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Name this organism.. tapeworm Name the phylum Platyhelminthes.

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1 Name this organism.

2 tapeworm

3 Name the phylum

4 Platyhelminthes

5 Name the class.

6 Cestoda

7 Distinguishing Characteristics.

8 Dorsoventrally Flattened Definite Head Cephalization Acoelomate Tripoblastic Hermaphrodite

9 Parasitic?

10 Yes! They are adapted to a parasitic lifestyle in that they have lost their digestive systems.

11 A tapeworm’s head region called a?

12 Scolex

13 Tapeworms consist of a series of body sections called?

14 Proglottids

15 Each proglottid comes complete with its own?

16 Ovaries, testes, uterus and genital pore

17 Tapeworms are not truly segmented in the way that the annelid worms are.

18 These sections called proglottids are strictly for what function?

19 Reproduction: they are structures that maximize the parasite’s ability to make, mature and disseminate fertilized eggs.

20 Function of proglottids?

21 It enhances the reproductive strategy of parasites, and it maximizes the number of offspring that get into the next generation

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