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Invertebrate Phylum: (Sponges) PORIFERA.

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1 Invertebrate Phylum: (Sponges) PORIFERA

2 Vocabulary Porifera = "pore-bearing”; eat, excrete, & reproduce through pores ostia = pores for water to enter osculum = pores for water to exit

3 Vocabulary collar cells = cells to move water and catch food
spicules = calcium carbonate or silica skeleton amoebocytes = cells that digest, store, and transfer food

4 Characteristics * Asymmetrical body plan * Brown/gray to red
* Tubes with channels and chambers * Specialized cells




8 Reproduction * Sexual - produce egg and sperm (cross and self fertilization) Larvae with flagella attaches and grows * Asexual - budding and regeneration

9 Habitat * Aquatic (marine and fresh water)
* Sessile-adults are nonmotile Vase Sponge Tube Sponge

10 Uses Cleaning and bathing aid Cancer curing toxin
Protect small fish and sea animals

11 Osculum Epidermal Cells Spongocei Choanocyte Spicule Pore Cell Amebocyte Mesenchyma


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