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Membrane Transport III Chapter 11. Selectivity of a K + channel.

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1 Membrane Transport III Chapter 11

2 Selectivity of a K + channel

3 DVD Clip 45


5 DVD clip 48

6 Patch Clamp Recording


8 Patch Clamp Measurements of single voltage gated Na + channel 3 experiments on the same patch cumulative of 144 experiments

9 Resting Chemical Synapse

10 Active Chemical Synapse

11 Neuromuscular Junction in a Frog

12 Three Conformations of Acetyl Choline receptor at the neuromuscular junction

13 DVD Clip 49

14 Ion Channels at Neuromuscular Junction

15 Motor Neuron Cell body in the Spinal Chord

16 thousands of axon terminals are stained red by antibody that recognizes a protein in synaptic vesicles

17 Chapter 12 Intracellular Compartments and Protein Sorting

18 Major Intracellular compartments of an animal cell

19 Volumes of major intracellular compartments in a liver cell

20 Relative amount of membrane types in 2 cell types

21 Complex Cortical Network of Endoplasmic Reticulum

22 Cross section of liver cell

23 Topological relationships between compartments of a eukaryotic cell

24 Roadmap of protein traffic inside cell

25 Two ways in which a sorting signal can be built into a protein

26 Some typical signal sequences


28 Nuclear Pore complexes perforate the nuclear envelope

29 Nuclear pore complexes

30 Nuclear side of the nuclear envelope

31 Face on view of nuclear complexes without the membrane

32 Side view of 2 nuclear pore complexes

33 Transport through nuclear pore complexes occurs through free diffusion and active transport

34 Nuclear import signal direst proteins to the nucleus

35 Single amino acid mutation in signal will prevent import into the nucleus

36 Nuclear import receptors bind to nuclear porins and nuclear localization signal of cargo protein Different nuclear localization signals bind different import receptors

37 Ran GTP provides energy for nuclear protein import

38 Ran-GTP controls cargo loading and unloading

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