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D25* Multifunction IED GE Energy Customer Presentation.

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2 D25* Multifunction IED GE Energy Customer Presentation

3 2 / GE / Presentation Outline D25*: What, why, when D25 Architecture D25 Functional Overview Substation RTU Bay Level Controller Metering Power Quality Digital Fault Recording Automation Sub-master D25 Applications

4 3 / GE / What Is a D25* ? Multifunction IED for transmission and distribution substations Bay Level Controller for integrated substation control systems Full advanced RTU functionality Designed specifically for substation and distribution automation applications

5 4 / GE / Why the D25* Was Developed Multiple functionality of devices being incorporated into a single component Existing devices did not support variety and complexity of communication technologies now available (LAN) Flexibility of applications Ease of configuration and maintenance; both hardware and software Interface to the new family of intelligent devices being deployed in substations (i.e. sensors) Over 15,000 D25’s installed worldwide.

6 5 / GE / D25* Hardware Architecture Maintenance Port Status Control Substation DNP / UCA® / IEC® LAN Digital Inputs Direct AC Inputs CTVT Metering Power Quality Logic Waveform Recording Fault Detection SCADA Serial Master Station Interface (DNP or other) OR DC Inputs Digital Inputs Dual LAN or Serial Ports D25 Display GPS Time 2 IED Serial Ports WESMAINT AC & DC Analog Inputs IED Maintenance Port GPS D25 Display Digital Outputs

7 6 / GE / Power SupplyD25 XCOM Term External Communications Port(s) Digital Status InputsControl Outputs AC Analog Inputs D25S 16 or 32 D25AC 15 AC D25KE 8 to 32 D25DC 8 or 16 D25 DAC D25 XCOM Digital Signal Processor DSP DC Analog Inputs Power Memory Expansion D25* Physical Layout D25S 16 or 32 IED Ports (x2) D25 Display Port Wesmaint Port D25 Display Port UTC Port System Fail Output Radio Keying Output Auxiliary Control Output

8 7 / GE / D25* Port Configuration Packaging19” (48.26 cm) rack mount, 8.75”(22.22 cm) high AC Analog Inputs0, 3,6, 9,12 or 15 inputs DC Analog Inputs0, 8 or 16 inputs Digital Status In0 to 96 inputs in increments of 32 Control Outputs0, 8 16 or 32 trip/close pairs Host Comm Ports2 serial (38.4 Kbps) or 2 Ethernet (10 Mbps) IED Comm Ports2 (38.4 Kbps) Time Sync1 IRIG/Rugby/GPS synchronization port Configuration PortWESMAINT Configuration Port - 1 (9600 bps) DisplayD25 Display Port - 1 (9600bps)

9 8 / GE / The Software Architecture Library of over 140 protocols for interfacing to most master stations and IEDs over serial communications Ethernet communications over DNP and UCA® Host(s) ServerWIN Client IED(s) Requests Responses Data Poll Report data to Database Data Requests Distributed I/O Data Poll Database Report data from Database Status Control AC/DC Analogs Relays Meters Monitors Apps. Data Process Data

10 9 / GE / D25* Key Features RTU Capabilities Communications PLC Capabilities Digital Fault Recording Power Quality Monitor Sequence of Events Recording Metering Protective functions (ANSI® 50) (ANSI 50bf) (ANSI 25)

11 10 / GE / SCADA Functions Full advanced SCADA Functionality Digital Inputs: -Single -Change-of-state -BCD -Pulse accumulators 1 millisecond -Sequence of Events -Debounce and chatter filters Control Outputs: Select Before Operate Supports Advanced Functions not Provided by Relays or PLCs.

12 11 / GE / SCADA Functions DC Analog Inputs: auto-calibration, multiple options AC Analog Inputs: auto-calibration, multiple options Multiple serial ports: discrete protocol per port Supports Advanced Functions not Provided by Relays or PLCs.

13 12 / GE / D25* Communications Capabilities Dual 10Mbps Ethernet LAN –10baseT, 10baseFL, or 10base2 options –No degradation of performance if single channel fails Serial Ports –Two standard / Two optional (in lieu of Ethernet ports) –RS 232 or RS 485 –Data rates up to 38.4K baud Unsurpassed Communications Flexibility

14 13 / GE / D25* Communications Capabilities Protocols –Largest library in the industry with over 100 master station and IED protocols available –DNP/UDP/IP and DNP/TCP/IP –UCA® 2.0 Support -Both TCP/IP and ISO® profile support -GOMSFE implementation -GOOSE Unsurpassed Communications Flexibility

