poles should not be used since the moisture in the wood can be conductive

69 Accident Prevention See list 1 through 34 in Student Guide
Discuss the various accident prevention steps listed in student guide Emphasize cotton clothing, removing jewelry, working with 1 hand when possible. Review the list yourself and select those areas that you feel are important to emphasize. The students will be forced to read the list in it’s entirety in order to pass the safety quiz given later in the course.

70 First Aid Procedures First Aid for Electric Shock
Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) When to Use CPR Where to Get CPR Training Discuss first aid procedures

71 Fire Prevention Shop Cleanliness Fire Resistant Storage Compartments
Keep Flammable Material Away Liquids, Rags, Cleaning Solvents, Etc… Review fire prevention procedures Emphasize shop cleanliness and caution around chemicals

72 Classes of Fire Class A Class B Class C Typical Fire Chemical Fire
Electrical Discuss classes of fires

73 Types of Fire Extingushers
Types of Fire Extinguishers Water Regular Dry Chemical Multi-Purpose Dry Chemical Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Review types of fire extinguishers Explain that only Class C extinguishers can be used on electrical fires Point out the location of extinguishers in the classroom

74 Fire Extinguisher Ratings
Light Hazard 2A, 5B:C or greater (possibility of small fires) Ordinary Hazard 2A, 10B:C or greater (possibility of moderate fires) Extra Hazard 4A, 40B:C or greater (possibility of severe fires) Review types of fire extinguishers Explain that only Class C extinguishers can be used on electrical fires Point out the location of extinguishers in the classroom

75 Emergency Responder Guides
Emergency Responder Guides are available on the PTS Website A copy of the 2010 Fusion/Milan Emergency Responder Guide can be found in the back of the student guide. Explain to students how to find Emergency Responder Guide on PTS website.

76 Responder Guides From Tech Central select New Model/Technology Menu

77 Responder Guides From the menu select the appropriate hybrid vehicle

78 Responder Guides From the popup box select the Emergency Responder Guide

79 Responder Guides This will bring up the guide as an Adobe Acrobat file. An example of an Emergency Response Guide is in the Appendix of the REF.

80 Lesson One Workstations 1 - 3
Written– Escape/Mariner Component Location and Operation Workstation 2 Hands On – Fusion/Milan Component Location and Operation Use CMT Active Student Program shortcut to launch the service information. Workstation: Summary: 1 Escape/Mariner Component Location and Function (written) 2 Fusion/Milan Component Location and Function (hands-on) 3 Safety Quiz (written) Workstation 3 Written High Voltage Safety Quiz 80

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