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Protists. Kingdom: Protista 2 general categories2 general categories –______-like protists.

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1 Protists

2 Kingdom: Protista 2 general categories2 general categories –______-like protists

3 Animal-like protists _ Phyla_ Phyla –_______ –Zoomastigina –Sarcodina –Sporozoa

4 Protist Rock NOT protest

5 Phylum: Ciliophora All have cilia “_______” Ex. Paramecium- have a ________- Clear elastic protein surrounding the cell membrane

6 Obtaining food Oral Groove, to mouth Pore, ________ –Indentation on one side, –Cilia guide food

7 Food vacuoles –Form at base of gullet –Break off and are fused with ______

8 Anal Pore –Waste materials in _______ fuse to cell membrane and are released to the outside

9 Water excretion- Contractile vacuole –When filled, “______” and squeezes water out

10 _________: Protein Harpoon

11 Phylum: Zoomastigina All have _______ “Flagellates” Ex. Giardia

12 Aka. __________ because of plantlike protists with flagella Absorb food through cell membrane

13 Phylum: Sporozoa Not ______ Reproduce using spores Ex. __________ -causes malaria

14 How Malaria works Mosquito bite injects spores ________ Infects liver & blood cells Merozoites some can form into gametocytes ______ cells give off toxins Chills & fever

15 Phylum: Sarcodina Move using ________ “False Foot”

16 The Amoeba in 3D – notice the pseudopods

17 Amoeba surround and engulf their food… the process is called phagocytosis.

18 Pseudopod is used for _________

19 An Amoeba eating a Paramecium.

20 Group has… Amoebas __________ Radiolarians –SiO 2

21 and Foraminifers White cliffs of Dover _______

22 Harmful relationships ____________ African Sleeping sickness

23 Trypanosoma- Destroys blood cells Infects tissue Causes fever chills rash Attacks _______ system

24 _______ Disease

25 Entamoeba ______ dysentery

26 Helpful relationships Trichonympha Protist in ______ Produce cellulase

27 Plant-like Protists 6 Phyla- –Euglenophyta –Pyrrophyta –_________ –Phylum Bacillariophyta

28 –Acrasiomycota –____________ “Slime Molds”

29 Phylum: Euglenophyta __________ set them apart Ex. Euglena

30 Flagella present Can be a _________

31 Red eyespot –______ vs. Dark –Why would you want this?

32 Phylum: Pyrrophyta Fire Protists –Luminescent BIO “Dinoflagellates”

33 RED TIDE –________ of dinoflagellates

34 Toxins cause paralysis ________ in it Ok Eating shell fish NO! -toxins build up over time

35 Phylum: Chrysophyta “______ Protists” 2 classes

36 Yellow green algae Golden brown algae Make _____, two ______, form cysts in extreme enviroments

37 Phylum Bacillariophyta Diatoms Very abundant Look like glass __________ earth

38 Slime Molds Organisms look _____ like Organisms make mold masses and spores

39 Phylum: Acrasiomycota _______ slime molds

40 Life begins like amoeba Group together for food & _________

41 1. Cellular Slime Molds

42 Phylum: Myxomycota _______ Slime Molds

43 Plasmodium (not to be confused with plasmodia)

44 plasmodium Contain _______ of nuclei in a single cell Produce spores Spores are flagellated

45 Brum et al, 1994 2. Plasmodial Slime Molds Sporangia - stalked fruiting bodies Shirley Owens, Center for Electron Optics, Michigan State University Plasmodia have syncytial structure- One huge cell with many nuclei

46 Fuligo septica Dog vomit slime mold

47 Myxomycota Protista/Myxomyco/diagbw/Myxo005b.gif

48 Blooms -rapid growths with nutrients -_____ ___ __ Harmful relationships

49 RED TIDE –Accumulation of dinoflagellates

50 Helpful Helpful relationships _____ & dinoflagellates

51 Giant Clams & Dinoflagellates Tridacna gigas Using sunlight together

52 Phytoplankton ____ of all earth’s photosynthesis is in the ocean____ of all earth’s photosynthesis is in the ocean Bottom of food chainBottom of food chain

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