15 14 / GE / PLC Functionality - LogicLinx ™ LogicLinx™ provides software PLC capability in D25* IEC® compliant application and programming interface –Configuration tools runs on Windows® Platform –Local and remote editing of logic –Programs can be downloaded remotely

16 15 / GE / PLC Functionality – LogicLinx™ Complete device database can be used in ladder logic programs –All IED database data -relay status -relay targets Access to station wide data if D25* on LAN –Status of equipment in adjacent bays) –Integrate relay, meter, DFR, etc. data into your PLC programs

17 16 / GE / LogicLinx™ Applications Sequence switching Interlocking, auto-sectionalizing with auto-reclosing LTC control Capacitor Bank Control Reactor Switching Alarm grouping

18 17 / GE / Interlocking using LogicLinx™ Status Control C4 ST4 C3 ST3 C2 ST2 C1 ST1 ST5 C Open 3 Open 1 Closed 4 Closed Close Command 5

19 18 / GE / Record length 240 cycles Pre and Post Trigger Settings Pre - 2 to 48 cycles Post to 192 cycles IEEE(R) C Comtrade Binary Format D25* Digital Fault Recording Up to 15 Analog Input Channels Up to 240 Digital Input Channels 64 samples/cycle each analog channel (3840 Hz) 1000 Hz. sampling digital inputs Unlimited Triggers –Digital input change –Pseudo digital input change –Analog limit exceeded

20 19 / GE / D25* Digital Fault Recording De-trigger capability Pause Capability AC and digital input data every power cycle Measured RMS, frequency, phase angle, THD etc Recent DFR Enhancements 20 MB battery backed memory expansion card 4MB traditional memory 16MB of DFR local Storage Store up to 150 seconds of DFR data locally (Assuming 8AC’s and 64 DI’s) 2MB Digital Signal processor card Allows for near instantaneous re-triggering

21 20 / GE / D25* Power Quality Voltage and Current Symmetrical Components - Voltage and current unbalance Harmonics Up to and Including 21st Total Harmonic Distortion RMS Trending, Profiling Voltage Sag Voltage Swell Interruptions

22 21 / GE / Power Quality Application Power quality application is a software module resident on the D25* Power quality data is uploaded to PowerLink™ and displayed on PQ Event Viewer

23 22 / GE / Poll PQ /DFR System View 15 Analog Inputs 96 Digital Inputs Pseudo Points Event Trigger DFR or PQ Captured Pseudo DI, Comtrade File Ready DFR File Ready on D25 #3 Initiate DFR Retrieval Comtrade File ready to View Retrieve

24 23 / GE / Sequence of Events Recorder Digital and analog events can be time tagged with 1 millisecond resolution and automatically printed for logging purposes D25* Connected to Station I/O Printer connected direct to D25 or via PowerLink™ provide SOE Logger capability

25 24 / GE / D25* Metering Power Metering –1, 2, 2 1/2, 3 element metering –1 to 6 circuits Energy Metering –Import and export totals for kWh, kVARh –Circuit total kVAh Demand metering –configurable - kW, kVA, kVAR, Iavg per circuit Load profiling –kW, kVA, kVAR per circuit True RMS Measurements –(filtering on/off configurable) Full Suite of Metering Functions

26 25 / GE / 3 Element Metering

27 26 / GE / Breaker Failure/Sync Check/Overcurrent Synchronism (ANSI® 25) Control the closing of up to 10 breakers under synchronizing using either synchrocheck or synchronizing constraints Definite Time Protection (ANSI® 50) Different settings for each of and up to 6 circuits Monitoring three definite time over- current setting pairs to trip the breaker within one power cycle Breaker Failure Protection (ANSI 50bf) Monitors primary protection indications and fault currents to ensure that breaker is tripped by primary protection 50 & 50bf Functions F1F4F2 L1 D25 g 333 ABCDEF 333 ABCDEF 333 ABCDEF 333 ABCDEF 333 ABCDEF F3 CTPT T/C Status 25 Function L1 D25 g 333 ABCDEF 333 ABCDEF 333 ABCDEF 333 ABCDEF 333 ABCDEF PT T/C Status

28 27 / GE / Protection Interface Includes gateway support for IED –Full LAN support including virtual connection –Flexible protocol interface options - relays Supports multiple vendors Relay and discrete data included in local control logic Peer to Peer support - Goose Basic Low Cost Relay (ie: GE SR735,737) D25* Multi-Function IED -G ateway- PLC - Meter- DFR - PQ- RTU I/O Substation LAN

29 28 / GE / Substation Node D25 in an iSCS

30 29 / GE / Benefits - D25* in an iSCS Distributed architecture – D25 is located at the I/O –Saves money on wiring costs LAN gateway for IEDs Automation at the I/O –Automation such as interlocking distributed throughout substation. GOOSE is used to maintain interlock state information Local User Interface for local access to data and controls (backup control point)

