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P Noise Reduction for Internal Combustion Engines

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1 P11221 - Noise Reduction for Internal Combustion Engines
Team Leader: Christopher Morehouse Mechanical Engineers: - Julie Maier - Caroline Bills - Ted Zachwieja Faculty Advisor: Ed Hanzlik Customer: Dr. Alan Nye

2 Agenda Problem Overview Project Objectives Customers and Users
Project Flow Chart & Plan Engine Model Overview Design Options Design Feasibility Next Steps Questions & Discussions

3 Background Noise abatement - growing field
Formula SAE Sound Constraints Conventional Methods Reduce Performance No RIT Background in this Field Multiple Applications Possible Customer: Dr. Nye Users: Formula SAE Team EE Team

4 Project Scope Investigate physics of sound generation and transmission
Identify and locate major noise contributors in ICE Analyze and model noise generation of ICE Propose design for noise reduction mechanism Provide background to EE team for parallel ANC project Provide noise reduction demonstrator for Spring 2011 ImagineRIT

5 Project Deliverables Engine Sound Model ANC System Constraints
Demonstrator for ImagineRIT

6 Project Overview

7 Project Breakdown

8 Detailed Project Breakdown

9 Customer Needs

10 Engineering Specifications

11 Relationship Diagram ES 1 Reduce noise level
ES 4 Passes B of the SAE Formula rules ES 7 Component Costs ES 12 Change in Engine Max Power

12 The Plan

13 The Plan

14 Risk Assessment

15 Risk Assessment

16 Risk Assessment

17 Research & Benchmarking

18 Sound is Pressure

19 How We Measure Sound Digital Signal Processing Decibel Meters
Sound Pressure Indicators

20 IC Engine Sources Pressure Waves

21 Engine Model


23 Current Design Glass Pack Low Flow Restriction Low Noise Attenuation

24 Unpacked Concentric Tube Resonators
Design #1: Single-pass Design #2: Multi-pass Passive

25 Design #1: Single-pass

26 Design #2: Multi-pass

27 Packed Concentric Tubes
Design #3: Metal Foam Design #4: Full Length of the Exhaust System Design #5: Rock Wool and Stainless Steel Wool

28 Designs #3 & #4: Metal Foams

29 Foams Permeability Pore Size Level of Reticulation Absorption Area
Length Curves Thickness Scott Acoustical Laboratories

30 Foams

31 Optimal Foam Structure
Industrial Noise Control Handbook. Cheremisinoff and Cheremisinoff

32 Absorption Area Industrial Noise Control Handbook. Cheremisinoff and Cheremisinoff

33 Metal Foams Available in a variety of densities
Available in a variety of pore sizes ERG Duocel Test kit en route Aluminum Copper Silicon Carbide Reticulated Vitreous Carbon (RVC)

34 ERG Duocel Metal Foams

35 Design #5: Rock Wool A fibrous insulation made from basalt
Custom Muffler and Auto Repair, LA Cone Engineering, Inc., CA MagnaFlow Exhaust

36 Rock Wool

37 Design #7: Exhaust Silencer Insert
Applied to exhaust tip Reflects Sound Waves back into exhaust stream

38 Design #8: Active Single-pass

39 Design #9: Active Multi-pass


41 Design #10: Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)
This generates more sound by the adding of two waves.

42 ANC continued Introducing a wave 180 degrees out of phase of the targeted noise being cancelled.

43 Dominating noise comes from the muffler
How ANC Applies to Cars Three Major components of sound generation occur in a car Dominating noise comes from the muffler

44 Feed Forward Control

45 Feedback Control

46 Installation Options


48 List of Design Options Current Glass Pack*
Unpacked Concentric Tube Resonator Multi-pass Resonator Metal Foam* Entire Length of Exhaust System Wrapped Lava Rock/Rockwool and Stainless Steel Wool* Multiple Exhaust Pipes (Combination) End Cap Silencer (Combination) ANC Variable Length Resonator - Single Pass Variable Length Resonator - Multiple Pass

49 Criterion List

50 Simple Concept Matrix

51 Simple Concept Matrix (cont.)

52 Simple Concept Matrix (cont.)

53 Weighted Concept Screening Matrix

54 Weighted Concept Screening Matrix

55 Weighted Concept Screening Matrix

56 Results

57 Resulting Design Options
Unpacked Concentric Tube Resonator Packed Concentric Tube: Metal Foam Lava Rock/Rockwool and Stainless Steel Wool Variable Length Resonator - Single Pass ANC (End Cap Silencer, Multiple Exhaust Pipes)

58 Critical Action Items Action Item Goal No Later Than
Design Commitment Oct. 15 Data Collection (CB) Oct. 14 Oct. 21 Engine Model (CM) Oct. 18 Oct. 25 Design Resonator (JM) Oct. 22 Oct. 25 Detailed BOM & Budget (CB) Oct. 29 Detailed ANC Component Requirements (TZ) Oct. 22 Oct. 29 Detailed ANC Layout & Mounting Schematic (TZ) Oct. 29 Nov. 1

59 Sources Picture Sources
Slide 1 Slide 2 Slide 5 Slide 35

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