31 30 / GE / D25* Bay Level Sequential Control LogicLinx  integrated in D25 PLC functionality –Busbar transfer –Connect/disconnect transformer to busbar –Connect/disconnect transmission line to busbar Ensures proper sequence Interlock safety checks Single “Button Execution” from PowerLink  GUI Automatic reclosing Interlocking

32 31 / GE / Serial Bus Serial Bus D25* Bay Level Controller Equipment Monitoring Control and Monitoring Disturbance Recording Power Quality Metering Substation Panel Protection and Control D25 Bay Level Controller Primary Equipment

33 32 / GE / Substation RTU Provides all traditional SCADA functions including: –wide range of master station protocols (2 ports, > 100 protocols) –SBO controls, interposing (10A) relays –1millisecond SOE time tagging –designed for substation environment Includes data concentration for IEDs –wide range of IED protocols (2 ports) –virtual connection

34 33 / GE / Substation RTU Enhanced performance metering, Power Quality (PQ), Digital Fault Recording (DFR) Integrated Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Excellent migration path to LAN based iSCS Saves $$ - cost of individual devices

35 34 / GE / Distribution Switchgear F1 F4 F2 D25 g F3 Provides full SCADA capabilities at distribution switchgear Full featured SCADA RTU Compatible with many protocols serial and LAN Expandable local I/O Supports remote configuration Load Restoration Load Shedding Optional DFR and PQ Poletop Advanced Applications Peer to Peer Compatible Distribution Automation Device

36 35 / GE / Remote Metering Point To Master Station Local Status & Control Internal I/O expandable to: –96 Status, 32 Controls, 16 DC Analogs, 5 – three phase AC inputs available PT – 120 or 69v 3 phase –Up to 5 three phase inputs CT – 1 or 5a 3 phase –Up to 4 three phase inputs –0.3% (2% - 195% nominal) –1.0% (195% % nominal) Connection to certified meter (IED) Compatible with many protocols Status points compatible with KYZ meters RS-232 or RS-485 without a converter Metering D25 PT CT

37 36 / GE / D25* Slaves Polled by D25 Submaster Master #1 Master #2 DNP D25

38 37 / GE / DNP N = up to 32 IEDs (Relays) Polled by SubmasterD25* Master #1 Master #2

39 What’s in It for Me ? Higher Profits Reduced O & M Costs Greater Reliability Reduced O & M Costs

40 39 / GE / Reduction in O&M Costs Predictive maintenance Volt/VAR control Remote IED configuration Remote database configuration and maintenance Self diagnostic programs Substation automation applications –Sequential Control Functions –LTC Transformer Control –Capacitor and Reactor Switching –Load Restoration –Load Shedding –Breaker Synchronization

41 40 / GE / Equipment Cost Reduction Integration of protection and control functions Elimination of redundant equipment Reduced cabling by use of high speed LAN (Copper & Fiber Optic) Reduced space requirements –Elimination of control panels Reduced installation and commissioning time

42 41 / GE / Increased Reliability Equipment monitoring Predictive maintenance Fault location and isolation Automatic load restoration Automatic load shedding Fault analysis Power quality monitoring

43 42 / GE / Strategic Benefits Improved quality of service Improved reliability / Availability Maintenance/expansion of customer base High value service provider Added value services Improved customer access to information Enterprise information accessibility Flexible Billing Options Tangible Benefits Reduced manpower requirements Reduced system implementation costs Reduced operating costs Reduced maintenance costs Ability to defer capacity addition projects Improved information for engineering decisions Improved information for planning decisions Reduced customer outage minutes Strategic and Tangible Benefits

44 43 / GE / Trademarks © 2004 General Electric. All rights reserved. The contents of this presentation are the property of General Electric. No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, except as permitted in written license agreement with General Electric Canada Inc. The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. GE and are trademarks and service marks of General Electric Company. IEC® is claimed as a registered trademark by Commission Electrotechnique Internationale, which is not affiliated with GE. UCA® is claimed as a registered trademark by Electric Power Research Institute, Inc., which is not affiliated with GE. ANSI® is claimed as a registered trademark by American National Standards Institute, Incorporated, which is not affiliated with GE. Windows® is claimed as a registered trademark by Microsoft Corporation, which is not affiliated with GE. ISO® is claimed as a registered trademark by the International Organization for Standardization, which is not affiliated with GE. IEEE® is claimed as a registered trademark by the Institute by Electrical Electronics Engineers, Inc., which is not affiliated with GE. All brand and product names mentioned in this document are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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